Is He For Real?

2 things today are making me ask this question. Not in a bad, incredulous way, but in an honest “I really want to know” kind of way. I love food network … for the most part. There are a few chefs I can’t stand but that is for another day. Sunday was the premier of Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. I can’t really stand Rachel Ray but that isn’t what this is about anyway. This is about one of the contestants, and my first “Is He For Real”.

Lou Diamond Phillips seems to be a genuinely nice guy. Anything “reality” I have seen him on, whether it is this cooking show or when he was a celebrity and wanted to get out of there, he seemed genuine. I like him as an actor ok too I guess, most recently in SGU. I would hate to think that he is a jerk and that his persona is just for reality tv.

The other, and this is still Food Network related, is Robert Irvine. I know he has had his issues with Food Network in the past but, his shows are interesting and I really rooted for him on the recent Next Iron Chef. His current show, Restaraunt Impossible makes me feel good when he helps people save their dives. He is another person I hope isn’t a jerk.

Pretty much that is is for tonight. Good night and good eats all!


6 Responses to “Is He For Real?”

  1. So… what’s the question? Is WHO for real?
    I don’t watch those shows, so I have no clue.

    • The question is asking are both of them as genuine in person as they seem to be on TV. Like if I met them would I think “wow, what an ass?” or if it would be a pleasant experience.

  2. Katie and I love both Chef Robert and Lou. But what’s SGU?

  3. That would make a great reality show! “Are They for Real?” You should pitch it to the execs.

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