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I Almost Forgot They Were Gone

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It is the start of May … granted, over a week ago … and that means we need to mourn the loss of celebrities who have departed the last few weeks. If I do nothing else, I need to remember to pay homage to those that entertained us and those that didn’t, but who were still considered “celebrities”. Shall we?

Steven Bochco – 74 – TV Producer and writer – April 1

David Edgerton – 90 – Co-founder of Burger King – April 3

Ron Dunbar – 77 Songwriter Give Me Just A Little More Time – April 3

Soon-Tek Oh – 85 – Actor; The Man With The Golden Gun, Mulan, M*A*S*H – April 4

Johnny Valiant – 71 – Professional Wrestler – April 4

Tim O’Connor – 90 – Actor; Peyton Place, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – April 5

Peter Grünberg – 78 – German physicist. co-discoverer of giant magnetoresistance – April 7

Chuck McCann – 83 – Actor/Voice Actor G.I. Joe, Ducktales, lots of other things – April 8

Mitzi Shore – 87 – Owner of The Comedy Store – April 11

Miloš Forman – 86 – Film director One Flew Over The Cucko’s Nest, Amadeus – April 13

R. Lee Ermey – 74 – Actor Full Metal Jacket, Toy Story – April 15

Harry Anderson – 65 – Actor/Magician Night Court – April 16

Barbara Bush – 92 – Former First Lady – April 17

Gerard Baldwin – 89 – Animator/Director Smurfs, Super Friends, Rocky and Bullwinkle – April 18

Bruno Sammartino – 82 – Professional Wrestler – April 18

Avicii – 28 – Swedish DJ – April 20

Verne Troyer – 49 – Mini Me – April 21

Charles Neville – 79 – A Neville Brother – April 26


Be sure to get your bets in for May’s results being on time. Right now, the odds in Vegas are 347-1.


Spring Has Died … So Have These Celebrities

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I started off the year deciding I was back to blogging. I didn’t keep up too well. I am not going to promise to do better because, if you know me at all, you know that I am nothing close to consistent. The only thing consistent is that celebrities will die every month. MOT months, I will document this for those of you that are as disturbed as I am. Like I will this month. Sure, you could go to Wikipedia and look it up but … then you have to read about all kinds of prelates and Canadian immunologists. I keep track daily of deaths and give you just the folks I feel are celebrities. You know this already so … today you get a twofer! I missed last month and by the time I got around to it … yeah. Here we go.


Dennis Edwards – 74 – Singer The Temptations – Feb. 1

John Mahoney – 77 – Actor Frasier, Say Anything, Striking Distance – Feb. 4

Mickey Jones – 76 – Drummer/Actor Home Improvement, V, Justified – Feb. 7

Reg E. Cathey – 59 – Actor The Wire, House of Cards, Oz – Feb. 9

Craig MacGregor – 68 – Bassist for Foghat – Feb. 9

Wally Moon – 87 – Baseball Player; St. Louis, LA Dodgers – Feb. 9

Vic Damone – 89 – Singer – Feb. 11

Marty Allen – 95 – Actor/comedian – Feb. 12

Louise Latham – 95 – Actress Marnie – Feb. 12

Daryle Singletary – 46 – Country singer – Feb. 12

Victor Milan – 63 – Author Wild Cards, Battle Tech – Feb. 13

Billy Graham – 99 – God’s mouthpiece – Feb. 21

Nanette Fabray – 97 – Actress/Singer – Feb. 22



David Ogden Stiers – 75 – Actor Mash – March 3

Sir Roger Bannister – 88 – Athlete; first person to run a sub-4 min mile – March 3

Paul Magriel – 71 – 1978 World Backgammon Champion – March 5

Sudan – 45 – Last male northern white Rhino – March 19

Frank Avruch – 89 – Bozo the Clown (Boston)

Charles Lazarus – 94 – Founder of Toys R Us – March 22

Wayne Huizenga – 80 – Former owner of Blockbuster, Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers – March 22

Saunders Davies – 80 – British Anglican prelate, Bishop of Bangor – March 30

The Grammys: My Unqualified Assesment

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So, I didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night because … Blackhawks. That and I really don’t have any idea of who most of the people up for awards even are or what any of the music is. (These days, my musical repertoire includes the themes for Paw Patrol, Shimmer & Shine and the like)  I figure I can watch anything that was really good (performance wise) on line today or tomorrow, once I hear what is good and what isn’t. This is so I can avoid the brain tumor and bleeding eyes and ears I received a few years ago watching some abomination that Nicki Minaj put forth.

As I look through the list of winners, I realize that I STILL have no clue what is really going on in the music world. I know a few names of artists and songs. For example, I know of Uptown Funk because my kids sing it all the time. I know of Bruno Mars because of the before mentioned song that made me spit take when I heard my children sing it for the first time (also the first time I heard it).

I know of Taylor Swift, although I wish I didn’t, and I am aware of her album 1989 due to the endless commercials that Xfinity had telling me to experience it. I declined.

I am familiar with Skrillex because it is fun to say although I admit, I couldn’t tell you anything he/she/it does.

