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Hang ‘Em High

Posted in Holiday, Nonsense, TV/Movies with tags , , , , , on December 11, 2012 by Bob

The Christmas lights that is. I have no clue why I put that title but I did. More so, I had the title and then I decided to write about Christmas lights. Yeah, I don’t know either. I basically just needed a place to come and complain about what I saw the other day. I was driving through a more expensive neighborhood near me and I say a “Pool & Spa Services” truck parked on the road. I figured someone was having their hot tub serviced or was just late winterizing their pool. As I drove closer, I saw about 8 individuals with ladders and boxes hanging lights on this particular house. Someone had paid someone else, to hang lights for Christmas.

Granted, there are probably plenty of reasons for this. The first that came to mind, was that the home owners are old and can’t get up on a ladder and have no family in the area that could come and help them do it. If that is the case, with no family or friends, why decorate for a lonely holiday.  Another reason is that perhaps … yeah … can’t think of another one other than they have more money than they apparently know what to do with.

To me, although I hate doing it myself in the cold, hanging the lights is part of Christmas. The untangling, the swearing, the multiple trips to buy new lights … If I had the time and money. I would Griswold my house in a heartbeat. It is what brings a family together during the holidays. Well, the trips to the ER after falling off a ladder does that too but still.


Anyway, that is all I wanted to rant about today. I am trying to ramp up to the new year to be more rant-ee and more annoying next year so, have fun waiting on that one.



On a side note

For the very first time in my life I am saying that I like the Old Navy commercials. I hate the fact that Chevy sold out to Old Navy, because I really don’t like them as a whole, they just annoy me … however, I love the spoofs of the Vacation movies. Even having the old Rustys and Audreys show up with the new ones. They are fun.



A Few More Things

Posted in Holiday, Nonsense, Tori, TV/Movies with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on September 2, 2011 by Bob

As we head off into the long holiday weekend … hmmm, thought I would have a better follow up to that. Apparently the long weekend has nothing to do with anything that I am going to write about today. Basically, there have been a few things lately that have ground my gears, tweaked my melon, made me go “hmmm”, or otherwise made me scratch my head or wonder aloud.

First off, movies. I remember when Labor Day weekend used to have at least one good movie coming out. Now, we have things like Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star. I have made it clear in the past that any of these movies where people just act like idiots trying to be funny are not my shot of whiskey. What is worse in this one is that at the end of the commercials, they have some guy acting like he is mentally handicapped trying to say how funny it is. What is the point of this? Why do they think it is funnier if the people are mentally handicapped, developmentally challenged or whatever you want to call it. That is an insult and to me, offensive.

Second off, mortgage banks being sued. The government says they are going to sue a number of big banks over mortgage stuff. They say that when the gov bought mortgage securities, the taxpayers lost money. Now they are saying they are suing them to get the taxpayer money back. I got 900 billion dollars that says the taxpayers won’t see any of it.

Third off, Old Navy. They have the most annoying commercials and I wish they would stop using songs and changing them to use their stupid lyrics. They suck.

Fourth off, Dancing With The Stars. A) None of those people are ‘Stars’, B) Who cares?

Fifth off, I have gas. Just thought I would share.

Sixth off, I don’t care about what people took in college when they are complaining about not being able to leave work early when you haven’t done anything really to deserve it anyway.

Seventh off, Star Wars. It is coming out on Blu-Ray. You can’t fight it, Darth Vader will say “No” no matter how much you protest. Even with all the complaining and people bitching about it, George Lucas will still make another fortune because everyone complaining is still going to buy it.

Eighth off, pro athletes. (I am stealing this directly from a co-workers Facebook page) – “I’d like to honor Lance Briggs by demanding more money or a trade from my employer too. Oh wait, I’m part of the 98% of the population who works hard everyday not making the league minimum or deciding not to play out the rest of my signed contract. Hey Lance, you tool, enjoy your stay in Jacksonville or Kansas City or whatever hole your able to find.”

Ninth off, iPhone 5. An iPhone 5 got left in a bar … again? Please. Apple quit trying to fool us and just admit that this is the way you can get info out there without admitting you are getting info out there.

Tenth off, Tori. I worked from home yesterday with Tori at home due to ill day care. It was pretty brutal and not something I thin I want to make a habit of until she is MUCH older … like in school. Anyhoo, later last night we took a cute video of her. Her new thing is saying “HIIIIII” to everyone she meets. Even herself. So, for those of you that do not know me on Facebook. Here she is being all cute and stuff.

That is all for today. I want everyone to have a safe, relaxing and fun weekend, be sure to donate during the MDA marathon and until next time, remember … “In outer space it’s okay to wear white shoes after Labor Day.”

It’ll Be The Death Of Me

Posted in Nonsense, Wacky News with tags , , , , , , , , on April 12, 2011 by Bob

As I was oot and aboot today, I walked past a group of smokers on my way into a building. Someone else was walking in the oposite direction past this group and hopefully knew one of the smokers because he said “you know those things will kill ya!” I am assuming he knew someone since he didn’t get flipped off or beat up by the group. “Why do we care about this?” you are asking.

Since this happened, I thought to myself … Self, what do you suppose are things, other than smoking, that could kill you. It seems that every day something else is bad for you, including the drugs that are supposed to cure the diseases caused by the things that are bad for you. So, here is a short list of the things that could possibly end my life, according to ultra conservative religious parents groups and fringe scientists.

• Breathing – There are so many bad things in the air that just breathing in public can slowly kill you

• Watching television – The video signals coming through today’s HD televisions cause micro seizures in the synaptic endings in the cerebral cortex, and with each seizure chemicals are released by the brain that cause tumors to grow eventually crowding the brain and forcing it out the ear.

• Driving – It is not the chance of accident that is the culprit, it is the noxious chemicals released by pine tree shaped air fresheners.

• Old Navy – Their commercials suck and their clothes are over rated. If you shop there someone will shoot you just because.

• Soccer – Because no one should be that accustomed to balls in the face.

• Water – In and of itself is not bad, however the act of drinking water will clean out your system and your body will go into shock from years of horrible things being in it. This toxic ecosystem will be thrown off kilter and to quote the emperor … “You will die”

• Scurvy – Really nothing to do with this list but it is fun to say

• Humor – Laughing will cause increased heart rate and blood pressure that will result in heart attack or stroke. Also, laughing causes tears which will cloud your eyes, affect vision and cause you to walk out into traffic and be hit by a cross town bus.


As you can see, there are far more things in life to worry about. These were just a few. Live life while you can and don’t worry about the consequences. Well, maybe a few so you don’t end up in jail or dead which would kind of negate the whole living life to the fullest part.


Until next time, remember … “Although we are constantly exploring the subject, currently there is no direct evidence that links cell phone usage to brain cancer.”



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