Child Proof Will Be The Death Of Me

So, I have been sick all weekend. Running a fever, the whole shot. Not sure if it is the full blown out flu but it feels like a mild case. There is one thing that comes along with being sick and running a fever. Weakness. I am not talking about me being a sick wuss weakness (I have that too) but the physical weakness. Makes it tiring to walk across the room, makes everything heavier that it should be. It also makes it damn near impossible to open any over the counter medication to help make you feel better!

I have been downing the Dayquil and Nyquil all weekend. They are in these stupid blister packs that you can’t just push the pills through the back. You have to rip the foil. I couldn’t do it. I had to get a pair of scissors and cut them open. When you are feeling like crap, how is it a good thing to make it harder to get into the drugs that I need to make me less cranky.

Prescription medicine is easier to get into than over the counter stuff is. Does that really make sense? Am I missing something? Ugh. I will just have to wait until Tori gets older I guess until I can get sick again after this so she can open my child proof medicine.


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