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And Now, Introducing …

Posted in Nonsense with tags , on March 14, 2012 by Bob

I bet a lot of you think that I am introducing my muppet. I am not. I am introducing someone even better, my new son. Alexander Dallas Richardson was born on Saturday March 10th, at 10:25 p.m. He was 7 lb. 2 oz. and 19 1/4 in. long. He is the cutest little guy in the world. But then again I might be biased. You can be your own judge though.

Alexander Dallas Richardson

Tori is already loving him. She woke in the night screaming for the baby, we would show her t and then she would go to sleep again. Jackie says she was just having night terrors about Justin Bieber. Overall though, she loves him already.

Although I will be home with him for a it because of the job thing, the wonderful feeling and joy of him coming the day after I was fired, is kinda like a big middle finger to my old job. I get to stay home with him instead of having to go to work.

Well, gotta head out. Plenty of pictures to come soon.


What A Week

Posted in Holiday, Nonsense with tags , , , on March 10, 2012 by Bob

Been quite a week. Here is a recap. Got fired yesterday. Today we are at the hospital with Mrs. Voices getting ready to deliver our second baby, a boy this time. We are trying to think of a name still. That is just a quick update from my phone. Info and more details and a picture soon!

2 Weeks And Counting

Posted in Nonsense, Tori with tags , , , on February 28, 2012 by Bob

We are around the two week mark. It is actually about 17 days or so. I am not counting down to St. Patrick’s Day. I am counting down to the arrival of Tori’s baby brother. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been around much lately. We have been doing a lot of last minute prep and we have all collectively been fighting colds and tiredness. I think overall Tori has been the healthiest the last few weeks up until this week. Last night she spiked a fever of 103. It went down but it is back. Poor little bug. She is having a rough time breaking it. This is her first real “sick” with fever this long. I have been spoiling her a lot lately and since she is a smart baby, I think she is deliberately keeping her fever up so that daddy spoils her more than I usually would.

I went off track. 2 weeks until the new arrival. I am already exhausted. Mrs. Voices is exhausted, and she should be. We think we are at a place though where the baby can come and we would be ready. Tori is moved into her new room and I just have a load of laundry or two left for the bassinet and what not for the little guy. What we still aren’t done with yet, is picking a name. We are getting closer though. We are finally starting to come together on some names. We are not going to have any of the names I really want but, I guess that is ok. Is it acceptable to wait until he can talk and just let him pick his own name? That might be even worse.

Hmm. I am really at a loss for what I was going to write about next. Well, just want to let you know I am all still here and just be ready for exciting news to come soon. No, it won’t be that I got a new job paying me millions of dollars. If I ever do have millions of dollars, just remember, I will not forget all my loyal readers and I will send you all at least a dollar. Generous ain’t I?

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