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The Month, Some Music Died

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Happy March celebrity death watchers. February seemed to have a lot of music related passings. Some we cared about, some we didn’t, some we said “who?” and some that just got WAY more media coverage than they should have. There were also a few other celebs that died as well as my sleep patterns that have bit the big one too.


David Peaston – 54 – R&B singer – Feb. 1

Angelo Dundee – 90 – Muhammad Ali’s trainer – Feb. 1

Don Cornelius – 75 – Host of Soul Train – Feb. 1

Zalman King – 69 – Director/Producer; Wild Orchid/9 ½ Weeks – Feb. 3

Ben Gazzara – 81 – Actor Road House – Feb. 3

Nello Ferrara – 93 – Ferrara Pan Candy guy – Feb. 3

Bill Hinzman – 75 – Zombie Night of the Living Dead – Feb. 5

Sam Coppola – 79 – Actor Saturday Night Fever – Feb. 5

Peter Breck – 82 – Actor The Big Valley – Feb. 5

Phil Bruns – 80 – Actor Barney Miller, Mary Hartman Mary Hartman – Feb. 8

Jeffrey Zaslow – 53 – Author/Columnist – Feb. 10

Whitney Houston – 48 – Singer/Actress – Feb. 11

David Kelly – 82 – Irish Actor; Fawlty Towers – Feb. 12

Jodie Christian – 80 – Jazz Pianist – Feb. 13

Russell Arms – 92 – Singer Your Hit Parade – Feb. 13

Elyse Knox – 94 – Actress and mother of Mark Harmon – Feb. 15

Dick Anthony Williams – 77 – Actor Edward Scissorhands, The Jerk – Feb. 16

Jon McIntire – 70 – Grateful Dead manager – Feb. 16

Gary Carter – 57 – Baseball Player – Feb. 16

Thom Enright – 59 – musician The Young Adults – Feb. 21

Billy Strange – 81 – Songwriter “Limbo Rock” – Feb. 22

Martha Stewart – 89 – Actress (don’t know who she is but I wanted to say Martha Stewart died) – Feb. 25

Louisiana Red – 79 – Blues musician – Feb. 25

Hal Roach – 84 – Irish Comedian – Feb. 28

Davy Jones – 66 – Monkee – Feb. 29


I Got Dirty At Church

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Well, just a little bit. It is Ash Wednesday. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is NOT an Evil Dead marathon. It is when Catholics and some other denominations as well, go and have ashes on their forehead reminding us that we were made from dirt and to dirt we will return. I am what I call a recovering Catholic. I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic grade school and Jr. High. Then I went to a public high school. There were a lot of things even back then that made me curious about why the Catholics were the right and only true church (in their opinion), but these days, as an adult, there are a lot of things I don’t agree with because of me being a grown up. I am not going to get into all that right now. I want to talk about the experience.

Because of what I mentioned above, we are not avid church goers. We aren’t really even Christers (pronounced kree-stirs), or those that only go at Christmas and Easter. We do go for weddings and the occasional baptism and we go now and then so we can get our babies baptized. Mrs. Voices is more Catholic than I am so there is that.

A while back, one of my favorite blogs WhatImenat2say, warned me that some of the wording has changed in the Catholic mass. This was disturbing to me. While I am not a big church goer, I am still looking for the structure that the mass taught me as a child. I don’t like change. I should have paid more attention to that blog post because Mrs. Voices and I kept saying the wrong things. I needed notes. Although, that wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as taking Tori to her first mass as a talking 16 month old.

When the pipe organ started playing, Tori danced. That was cute. When people started singing, Tori broke out in “la la la la la”. That was also cute. Then, Tori wanted to go to mama. I passed her off and Tori started playing with mommy’s necklace … the “pretties”. Then Tori started doing her next favorite thing. She started pulling on Mrs. Voices’ shirt collar. The Mrs. was able to pull it back up in time. Nothing fell out. The problem was, is that it was very quiet at this particular time during the mass. Tori learned a new word a while back. She pulls at mommy’s shirt and says “NIPPLE” really loud. I laughed a little. So did the people around us. I love going to church with children.

In other news, Whitney Houston is still dead and the flags are back up to full staff. Eating Girl Scout cookies will not cause your daughter to become a homosexual and you will not have to have an abortion and you will not have a sex change operation, unless of course you are a republican living in Indiana.

In The Home Stretch

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Today is Feb 15th. The new baby is due March 17th. I have mentioned before, probably more than once, that the overwhelming feelings are setting in. The main thing is, the house. It is a disaster. I did get Tori’s new room painted, but I still have yet to get everything put back together and put away and all that. We have stuff everywhere. Not just Tori’s toys, but stuff all over. It’s not dirty and we aren’t hoarders or anything like that. We just need a good spring cleaning and then a good cleaning. We have both been pretty tired. I really need to order groceries from Peapod. At least that saves some time not schlepping to the grocery store.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVVE to hire a cleaning service to come in and give the house a real good, thorough cleaning. The problem that I have is that I would have to clean before I could have someone come in and clean. I don’t mean I would have to put things away and straighten up. I mean that I would have to CLEAN the house. I don’t think I could let someone else come in and think that we are slobs or don’t do anything. I am lazy not disgusting. I know it is there job to come in and clean. I know I shouldn’t be self conscious because I know there are people that are a million times worse. I just have issues. Many, MANY issues. I guess I will have plenty of time to clean after the baby comes when I take a few days off work when he and Mrs. Voices will be sleeping … a LOT. I will just have to make sure it is one of the days that Tori goes to day care or to grandma’s.

