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2 Weeks And Counting

Posted in Nonsense, Tori with tags , , , on February 28, 2012 by Bob

We are around the two week mark. It is actually about 17 days or so. I am not counting down to St. Patrick’s Day. I am counting down to the arrival of Tori’s baby brother. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been around much lately. We have been doing a lot of last minute prep and we have all collectively been fighting colds and tiredness. I think overall Tori has been the healthiest the last few weeks up until this week. Last night she spiked a fever of 103. It went down but it is back. Poor little bug. She is having a rough time breaking it. This is her first real “sick” with fever this long. I have been spoiling her a lot lately and since she is a smart baby, I think she is deliberately keeping her fever up so that daddy spoils her more than I usually would.

I went off track. 2 weeks until the new arrival. I am already exhausted. Mrs. Voices is exhausted, and she should be. We think we are at a place though where the baby can come and we would be ready. Tori is moved into her new room and I just have a load of laundry or two left for the bassinet and what not for the little guy. What we still aren’t done with yet, is picking a name. We are getting closer though. We are finally starting to come together on some names. We are not going to have any of the names I really want but, I guess that is ok. Is it acceptable to wait until he can talk and just let him pick his own name? That might be even worse.

Hmm. I am really at a loss for what I was going to write about next. Well, just want to let you know I am all still here and just be ready for exciting news to come soon. No, it won’t be that I got a new job paying me millions of dollars. If I ever do have millions of dollars, just remember, I will not forget all my loyal readers and I will send you all at least a dollar. Generous ain’t I?


What A Day

Posted in Nonsense, Tori with tags , , , on January 21, 2012 by Bob

Some days are great! Some days just suck. Some days are today. It wasn’t a bad day and it wasn’t a great day. I let Piper sleep by herself last night while I went back upstairs and slept in our bed. Piper is doing ok with the cone so I figured I could trust her downstairs. Plus, I really needed to sleep. I still had to wake up early to give Piper her meds and walk her. After that, I got up and snow blowed the driveway and a big patch on the front lawn for Piper to potty without walking through a foot of snow. Yes, I used the snow blower on the lawn.

After that, we went to get a 3D ultrasound of the newest little voice that will be coming in March. We confirmed that yes, he is indeed a he. We were pointed out the “scrotal sack and penis”. Very professional, no euphemisms, which made it even a little funnier. We did get pictures and a CD and DVD so as soon as I have a chance to pull a pic or 2 off the cd, I will get one on here.

While we were out, Tori was fussy as all heck. She didn’t eat a lot this morning and she has a slight fever. She wasn’t feeling very well. We got home but couldn’t get her to sleep because we had to have Piper’s bandages changed and a follow visit that got cancelled last night. I know, this isn’t sounding so much like a bad day yet but, I am getting there.

Piper did fine, Tori finally got a nap. So did Jackie and I, for about 30 min anyway. It came time to get up and get Tori and Piper dinner. Tori still wasn’t eating much but Piper’s appetite is back to normal. She scarfed down her food and water and then went by the front door for our little yard walk. Tori was in the living room with Jackie cuddling and being cute.

I need to put baggies on Piper’s feet so that the snow doesn’t get her bandages wet. (I know, I know … I am getting there) so I was kind of busy when Jackie called from the living room that Tori just got sick on her. I was in the middle of taping myself to Piper’s feet when I heard this so I called that I couldn’t get there at the moment. Jackie was fine with this at the time. As this was happening, Piper decided that as I had my head under her so I could cover the leg that she wasn’t turning to me to get, to let one loose in my face. Oh yeah, did I mention that she was having a little issue with leakage from the anesthetic? So yeah, not really sure how to put this delicately … I got a nice juicy dog fart on my forehead … with a little splatter. I told you it couldn’t be delicate. I asked Jackie if it made her feel better that that happened to me. She laughed hysterically. I think it made her feel better.

Things got better after I washed, sanitized, boiled my face …we ordered a pizza, gave Tori a bath and then this. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Welcome To Daycare

Posted in Nonsense, Tori with tags , , , , , , , on October 30, 2011 by Bob

And the germs that it brings. At least, I am going to blame it on daycare. I don’t want to feel like it was my fault.WARNING: Those who have not had children or if you have a weak stomach may not want to read further.

What was my fault, or not my fault, you ask? You may remember me writing about how Tori got me sick last week with a cold. Well, she was finally getting over it. Today, we were cuddling on the couch, everything was so nice and sweet and then …. It wasn’t a retching sound so much as one second I wasn’t covered in baby vomit and the next I was. Earlier in the day when we were grocery shopping, she was eating cheese. When we got home, mommy gave her this Earth’s Best Pumpkin Squeezey thing. Let me tell you, those two smells don’t go well together normally much less … yeah. Fortunately, Jackie and I both survived that and got her cleaned up. Tori seemed no worse for wear, it didn’t even phase her other than we had to change her clothes. We set her down on the floor and she was walking around again in no time.

Dinner time came and we broke out some spaghetti left over from the other night for Tori for dinner. She really was not going at it with the same gusto as she went for the cheese earlier. I found out why about 30 seconds after I put my leftovers in the microwave to heat up.round 2 all over the high chair, her self, her food and her sippy. It didn’t smell any better the second time.

We cleaned her up the best that we could and Jackie took her upstairs to the tub to hose her down. She did ok in the bath and by that I mean she didn’t pump her stomach again. She did however, cry almost the entire time and wouldn’t be consoled unless Jackie was holding her. I stayed down and continued to clean the high chair as best as I could even more. It needed it. I did well and didn’t puke myself.

We got her settled a little, took her temperature, it was a little high but nothing alarming, and brought her back downstairs and gave her a clean sippy of water. She drank some of it and fell asleep on Jackie. Jackie took her up and put her to sleep. She didn’t even flinch, hopefully, it was a combo of being tired and a little bit of too much snacking today. I know that if she really IS sick again, I will be too. I am out of sick days. I am NOT using my vacations days. I am going to Vegas with Jackie and I am taking the week at the end of the year off. If I get sick again because of Tori, or if I have to stay home with Tori, then so be it.

I am not sure if I said why I was blaming day care. My sister said that she thinks there might be a bug going around. Tori’s cousin goes to the same place. He is there 5 days a week while she only goes 2 days. (The other days are at grandma’s). He got sick the other day last week at day care. The same day Tori was there. They were hanging out a little. A few days is just the right time to incubate. Great. I am not holding against day care though. It happens. It would and will happen when she is in school. I just find it convenient to blame them though.

Sorry if I grossed anyone out. I DID give fair warning. If she gets sicker, I will be sure to update you all on her future emanations. I will make sure I update well before, or well after the dinner hour. By the way, aren’t you glad I didn’t add any pictures to this one?

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