A Friday Night Quicky

• It’s snowing. I am not going to snow blow tonight because it is still snowing. I will do it tomorrow.

• Piper’s follow up appointment got cancelled because of the snow. She pulled her bandage off this morning so I had to wrap it myself. Tomorrow is the vet now.

• Need to finish emptying the baby room to make it a new baby room.

• Need to figure out what is for dinner

• The meds Piper is on make her poop a little when she is home alone. Yeah, the house smells like you might expect when we first get home.

• That’s all. Have a good night.



2 Responses to “A Friday Night Quicky”

  1. Poor Piper! And poor you and Mrs. Voices!

  2. Dude, that was the quickest quickie ever.

    Hope Piper feels better!

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