It’s A Tori Kind Of Night

I warned you this was going to happen. I wanted to keep blogging every day and I said there would be more Tori blogs. And just WAIT until the new one comes. Also, today is Tori’s 15 month birthday, so yeah, I am going to talk about her.

She has gotten into the parrot phase. She repeats pretty much any word we say. She called her Papa the other night to wish him happy birthday and she said “appy”. She hasn’t gotten “irfay” down yet and she is still working on getting more than one word strung together. We are so proud of what she is saying though. She also says “unk oo” and “peese”. She is so polite.

She also is very hygienic. She isn’t potty trained, she doesn’t wash herself, she still drools a lot, gets food all over her face … BUT she does brush her teeth!

Daddy, I can do it myself!


I think she does this for when she is getting ready to hit the town in her new ride …

Let's get to the club! Time's a wastin'!

Well … um … that’s pretty much all I got tonight. See ya tomorrow!


One Response to “It’s A Tori Kind Of Night”

  1. Awww – so cute!

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