Death Knell Of A Radio Giant

About 20 years ago, I started listening to news/talk radio. I am not sure what prompted this change in my mobile listening habits. At the time, I realized I just wanted to be informed with what was going on in the world around me. Listening to news and talk seemed to do that. Despite my lack of stellar grades throughout my education, I really do love learning and retaining trivia of all sorts. To this end, I chose to listen to WGN, after all, how could the home of the Cubs treat me wrong?

I can’t remember all of who was on the station at that time. I know that Bob Collins was on in the morning and Spike O’Dell was on at some time as well I think. I am assuming I am remembering this correctly since Spike took over for Uncle Bob when he died. Over the years, there have been many changes to personnel and I have had the opportunity to listen to a variety of timeslots during my various “careers”. For the most part, I have liked everyone that I have listed too over the years and had no complaints. (I complained about Kathy & Judy a lot but that was just because I felt I had to. There were times they actually entertained me…but don’t tell anyone).

Recently however, WGN AM Radio has been torpedoing their station. From what I have read it is new management that is destroying the station. Some folks will not agree with me at all. Some people think that they need to do what they are doing. However, from what I have read, more people have complained about the changes than have supported them. I know they also lost the number one spot in the mornings for the first time in who knows how long. They are also losing ratings overall. There are still a few people I like listening too, but they are on when I can’t listen. For the first time in a long time I have started listening to my iPod in the car, or turning on a music station.

Here are what I think are the mistakes … I know many will disagree.

Greg Jarrett – They brought him in from L.A. when they though John Williams wasn’t a good fit in the mornings after Spike O’Dell left. I agree that John is better with longer segments to utilize, but this Jarrett guy is NOT the answer. A) He doesn’t know how to pronounce the simplest of words … get hooked on phonics buddy. B) He is really rude to callers, and guests. He cuts them off and dismisses them seeming totally uninterested in anything they are talking about. C) Quit talking about YOU. He CONSTANTLY connects himself to EVERY story that is going on in the world. Stop being so full of yourself. YOU ARE NOT GOOD!

Kathy & Judy – While they weren’t my favorite team, they were a VERY popular and powerful team on Chicago Radio. With both of them being columnists in Chicago Newspapers for years, they truly knew what was going on and how to treat people. Canceling their show abruptly I am sure lost a large number of listeners. Why cancelled? We will never know the real reason.

The Noon Show – WGN recently got rid of the noon show. Granted it was mostly for farmers, but still … it was WGN and among farmers it was popular. Again, it was another thing I listened to occasionally and learned something I didn’t know before. I could tell you what a pork belly was and what percentage of corn had been planted. I know, not real cool but still.

Garry Meier – At first I thought this was going to be a great addition. I used to listen to Garry way back in the day. Unfortunately, I am thinking that is where he should have stayed. At first it was great to hear him. Gradually though I grew tired of his shtick. There have been a number of drives home where I have thought “didn’t he talk about this yesterday, and the day before, and the day before?”. He needs to learn to let go. It sounds like he is a bit senile and can’t remember one show to the next. Elton Jim … amusing on occasion … NOT a good side kick.

WGN MAJOR FAIL – These I think are the WORST things they have done. I immediately turn off the station when these people are on. They really need to just go away.

Jerry Agar – Telling everyone that your opinion is the only one … yeah, good show. Go hang out with Rush.

Jim Laski – OMG…Let’s hire a FELLON to whine and cry on the radio and not even know what the heck he is talking about. On many occasions I have had to endure him for one reason or another and he is just DUMB!!! His voice … most irritating EVER.

Simon Badinter – WHO???? I honestly can’t say if he is good or bad because I turned him off after 30 seconds. That is 30 seconds of my life that I will NEVER get back however. I should sue him.

The latest is that WGN hired yet another out of towner to come in and pretend to fit in. Some guy from Ohio I think. Which means they need to get rid of someone. It won’t be someone new that sucks. It will be someone who is established and has a following. Is it a wonder why they have had their window broken twice in the last few months by someone throwing a brick through it and then shooting it?

As sad as I am to say it, it looks like I am going to have to start getting my news, traffic and weather somewhere else. Are there any other news/talk stations out there anymore or is every one hiring goofballs thinking that will help by dumbing down?

Anyhoo, until next time remember … “In the future, it might help if you located the source of your rage before you unleashed it on the world


2 Responses to “Death Knell Of A Radio Giant”

  1. Wish I could help you out here, but I’m not local to you.

    They changed up some talk stations here, too, once. People were FLAMING pissed, but it ended up okay in the end. Usually comes down to money – gotta pay those big salaries for the old timers.

    • It is all about the money, not what people want. My little corner of the world blog won’t make a difference but it makes me feel better to rant 🙂

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