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The Grammys: My Unqualified Assesment

Posted in Music, Nonsense, TV/Movies with tags , , , , on February 16, 2016 by Bob

So, I didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night because … Blackhawks. That and I really don’t have any idea of who most of the people up for awards even are or what any of the music is. (These days, my musical repertoire includes the themes for Paw Patrol, Shimmer & Shine and the like)  I figure I can watch anything that was really good (performance wise) on line today or tomorrow, once I hear what is good and what isn’t. This is so I can avoid the brain tumor and bleeding eyes and ears I received a few years ago watching some abomination that Nicki Minaj put forth.

As I look through the list of winners, I realize that I STILL have no clue what is really going on in the music world. I know a few names of artists and songs. For example, I know of Uptown Funk because my kids sing it all the time. I know of Bruno Mars because of the before mentioned song that made me spit take when I heard my children sing it for the first time (also the first time I heard it).

I know of Taylor Swift, although I wish I didn’t, and I am aware of her album 1989 due to the endless commercials that Xfinity had telling me to experience it. I declined.

I am familiar with Skrillex because it is fun to say although I admit, I couldn’t tell you anything he/she/it does.

I also see that Justin Bieber wasn’t REALLY killed in Zoolander 2. Marking THAT movie off my list now.

I know Buddy Guy, Ricky Martin, Louis CK and Jimmy Carter (I can really bust a move to some of his earlier work).

I can’t remember if I have heard any Glen Campbell (too soon?) and um … that’s about it.

Out of the many people/songs I don’t know by name or instant recognition, Alabama Shakes is something I thought you got from Southern Comfort withdrawal, pimping a butterfly just doesn’t make sense and I may have to search out Snarky Puppy just because I like the name.

I know there is a lot more to the Grammy’s than the awards but, I don’t get most of it. I will probably look up Lady Gaga’s performance so that I can pretend I am relevant since she apparently is.

Outside of that, I will continue to over-indulge in Schoolhouse Rock which my children are now addicted to. It was fun listening to it once an hour … once a week. Not so much everyday for 40 minutes straight.


On a side noteI still have a picture of my dog as my main image. I still need a better image up there. Any suggestions?


There Was An Award Show?

Posted in Celebrity Deaths, Music, TV/Movies with tags , , , , , on February 13, 2012 by Bob

While I like listening to music, I have to admit I am not a music-phile, or whatever it would be called. I will often times be accused of listening to music that went out of style with half the clothes I still keep in my closet. So, I really had no desire to watch the Grammy Awards last night. So, we didn’t, until the last hour and a half that is. I saw things I did NOT want to see, things I didn’t care about and quite frankly, things that scared the hell out of me. While I didn’t see the whole show, I can say the following based on what I did see.

– I am glad that Taylor Swift finally ran out of eyeliner. Not because I like her and think she looks better, but because I hope it causes her great pain.

– Carrie Underwood still has no personality when she sings.

– Speaking of no personality, Blake Shelton should just remove himself from everything. When he sings without a guitar, he looks like Kathryn Hepburn the later years. Other times, he just looks blank and lost. Plus, he sounds horrible. My opinion.

– Tony Bennett … Well, he’s Tony Bennett. As I heard today “He is like 1116 years old and he still gets more tail than a waiter at Red Lobster.”

– Glen Campbell sounded the same as he has as far as I can remember. Yeah, I used to listen to him when he could remember I did.

– Adele … when she speaks she reminds me of Eliza Doolittle. When she was accepting last night, all I could think of was …

– The head of the Grammys gives a big speech about pirating music and then they have Steve Jobs in the dead people tribute as an innovator in digital music. Yeah, he gave everyone an iPod so they would want to go online and download all kinds of illegal music. They however didn’t recognize other people that died.

– I forgot, they gave a tribute to Whitney Houston. Don’t make me go there. Hate me if you will but … no. Never mind.

– I really don’t get the mouse head that lights up. Why?

– L.L. Cool Whip gave a 3 second tribute to Don Cornelius. At least it was more than Etta James got.

– Chris Brown channeled the wardrobe of Run-DMC. That was all he channeled.

– Foo fought well.

– Dave, Bruce and Joe did pretty well with Sir Paul.

– Nicki Minaj was horrible. Do people actually like her? And why does she have to have an alter ego?

What does any of this have to do with anything that you, the reader cares about? Not much. My opinions. I am realizing I am getting grumpier and crankier as the days go on. Probably work related. Plus, every day I put a tag for Whitney Houston in my blog, I get tons of hits. Yeah, it is cheap to use this as a ratings booster but, too late.

Some Dead Are Not Walking

Posted in Celebrity Deaths, Nonsense, TV/Movies with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on November 4, 2010 by Bob
Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the...

Dead who DO walk

Happy 3 days after Halloween everyone ( I know, it is 4 but I wrote this yesterday and forgot to click the “publish” button”). I still haven’t watched the first episode of The Walking Dead yet but I am looking forward to doing so. Speaking of the walking dead, I hope everyone voted for winners in the yesterday’s election. Ok, enough of the lame, post Halloween jokes. It is time once again to get into the list of those who might be making guest appearances on The Walking Dead this season. That’s right, the Celebrity Death List for October 2010. The year is almost over and unless I totally missed something, NO ONE has a correct guess from the beginning of the year yet. With only 2 months to go, it is going to be a tight race. I know that it seems a little sparse in the number of deaths this month. I am going to admit that I may have missed a few and I am blaming it on lack of sleep causing me to be a zombie myself because of  Tori. We did however have a Television Trifecta this month so that was kind of exciting (actually we had a quinella for the month). Well, here we go!

Abe Gustin – 75 – Founder of Applebee’s – Oct. 7th

Eric Joisel – 53 – French wet-folding origami artist – Oct. 10th

Simon MacCorkindale – 58 – Actor Manimal – Oct. 14th

Barbara Billingsley – 94 – Mrs. Cleaver – Oct. 16th

Tom Bosley – 83 – Mr. C. – Oct. 19th

Bob Guccione – 79 – Founder of Penthouse – Oct. 20th

Alex Anderson – 90 – Cartoonist, created characters for Rocky and Bullwinkle – Oct. 22nd

Denise Borino – 46 – Ginny Sacrimoni on The Sopranos – Oct. 27th

James MacArthur – 72 – Danno on Hawaii Five-O – Oct. 28th

Taylor Swift – 20 – Annoying singer who from what I hear sounds like crap live – Sorry, I must have had a pleasant dream about this one happening. It’s not true. I don’t want to be the cause of an internet rumor … or do I?

As always, if I missed someone, please let me know.

Until next time remember … “This isn’t the Republicans versus the Democrats, where we’re in a hole economically or… or we’re in another war. This is more crucial than that. This is down to the line, folks, this is down to the line. There can be no more divisions among the living!”

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