I also see that Justin Bieber wasn’t REALLY killed in Zoolander 2. Marking THAT movie off my list now.

I know Buddy Guy, Ricky Martin, Louis CK and Jimmy Carter (I can really bust a move to some of his earlier work).

I can’t remember if I have heard any Glen Campbell (too soon?) and um … that’s about it.

Out of the many people/songs I don’t know by name or instant recognition, Alabama Shakes is something I thought you got from Southern Comfort withdrawal, pimping a butterfly just doesn’t make sense and I may have to search out Snarky Puppy just because I like the name.

I know there is a lot more to the Grammy’s than the awards but, I don’t get most of it. I will probably look up Lady Gaga’s performance so that I can pretend I am relevant since she apparently is.

Outside of that, I will continue to over-indulge in Schoolhouse Rock which my children are now addicted to. It was fun listening to it once an hour … once a week. Not so much everyday for 40 minutes straight.


On a side noteI still have a picture of my dog as my main image. I still need a better image up there. Any suggestions?

Celebrity Deaths In April – I Don’t Have A Catchy Title

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Well, February, I mean April has finally passed, as well as a number of celebrities this month. The Blackhawks are on so I really can’t think of much else to say. Sorry … but it is playoff hockey.


Lucy Hood – 56 – President of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – April 2

Arthur Smith – 93 – Songwriter of Dueling Banjos – April 3

John Pinette – 50 – Comedian – April 5

Mickey Rooney – 93 – His 5th wife Barbara was murrrrrrdered – April 6

Peaches Geldof – 25 – Daughter of Bob Geldof – April 7

The Ultimate Warrior – 54 – Professional wrestler – April 8

Shane Gibson – 35 – Guitarist Korn – April 15


Lee Marshall – 60ish – Voice of Tony the Tiger – April 26

DJ E-Z Rock – 46 – Musician – April 27

Bob Hoskins – 71 – Actor Who Framed Roger Rabbit; Hook – April 29


Like I said, Blackhawks are on. I am a little distracted but they are winning 1 – 0 at the end of the first. Sorry if I missed anyone.



Hey Hey! Holy Mackerel! VOTE!

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For those of you that don’t know, I live in northern Illinois. That means that I am a fan of the Chicago Cubs. I am also a fan of a local band named Modern Day Romeos. One of my best friends is the lead singer for the band. He is also my daughter’s Godfather. The last few years, the Chicago Cubs, in conjunction with WGN Radio, (they are the station that broadcasts the Cubs games) have had a contest for bands to submit entries to be the theme song for the team that year. It gets played on the radio, they get to perform it at opening day, it is a pretty big deal. MDR has submitted a song. It is a good song. Out of hundreds of songs submitted, they made the top three. Now, people need to vote for their song.


You can vote every day (voting is open until March 14th). You can vote from multiple devices the same day. Just vote! Please. It would be pretty cool to get some national and international votes as well. I know there are people reading this from exotic places … like New Jersey. Remember, they are Modern Day Romeos and their song is “Hey Hey!”

Here is the link to vote:

WGN Cubs Song Contest Voting

If you actually want to hear the song, that link is right here:

Hey Hey – Modern Day Romeos

Thank you from me, the Romeos and all of their friends that want to ride their coat tails to fame and fortune. If you vote, and they win, I will see if I can get you some sort of special thing. Maybe an autograph that you can sell on eBay one day. Leave a comment when you vote so I know who to get stuff to!

P.S. I wouldn’t be opposed to anyone re-blogging or talking about this in their own blogs. I know, cheap begging but I am not above that to help out my friends.

Celebrity Death Watch – Another Two-Fer

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Well folks, it’s apparently a good thing I did not make any resolutions this year. I would be horrible at keeping them. As it is I am slacking off on this here blog of mine. I missed the Celebrity death watch last month and I never did get up my “fanciful” celeb death predictions. What does that mean? That means you get a 2fer this month. There have a been a lot of things I want to wax poetically on, but I usually think about it at work and well, I just can’t write at work so, there ya have it. So, while Tori is watching Mickey Mouse and is occupied, let’s get these deaths banged out shall we? (ok, it’s much later than when I started so just to be clear, Tori is not still up watching Mickey, I am watching the Hawks kick ass!)


Patti Page – 85 – Singer; How Much is that Doggie in the Window – Jan 1

Michael Patrick Cronan – 61 – Named  the TiVo and Kindle – Jan 1

Ned Wertimer – 89 – Ralph the Doorman on The Jeffersons – Jan 1

Keith Ratliff – 32 – American gun enthusiast, producer of the FPS Russia YouTube channel, shot – Jan 3

