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Who Is The Master?

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As some of you know, our American Bulldog Piper, had a tumor on each of her back paws. Yesterday she had them removed. She has her feet bandaged and has to be very careful because the stitches are tight due to the size of the tumors, not a lot of skin to close with, etc. etc. Last night we coddled Piper as much as we could. We have to keep her downstairs so we helped her up on the couch and she slept most of the evening. Not sure if it was the drugs or she just had a long day, but poor piper looked stoned.

When it came time to go to bed for us, we determined that we were nervous about leaving Piper alone to chew her bandages off. So, I stayed downstairs and the plan was to sleep on the floor with the dog. The dog had other ideas.

After about 5 min., Piper decided she had enough of this floor nonsense and hobbled up over me and onto the couch. She somehow grabbed a pillow and put it on top of her paws and rested her chin on it. This is how she stayed the rest of the night. I stayed on the floor, sleeping more or less at HER feet, like a good master should.

She stirred a few times during the night making me think she might be licking or chewing so I kept waking up to check. She wasn’t. She was only shifting and went right back to snoring. My phone alarm went off this morning and I woke up. She was still sleeping peacefully. I once again dutifully got up, got her food, water and saran wrapped her bandaged feet so she could go outside so I could pick up after her.

It’s true. If aliens are looking down on us, they really will be confused as to who actually runs this planet.

So, with all of the SOPA, PIPA and whatever else is going on, I took a look at some of my posts and realize that I plagiarize a LOT. Mostly myself but, I do lift a lot of stuff from places. Not maliciously or anything like that. I don’t make money off of it. My question is though, if any of this passes, do I have to shut myself down if I complain to myself without due process of my own complaints? I thought of this this morning on my way into work. Then I heard Jon Stewart kind of did the same thing last night. Before I can get shut down … enjoy the clip of copyrighted material at the link below. If you don’t hear from me in the next few days, then we know SOPA passed. (sorry for it being a link, I don’t have time today to figure out how to embed in free WordPress again! One of these days I need to switch to self hosting … but anyhoo…)




Not Today

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