What A Day

Some days are great! Some days just suck. Some days are today. It wasn’t a bad day and it wasn’t a great day. I let Piper sleep by herself last night while I went back upstairs and slept in our bed. Piper is doing ok with the cone so I figured I could trust her downstairs. Plus, I really needed to sleep. I still had to wake up early to give Piper her meds and walk her. After that, I got up and snow blowed the driveway and a big patch on the front lawn for Piper to potty without walking through a foot of snow. Yes, I used the snow blower on the lawn.

After that, we went to get a 3D ultrasound of the newest little voice that will be coming in March. We confirmed that yes, he is indeed a he. We were pointed out the “scrotal sack and penis”. Very professional, no euphemisms, which made it even a little funnier. We did get pictures and a CD and DVD so as soon as I have a chance to pull a pic or 2 off the cd, I will get one on here.

While we were out, Tori was fussy as all heck. She didn’t eat a lot this morning and she has a slight fever. She wasn’t feeling very well. We got home but couldn’t get her to sleep because we had to have Piper’s bandages changed and a follow visit that got cancelled last night. I know, this isn’t sounding so much like a bad day yet but, I am getting there.

Piper did fine, Tori finally got a nap. So did Jackie and I, for about 30 min anyway. It came time to get up and get Tori and Piper dinner. Tori still wasn’t eating much but Piper’s appetite is back to normal. She scarfed down her food and water and then went by the front door for our little yard walk. Tori was in the living room with Jackie cuddling and being cute.

I need to put baggies on Piper’s feet so that the snow doesn’t get her bandages wet. (I know, I know … I am getting there) so I was kind of busy when Jackie called from the living room that Tori just got sick on her. I was in the middle of taping myself to Piper’s feet when I heard this so I called that I couldn’t get there at the moment. Jackie was fine with this at the time. As this was happening, Piper decided that as I had my head under her so I could cover the leg that she wasn’t turning to me to get, to let one loose in my face. Oh yeah, did I mention that she was having a little issue with leakage from the anesthetic? So yeah, not really sure how to put this delicately … I got a nice juicy dog fart on my forehead … with a little splatter. I told you it couldn’t be delicate. I asked Jackie if it made her feel better that that happened to me. She laughed hysterically. I think it made her feel better.

Things got better after I washed, sanitized, boiled my face …we ordered a pizza, gave Tori a bath and then this. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.


3 Responses to “What A Day”

  1. Hahahahaha and ewwwww and I hope everyone’s on the mend today!

  2. ahh. You gotta love the symmetry of life. Jackie gets barfed on and you get juicy farted on. You really can’t make that stuff up!

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