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Recommending Endorsements

Posted in Nonsense, Tech Stuff with tags , , , , on August 29, 2013 by Bob

I am on LinkedIn. I have a number of connections. I have also joined a few groups. I occasionally browse the jobs because, you should always be looking for the next great opportunity. Other than that, I don’t do much on LinkedIn. I have recommended a few people, and my resume is up there and job history, the usual LinkedIn stuff.

A while ago, LinkedIn added something called “Endorsements”. Maybe it is called something else but, basically, you list what skills you think you have and people can endorse you for those skills. Now, when I joined a group, I wanted contacts because I was looking for a job at the time. I have a lot of contacts that don’t know me other than the guy who said “will accept all contact requests”. Even these people can endorse me for skills. And they have. Without knowing me. At all.

There is no way to verify whether or not someone actually has the skill they are saying that they have. To go along with that, there is no way for someone to verify that the endorser knows if the endorsee actually HAS that skill or not. People are endorsing people just so that their name goes into as many places as possible. I personally am endorsed for things that I didn’t know that I knew … I think. I don’t think I have endorsed anyone for things that I don’t know if they can do. I might have … just to get my name out there ya know.

I am not sure if LinkedIn is reputable for that or not or if people even look at that, other than to see if their name is out there. I am going to have a sense of humor about it. Kind of like I do about most things. I am going to put skills on there (you can make up your own for cryin’ out loud) and go from there. They will be actual skills. Maybe not business related or things that others consider “marketable”, but they are skills none the less.

You can find me on LinkedIn here. Feel free to connect with me. You can even endorse me if you would like. I can’t guarantee that I will endorse you though unless it is something I know that you are good at … like endorsing people on LinkedIn.

On a side note  Bubble Guppies in one messed up show. I’m just sayin’. I mean, how the hell does it rain    underwater?!?!

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