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I Really Should Know Better

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , on January 15, 2012 by Bob

I am 42. I am NOT 25 or even 30 or even 35. I have to keep telling myself these things because other than my knees, I keep forgetting that I do not have the muscles or the stamina of a younger man. Today reminded me of this again. Snow blowed the ice laded driveway, carried down 10 boxes of books that were in Tori’s new room from the upstairs to the basement, did some other things. About an hour ago my body said “HEY JERKY! TAKE A BREAK WILL YA!” Tomorrow I will be in bigger trouble. I am going to go watch tv and make some dinner now.

I am going grocery shopping tomorrow night finally and will be getting ingredients for some of my chopped challenges. Stay tuned!


How To Get Ready For A Snow Storm

Posted in How To, Nonsense with tags , , , , on January 13, 2012 by Bob

Yes, it is time once again for another fun and informative Voices In My Brain How To Moment! Today we are covering a topic near and dear to the midwest today:

How To Get Ready For A Snow Storm.

1. Embrace the warm weather and decide to do snow blower maintenance

2. Purchase oil, new spark plug for snow blower and a space heater to warm the garage so you can work comfy

3. Annoy neighbors for one and a half hours running the old gas out of the snow blower

4. Turn off snow blower, go inside and have lunch and plan on finishing later

5. Leave car on driveway at night because you never finished later

6. Tell yourself that it isn’t going to snow for a while and put off finishing

7. Wait for 5 weeks until it starts to snow and decide you have to do the work tonight

8. Get stuck in traffic for 2 hours on your way home in the snow. Decide you are too tired to do snow blower and lay on the couch

9. Look out the window in the morning, realize you never bought gas for the blower so that even if you wanted to you couldn’t use it, get in your car and just barrel through the snow.

10. Say “It can wait until the weekend” and continue to make your redneck plowed driveway by driving on it and packing the snow down over and over.

11. Look like the schlub of the neighborhood.

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