The Day After The Day Of

I know I am 24 hours late with my review of the SUPER BOWL (bring it on NFL) but, since I haven’t read anyone’s blogs with their reviews, I figured I could write my little bit of nonsense without being jaded by other peoples thoughts.

Pregame – Didn’t watch any of it. I was watching Elmo and other Sesame Street with Tori curled up in my lap. Much more fun.

National Anthem and America – I don’t like Kelly Clarkson. I think she screams everything but I guess it was ok. The other thing was sung by country people and well, that says it all.

The first half – I missed a lot of it because I was playing with Tori.

The halftime show – I am not a Madonna hater, but I do think she is self absorbed and conceited. She looked her age moving around on stage. The guy on the tight rope was pretty cool though. Her new song, talk about the conceit factor.

The second half – The Giants won.

The stupidest question always asked before the second half – “What’s the key to winning in the second half?” SCORING THE MOST POINTS MORON!

The commercials – I was pretty much underwhelmed by the commercials this year. There were a few good ones: The Doritos baby, The Doritos dog (I am not a cat fan), and I always am a sucker for an etrade baby commercial. There were a few others that I liked but … meh.

The post game – Thankfully very short.

I guess the fact that I am only a casual football fan to begin with has something to do with my lackadaisical attitude. Oh well, I didn’t have any money on the game or any other interest in it so all is good. Hate me for hating on Madge if you will. Until next time.


2 Responses to “The Day After The Day Of”

  1. I must’ve missed the etrade baby, but I’m so over it, anyway.
    Madonna was ridiculous. Is there some reason they can’t get a damn band up there that rocks?

  2. You can hate Madonna – but Kelly Clarkson?!!! That’s so wrong.

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