Tony Lip – 82 – Actor: The Sopranos – Jan 4

Sol Yurick – 87 – Author: The Warriors – Jan 5

Emmet Forrest – 85 – Founder of the Andy Griffith Museum – Jan. 12

Conrad Bain – 89 – Mr. Drummond on Diff’rent Strokes – Jan. 14

Pauline Phillips – 94 – Dear Abby – Jan. 16

John Powers – 67 – Author – Jan. 17

Stan Musial – 92 – Hall of fame baseball player – Jan. 19

Patty Andrews – 94 – Last Andrews Sister – Jan. 30


Ed Koch – 88 – Mayor of New York, People’s Court Judge – Feb 1

Robin Sachs – 61 – Actor Buffy, Galaxy Quest– Feb 1

Barney – 12 – George W. Bush’s dog – Feb 1

John Kerr – 81 – Actor – Feb 2

Ralph Braun – 72 – Founder of Braun – Feb 8

Lolong – ?? – Largest Saltwater Croc in captivity – Feb 10

W. Watts Biggers – 85 – creator of Underdog – Feb 10

Mindy McCready – 37 – country singer and train wreck – Feb 17

Lou Myers – 77 – Actor A Different World – Feb 19

Cleotha Staples – 78 – Member of the Staple Singers – Feb 21

Magic Smith – 75 – Blues Singer – Feb 21

Paul Mcilhenny – 68 – CEO of Tobasco – Feb 23

C. Everett Koop – 96 – Ex-surgeon general – Feb 25

Richard Street – 70 – Singer The Temptations – Feb 27

Dale Robertson – 89 – Actor Death Valley Days – Feb 27

November Celebrity Deaths or HOW THE HELL IS SHE STILL ALIVE?!

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Yes, that statement is about Zsa Zsa. Once more last month she has defied the odds and is still hanging in there. I am late again this month but, we have December to look forward to and then we will tally up the predictions and get the new ones for next year. Now that Alex is starting to get a little, or a LOT bigger, I might actually start getting things out on time and get a few more posts out there again. I will also be able to start paying a little closer attention ot the deaths and not have the small lists I have been putting out there.  So, let’s not allow these celebs to decay any longer than we need to shall we?


Stalking Cat – 54 – Man who made himself look like a cat – Nov. 5StalkingCat

Panbanisha – 26 – Some famous Ape – Nov. 6

Valerie Eliot – 86 – T.S. Eliot’s widow – Nov. 9

Art Ginsburg – 81 – Mr. Food – Nov. 21

Larry Hagman – 81 – Tony Nelson and J.R. Ewing – Nov. 23

Hector Camacho – 50 – Boxer – Nov. 24

Earl Carroll – 75 – Singer: The Coasters & Cadillacs – Nov. 25

Sol Weinstein – 84 – TV Writer: Three’s Company, Chico and the Man – Nov. 25

Zig Ziglar – 86 Author and motivational speaker – Nov. 28

Susan Luckey – 74 – Actress: Music Man & Carousel – Nov. 29

Buddy Roberts – 67 – Wrestler; Fabulous Freebird – Nov. 2920121129_BuddyRoberts_642

Jeff Millar – 70 – Comic strip writer; Tank McNamara


Well, that’s it for this month. Seems like a short list but that is all I had written down. As always, let me know who I missed.

Ode To Black Friday

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Actually, it is more of an ode to cheap shopping but, with today being black Friday and all, I thought that I would dig up this old ditty that I wrote probably close to 15 years ago or so with some friends of mine at the bar. Actually, I may have stolen most of it from someone else but I can’t remember who so … if you wrote this, and you read this, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

K-mart to buy some shoes (Electric avenue)

Now in the malls there are bargains
And there are lots of deals to be found
No need to clip out de coupons
Cause der are deals all over de town

Good God
We gonna walk down to Kmart to buy some shoes
Dey only cost a dollar (repeat)

Please don’t go shop at de Walmart
And all the Venture’s closed up last year
And if you go out to Target
You can’t afford to cover your feet

Oh yes
We gonna walk down to Kmart to buy some shoes
Dey only cost a dollar (repeat)

In aisle 8…in isle 8…by automotive…near pet supply

Most stores are 24 hours
so you can shop all day and all night
and things will only get cheaper
when they go pull out the blue light

in isle 8…in isle 8…choices are many…sizes are right

shop it in the daytime-shop it in the night
shop it when Rosie O’don-donnel, and Penny Marshall fight


I Want My Share

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I was listening to some songs from the 70s today. I realized that the song “Afternoon Delight” bears a striking resemblance to a song I wrote when I was 5 called “Tuna Fish In Flight”. It is actually only 3 notes that are the same and they aren’t even together in the song. Can I still sue for plagiarism after this long? Can I still claim that I am still sane after only a few hours of sleep last night? Can I be sure that everything I type is what I wanted because I forgot to turn of the auto spell on my iPod that I am typing this on right now? Will Jessica and Mary ever find out Benson got his own show?
For the answers to these and other questions tune in to the next episode of … SOAP?

How To: Enjoy A Festival

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That’s right, it’s another VIMB “How To” moment.

Today, we bring you “How to enjoy a festival”.

1. Find a festival

2. Make sure that your daughter’s godfather is in the band that is playing.

3. Wrap your baby up in a bunch of clothes if it is cold

4. Eat plenty of what I like to call “carny food”

5. have a beer

6. Give the baby to your wife.

7. Have a beer.

8. Have a Beer.

9. Have a funnel cake.

10. Have a beer.

11. Have the wife drive home.

12. When you get home, blog a “how to” list and promote your daughter’s godfather’s band … The Modern Day Romeos!

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