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Alaska … I Mean Vegas … Day 3

Posted in Nonsense, Vacation with tags , , , , , , , , , , on December 1, 2011 by Bob

IT IS COLD TODAY! I am in the middle of the dessert and it is 41 degrees. They forecast snow. I don’t care, I am not working! It was another walking adventure this morning. Let’s just say my extraordinary sense of direction did it to me again and I ended up walking a mile and a half further than I probably had to today. Other than that, it has been a resting day. We made it to Paris last night but the Eiffel Tower ride was closed because of the weather (rain). Tonight we are going to attempt to hit downtown with a few of Jackie’s work friends. Gotta figure out the best way to get there for the cheapest and we will be good. Apparently they also shut the monorail down when it is bad weather. I think I am safe and won’t move here. Can’t live somewhere that can’t handle a little rain.

Short one today but that is all I got right now. Tomorrow should be a good one based on tonight and how many more cowboys I see. The rodeo came into town … literally. Hundreds of hats, boots and surprisingly not so attractive women. More later.



Hot Enough For Ya?

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , , , , on July 19, 2011 by Bob

Yeah, I purposely led with that because I, like thousands of others around me are sick of hearing people say that. I don’t think I am being original here, but I can’t remember where I heard someone else complaining about people saying that. I have narrowed it down to two people. It was either my friend Danielle, or it was Sybil. I think it was one of them because I remember a certain amount of eloquent swearing and fervent bluntness. In either case …noooooo, it isn’t hot enough for me. I want it to be so hot that I spontaneously combust walking down the street.

Now that I am thinking about it, maybe I am the one that complained about this before …

But I digress, I think that anyone who asks a stupid question that obviously does not need to be asked should get a fine, ticket, community service or even jail time. Don’t ever ask me if I was outside in 99 degree heat when I walk in, my regular clothes drenched in sweat. Do you think I was running a marathon in my street clothes?

If I walk in soaked to the bone right after a rain storm passed through, no I wasn’t “caught in the storm” … I was stuck in the boiler room when the water heater exploded.

I did not “get a little sun this weekend?” I was making Crème brûlée and the torch slipped.

I did not get beat up in a bar fight … I bumped my eye on the stick shift … while bending over … to get the phone I dropped when I slammed on the brakes.

Ok, I think I will stop there.


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