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Rollin Rollin Rollin

Posted in Food, Nonsense with tags , , , , on January 10, 2012 by Bob

Keep that blog a rollin’ … keep that blog a rollin’ each daaaaaayyyy.

For some reason that popped into my head about 30 seconds ago and I had to write that down. I am still trying to keep on my blogging every day to see how long I can do it, but I will admit that I am getting lazy lately. Work is busy, Tori is teething ALL NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT and I have another cold from the child I am sure. I was going to actually blog about how I didn’t feel like writing tonight but then I realized that if I wrote about that, that it would be writing and that it would then be an actual blog entry. Then my head hurt and I decided not to write about that.

Piper is laying on my feet snoring. She is making me want to fall asleep too. Hearing her snore right now, I think I have to apologize to the wife for blaming her for the snoring that woke me up the other night. Sorry wife.

A few minutes until the next episode of Chopped. I have a few ingredient lists you all have sent me, feel free to send any at any time. The first round of my Chopped Challenge will be in the next few days when I can get to the grocery store. I am goign to try to get a few in one trip so I can do a few in a few days. Stay tuned!

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