Techtainment Tuesday – A Test Drive

As I have been thinking of trying out some sort of “theme day” that I could write once a week, I thought I would try out a few things and see how they work. On this first try, I figured I would combine 2 things since I am not totally a tech geek (just a little bit), and I am not totally in tune with the entertainment scene. I figured this way, I might be able to find enough things to talk about with both for one day. We shall see how it works out.

For my inaugural tech segment, I would be totally remiss if I did not mention the big shindig that is happening in Cupertino tomorrow. For years I let these events go buy with only a cursory interest, mostly shaking my head at the hype surrounding them. Recently however, I joined the ranks of the Apple owners community with a laptop and iPod, so I take a little more interest in them. Whether or not Mr. Jobs (who is on the death watch list for 2010) brings out a tablet, iPhone 4.0 software, iPhone to Verizon or some other announcement, the pre-show hype is usually much bigger than what actually happens at the event IMHO. With all the leaks in the media and online about what is going to happen, the secrecy that Apple tried to maintain pre-event loses a certain amount of luster.

In the past few days, I have already read an overwhelming number of articles on what the problems with an Apple tablet would be. Most of them site the cost. This has always been a factor, for me anyway, in adopting Apple products as my own. When I can build a pretty darn good PC myself for about $500 – $600, why would I pay the money for the Mac equivalent? I did finally break down and buy a MacBook for a number of reasons, but is still hurt my conscience to pay that much. Despite the fact that the tablet will carry a hefty price tag, I am sure that a large number of people will buy the new device just because it is Apple. You have to give Steve Jobs his due, he is as good a promoter for Apple as Vince McMahon is for WWE. It is all about creating buzz and he gets more free advertising than just about anyone. How good would Apple sales be if the media all of a sudden just stopped talking about them?

Moving on to entertainment, other big news … the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. There were the days, long ago, that I used to go to a few concerts. Granted, it was so long ago that it was at Poplar Creek and I mostly sat on the lawn, but even then I remember having to pay the dreaded “convenience fee”. No one knew what this was for, and no one still can really pin down what it was needed for. I have been told “Because you used the convenience of ordering over the phone”. So, I went to one of the few outlets. “The fee is for using a live person at the outlet”. Later as technology progressed, “it is for ordering on-line”. Whatever. It still was something I did not want to pay.

Now with the merger, the DOJ says that ticket prices will lower because it will be cheaper for the company as they now are in charge of the talent, venue, merchandise, tickets, bathroom attendants, record company and bathroom attendants. I don’t see how one company owning everything will bring prices down. Granted, I don’t have an M.B.A. but if you are the only game in town, despite whatever regulations the DOJ has imposed, don’t you think you would get as much as people are willing to pay? And of course, that is the problem, people are willing to pay. Hopefully once I start getting into some different music tastes I can enjoy some of the music fests that are not run by huge corporations and that I don’t have to take out a second mortgage to go to.

On a lighter note … and speaking of WWE, sort of … Psych is back on tomorrow night!

I was psyched, (oh yeah, pun totally intended) to see James Roday and Dule Hill be guest hosts of RAW last night. Unfortunately, James had an appendectomy this past weekend and could not attend. I wish he could have been there as Dule was pretty much in his Gus character and so was James when John Cena called him in the hospital. Tomorrow night’s new episode has John Cena in it and it looks as if it will be amusing as always. For a wrestler, Cena isn’t THAT bad of an actor as long as he is in the roles that suit him. I still need to order my Psych phone cover since I found out they do make one for the BB Storm.

That wraps it up. Not sure what I accomplished but as always I had fun rambling on. So, is anyone looking forward to the tablet? Anyone excited about the merger?

Until next time remember … You cannot sit there in a dark car all alone. You’ll be picked up for mopery … With intent to creep. Trust me, you don’t want that. It’ll put a big hole in your future.


9 Responses to “Techtainment Tuesday – A Test Drive”

  1. Abby Gengozian Says:

    Comparing Steve Jobs to Vince McMahon….Priceless!

  2. I really don’t care about the tablet. I am the LAST person to jump on any new technology, generally, because I don’t care. 🙂
    I am all for cheaper concert tickets in general. Period.

    • After reading your blog, and now knowing you don’t care about technology, I think it would be fun to get you a tablet and see a review for it. Especially if it sucks. I think that would be an extremely fun read. 🙂

  3. Husband, how could you leave out the best quote of the wrestling night?!?! James Roday calling Seamus a “Translucent, pot sticker lovechild!” (For anyone who doesn’t know the wrestler Seamus a) I don’t blame you and b) he is thee most pale individual you have ever seen!) Translucent potsticker – how clever!!

  4. I only got as far as the merger before I felt compelled to comment. As someone who works for one of the companies in said merger I can tell you that convenience fees pay such things as light bills, rent, and more importantly my salary. so next time people want to bitch about “convenience fees” remember, your inconvenience is paying for mine and my cat’s food. On behalf of all of us, I thank you for choosing TicketNation.

  5. I’d have to see what this Tablet is all about. I’m a Mac freak, but was never much of an iPhone fan. Sorry, I still likes me my tactile keyboard.


    • I am not an iPhone person either. I do have the BB Storm which I really like. I am not a fan of no keyboard, but the “click” on the Storm is just enough, for me anyway, to keep that tactile feel and let me know that I actually typed something.

  6. Here’s what I don’t get about the ‘convenience’ fee: Why can’t they just include it in the ticket price? I hate not knowing exactly how much I’m going to have to pay until I’ve already committed to buying. And while we’re at it, how come it costs me more to print the tickets myself than to have them mailed to me? It’s one of the main reasons I hardly ever go to concerts any more.

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