Happy Anniversary Wife!


Yup, 5 years ago today I got married. It has been a great 5 years. We have a nice house, the cutest baby in the world, another one on the way that if he/she is half as cute I am in trouble and are pretty darn happy over all. Plus, it gives me an easy post every year. I was deciding if I should be romantical in the post to wish Jackie a happy anniversary, but it is hard to think that way at work when I am trying to post this quickly between meetings and projects.

I love you wife!


So it doesn’t seem like I am TOTALLY taking a softball post… Today we have a meeting for Tori to go into day care a few days a week. That means she is growing up. She is walking along furniture, trying to stand on her own (and falling down quite a bit), talking a little and getting teeth. I didn’t know that baby teeth were so sharp. Maybe I shouldn’t stick my fingers in there to se them. She does NOT like things put in her mouth like that. I guess that is a good thing.

Can I also add that the 5th wedding anniversary is hard to find a gift for? Wood.. It seems that wooden roses are a big thing to give, but, the last time I bought a fake rose, there were disastrously comical outcomes that resulted in 2 dull knives, a broken pair of scissors and a really red faced me. Jackie can elaborate if she wishes.


3 Responses to “Happy Anniversary Wife!”

  1. Hahahahaha
    When I read “wood”, I had a totally different thought…
    Happy Anniversary!!

    • Yeah, it shows that I am still not mature because I have made the “wood” joke for the last few weeks at every opportunity I had. Hehe … I said wood.

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