Where’s The Love?

Normally the wife gives Tori her night time bottle and then puts her to bed. When I do it, it usually doesn’t work so well. She likes the mommy routine. Tonight, Tori started screaming bloody murder after Jackie put her to bed. I was planning on going to bed early anyway, so I thought I would go upstairs and get the little bug and then get her to fall asleep.

I picked her up and took her into our room and laid down on the bed with her. She was doing ok and then mommy came upstairs. Tori wanted nothing to do with me anymore. I kept trying to get her to settle down but she just kept wanting mommy. She crawled over to mommy and then BAM she put her head down and started to settle down.

Usually I can at least depend on the dog for some love. She usually comes into our room and right over to my side of the bed. Tonight, she went right over to mommy. It was just a mommy love kind of night and I got nothing. Oh well, at least mommy and the brister got some love tonight 🙂



One Response to “Where’s The Love?”

  1. And at some point, she’s going to be all about you.
    Kids are weird.

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