This Blog … NOW IN 3D!!

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well it is. What is the point of a blog being in 3D? There is none. That is how I feel about the ongoing spate of movies that are coming out in 3D. Movies that have nothing added by them being in 3D. 3D to me should be like the old 50’s movies with things that flew out of the screen at you. Things that made you jump. Things that were cool.

Today, 3D is in EVERYTHING! Do we really need to see a dolphin without a tail in 3D? There isn’t even a tail to jump out at you. The Lion King. Why does that have to be in 3D? I don’t get it.

For me, very few movies I have seen in 3D lately have really been worth the extra $72 per ticket. The 3D of today is more trying to imitate the real world. I go to a movie to escape the real world. I don’t need it to look like and remind me of the real world. I need that fabulous 2D effect to know that I am not in the real world.

I like meatloaf. The food, not the singer. I like the singer too but … anyhoo. I like meatloaf. It is one of my favorite comfort foods. Today I had a Lean Cuisine meatloaf. Meatloaf is not something that should be leaned. It wasn’t as comfortable as I thought it would have been. Also, it was NOT something that should be in 3D.


One Response to “This Blog … NOW IN 3D!!”

  1. I don’t buy Lean Cuisine anything -ick!
    Meatloaf the food is awesome. Meatloaf the singer sucks.

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