Paper or Plastic?

Since Jackie was out of town last weekend, we were supposed to use today to take down our Christmas decorations. Instead, we decided to go grocery shopping, to Walmart, Costco, etc. Gotta love Costco for the large quantities and mostly the samples. You can get an entire meal from those samples. I will just say that we went to Walmart. I know there is controversy with that store. What I am really writing about is the grocery shopping experience.

I should clarify. The grocery shopping itself wasn’t that bad. I don’t mind grocery shopping at all. The problem I have is after checking out. The bagging of the groceries. It matters not what store I go to. It matters not if I ask for paper instead of plastic. (sometimes I do that just to mess with them) The fact remains that the art of bagging is lost.

For years I have had issues with what qualifies as bagging. 400 items in one bag and 2 in another. Stacking bags of canned goods on top of bread and other things that will squish. Putting cleaning supplies and food items in the same bag. It seems that they just let anyone bag groceries these days. I do know something about bagging groceries. I did it for a whopping month back in High School. I remember having 3 days of training on how to bag groceries. Seems like it was three days anyway. It may have only been one. But still, there was training and we were expected to load the bags so that they wouldn’t slide all over the trunk of someone’s car, collapse in on themselves, or otherwise become a nuisance. We had to make sure that they all fit in more or less one layer of bags in the cart. If there wasn’t enough room in the cart, we got another one. We offered to take the cart out to the car with the customer or to at least let them bring their car up and we would help load the car.

I am sure that there are one or two baggers at some grocery stores out there that still have baggers that have some skills. I guess I just have to chalk it up to poor customer service…again.

Until things change, if they ever do, I will just have to suffer and re-bag my groceries as they go into the trunk, or go to Aldi and bag my own.

Until next time remember … The answers to life’s problems aren’t at the bottom of a bottle, they’re on TV!

4 Responses to “Paper or Plastic?”

  1. I completely agree. Now, while I enjoy the bag person’s asking if I’d like help out, their inablity to pack my reusuable bags is atrocious. experiencing cleaning products on my bread isn’t pleasant, but at publix special needs ppl bag the grocery items. They are mostly mindful, attempt being social, but even their skills lack in the packing dept. As I have worked at wal-mart and had to bag groceries it can get crazy, however there is no reason to put the canned goods with my eggs or make the bag so heavy I can’t lift it.

  2. Tv… is there any lesson she can’t teach us?!

  3. I find thanking them for not putting the cat food or the candles or the cleaning supplies in with my food helps. A little gratitude and encouragement goes a long way with these people. I agree some “cashiers” are lacking in the personality/customer service dept. but kindness and small talk go a long way. I worked in the restaurant industry for years and it always made me feel good when someone addressed me by name or thanked me for the small things.
    And though TV teaches us a lot, I attribute most of my learning to the works of John Hughes… And the Brady Bunch.

    • I agree that saying a nice word now and then goes a long way…unless you are a 17 year old who cares more about what they are doing after work than what they are doing at that moment. I too was in the hospitality industry for many a year. Hence why I am so critical of the service industries.

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