The recent celebrity deaths, well, Whitney Houston mainly, have brought an increase to views on my blog again this week. The odd thing is however, once again, the search terms that are causing hits to my blog, have NOT been Whitney Houston, Don Cornelius, Jeffrey Zaslow or any other recently deceased celebs. It is Grease, Olivia Newton-John and Sandy again. I don’t get it. I think I am just going to put those tags in my posts every day just for giggles.


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I wore a tie to work today. I normally do not dress anywhere close to that nice. I usually wear jeans and a collared shirt of some sort. Even on client days I wear khakis. Today it was slacks, dress shoes, tie … the whole nine yards. Why? Why not. It was Valentine’s day and I decided I would look nice for my wife who would see me for 30 seconds as I left for work and wouldn’t see me since I would be changed into different clothes by the time she got home. That and me and another guy at work wanted to see how many people would ask us if we had job interviews. I told people I was going on a mob hit later in the day. It actually felt nice to dress nice. It gives a certain respect the client meetings we had today as well. That is something that I can honestly say I think is lacking from today’s yutes.

A few years ago, I was between career assignments and was going on numerous interviews. I always wore a suit. It was in the middle of the summer and in was 90 plus degrees. I always wore a suit. I am wondering if I maybe didn’t get some of the jobs I interviewed for because I was over dressed. A lot of the people I interviewed with, wore jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts … I very often times felt uncomfortable. I have seen a few interviewees coming into our office for job interviews and they aren’t even wearing a polo shirt. The dress like they just came from a head shop and decided to apply for a job. I feel that is a lack of respect. That and the whole “business casual” has just gone to “casual crap”. I just don’t think that ripped jeans and t-shirts should be worn when you hold a certain position or if you are giving a presentation. Shorts should never be worn at work unless you are a lifeguard or a mail man/woman. Enough of that.

While I am ranting about respect, how about respect for the flag. I am NOT some conservative or liberal whack job. I just don’t think that the flag should be lowered to half staff for a celebrities funeral. Yeah, New Jersey is doing that Saturday. Along those lines of respect, her fans are all ticked off that there isn’t going to be a public memorial. Now, I don’t care one way or the other but, I have always felt that a wake/funeral should always be for friends and families unless maybe you are a head of state or someone ultra super important to the world. Not if you are a drug addict. Yeah, I said it. I can’t respect someone who does that to their life especially when they more than have the means to get help. I understand it is a disease. That doesn’t mean it isn’t controllable. Even with that feeling, I think that is any family, wants to grieve, they should be allowed to do it in private if they want.

Well, that became a downer really quick and way went off the rails.

On a lighter note, I finally got Tori’s new bedroom painted. With any luck, this weekend will have everything moved in to the new room and I can start getting the rest of the house clean and ready. The new little guy is due 4 weeks from Friday! FOUR WEEKS!!! St. Patrick’s Day! That is not far off at all. I am feeling the stress but of course I know it is all worth it. I mean, I will get a few days off work after all.



There Was An Award Show?

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While I like listening to music, I have to admit I am not a music-phile, or whatever it would be called. I will often times be accused of listening to music that went out of style with half the clothes I still keep in my closet. So, I really had no desire to watch the Grammy Awards last night. So, we didn’t, until the last hour and a half that is. I saw things I did NOT want to see, things I didn’t care about and quite frankly, things that scared the hell out of me. While I didn’t see the whole show, I can say the following based on what I did see.

– I am glad that Taylor Swift finally ran out of eyeliner. Not because I like her and think she looks better, but because I hope it causes her great pain.

– Carrie Underwood still has no personality when she sings.

– Speaking of no personality, Blake Shelton should just remove himself from everything. When he sings without a guitar, he looks like Kathryn Hepburn the later years. Other times, he just looks blank and lost. Plus, he sounds horrible. My opinion.

– Tony Bennett … Well, he’s Tony Bennett. As I heard today “He is like 1116 years old and he still gets more tail than a waiter at Red Lobster.”

– Glen Campbell sounded the same as he has as far as I can remember. Yeah, I used to listen to him when he could remember I did.

– Adele … when she speaks she reminds me of Eliza Doolittle. When she was accepting last night, all I could think of was …

– The head of the Grammys gives a big speech about pirating music and then they have Steve Jobs in the dead people tribute as an innovator in digital music. Yeah, he gave everyone an iPod so they would want to go online and download all kinds of illegal music. They however didn’t recognize other people that died.

– I forgot, they gave a tribute to Whitney Houston. Don’t make me go there. Hate me if you will but … no. Never mind.

– I really don’t get the mouse head that lights up. Why?

– L.L. Cool Whip gave a 3 second tribute to Don Cornelius. At least it was more than Etta James got.

– Chris Brown channeled the wardrobe of Run-DMC. That was all he channeled.

– Foo fought well.

– Dave, Bruce and Joe did pretty well with Sir Paul.

– Nicki Minaj was horrible. Do people actually like her? And why does she have to have an alter ego?

What does any of this have to do with anything that you, the reader cares about? Not much. My opinions. I am realizing I am getting grumpier and crankier as the days go on. Probably work related. Plus, every day I put a tag for Whitney Houston in my blog, I get tons of hits. Yeah, it is cheap to use this as a ratings booster but, too late.

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