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I’m Getting Too Old For … A Lot

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , , on May 4, 2014 by Bob

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday, so the wife and I took her out to dinner and to see Modern Day Romeos. I have mentioned them before … Tori’s godfather, Cubs song, etc. Anyhoo, they were playing at a bar. Here are a few of the reasons I am too old to do this:

1) They were playing at a bar. This would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that a bar contains drunk people. And not just drunk people … dumb drunk people. The kind that think they can get away with anything and be general ass hats because they are the coolest people in the venue.

2) They started at approximately 10:45. PM. Why is this a problem? Because it was 10:45 pm.

3) I don’t like drunk people.

4) I was still recouping from my knee injury so, coddling that … my back spasmed. That was fun.

Besides those few issues, I had a blast. I love watching them and we were able to get a spot right up at the front of the stage so Jimmy and I were able to have a few little interactions. I have to say, I play the straight man pretty well for his humorous quips.

I got drink spilled on me from a drunk dancer, my wife got hit on by a 20 something year old, and I did some Muppets singing Jump for the crowd. It was just a few word but still fun. What do you mean “What do you mean you did Muppets singing?” Have I never mentioned that before? (that was smooth, wasn’t it?)

For those of you that don’t know … and warning for those of you that have been around a while … It is that time again for me to shamelessly post the only claim to fame I have. If fame is only a little more that 2,000 views on youtube in 5 years. I am no grumpy cat. Regardless, here it is again. I hope that someday I will reach 3,000 views. Then I will be on my way!


Thanks for watching that. I am not just whoring my video to get views. Well, yeah … I kinda am. But, I actually have a reason. After last night, I need to figure out what songs I can do to rock out with some Muppet voices. I was thinking Animal needs to sing something like Sweet Emotion maybe. Gonzo can possibly do Tom Sawyer and definitely something that the Swedish Chef can sing. Gotta think on it. Feel free to add suggestions. I might even FINALLY break out Herb to sing the song instead of my ugly mug.



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I would like to congratulate all my friends in the band Modern Day Romeos on their awesome win in the 2014 WGN Radio Cubs Song contest. The obliterated the competition and won in a landslide. My deepest thanks to any of you that voted for them and my deepest condolences to any of you that voted for the other guys. Although, they were all very worthy entries. Yeah, I am biased. Again, if you would like to hear the winning song, go ahead and click below. And be sure to catch them perform it LIVE on opening day at Wrigley Field. CONGRATS AGAIN GUYS!

Modern Day Romeos – Hey Hey!

Listen to the announcement (and Jimmy) here. It is about 35 minutes in.

Hey Hey! Holy Mackerel! VOTE!

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For those of you that don’t know, I live in northern Illinois. That means that I am a fan of the Chicago Cubs. I am also a fan of a local band named Modern Day Romeos. One of my best friends is the lead singer for the band. He is also my daughter’s Godfather. The last few years, the Chicago Cubs, in conjunction with WGN Radio, (they are the station that broadcasts the Cubs games) have had a contest for bands to submit entries to be the theme song for the team that year. It gets played on the radio, they get to perform it at opening day, it is a pretty big deal. MDR has submitted a song. It is a good song. Out of hundreds of songs submitted, they made the top three. Now, people need to vote for their song.


You can vote every day (voting is open until March 14th). You can vote from multiple devices the same day. Just vote! Please. It would be pretty cool to get some national and international votes as well. I know there are people reading this from exotic places … like New Jersey. Remember, they are Modern Day Romeos and their song is “Hey Hey!”

Here is the link to vote:

WGN Cubs Song Contest Voting

If you actually want to hear the song, that link is right here:

Hey Hey – Modern Day Romeos

Thank you from me, the Romeos and all of their friends that want to ride their coat tails to fame and fortune. If you vote, and they win, I will see if I can get you some sort of special thing. Maybe an autograph that you can sell on eBay one day. Leave a comment when you vote so I know who to get stuff to!

P.S. I wouldn’t be opposed to anyone re-blogging or talking about this in their own blogs. I know, cheap begging but I am not above that to help out my friends.

How To: Enjoy A Festival

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That’s right, it’s another VIMB “How To” moment.

Today, we bring you “How to enjoy a festival”.

1. Find a festival

2. Make sure that your daughter’s godfather is in the band that is playing.

3. Wrap your baby up in a bunch of clothes if it is cold

4. Eat plenty of what I like to call “carny food”

5. have a beer

6. Give the baby to your wife.

7. Have a beer.

8. Have a Beer.

9. Have a funnel cake.

10. Have a beer.

11. Have the wife drive home.

12. When you get home, blog a “how to” list and promote your daughter’s godfather’s band … The Modern Day Romeos!

American Idol … The Circus Is Coming To Town

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I know, I know. It shocks me as well that I am writing about American Idol. Honestly, I could care less about who wins or loses. I will admit that I sit with my wife and watch most nights. Mainly because I am too lazy to go upstairs and watch something else. The other reason is Jackie usually wants to watch whatever show it is that I would go and watch in another room so … I would have to watch twice. There are some nights I go and pay bills, or clean the kitchen or something else, but mostly I sit and suffer through.

This season seemed particularly painful. The singing was not at all great by any means. Ellen was amusing as a judge but Cougar Kara is insufferable, Simon has lost his edge in his last season and even the most illiterate offenders on COPS can start their excuses in more than three ways i.e. “Dog”, “Ok, listen” or “Yo Yo Yo”.

Then … there is the host. If anyone was to ever don a douche cape (thank you Joel McHale) it is Ryan Seacrest. I know that a douche cape is something totally different than how I am using it here, but Ryan is the PERFECT example of douche, so it seems fitting. This season he seems to have taken on about 50% of Paula Abdul’s bizarre personality. He touches EVERYONE, even the male contestants in that creepy way, making you feel you are watching a younger version of Herbert from Family Guy. He also just says some of the stupidest things, making for some of the most awkward moments I have seen on television since the very first Funniest Home Video of someone getting hit in the groin with a wiffle bat. I can’t say that Brian Dunkleman would have been a better host … yes I can. He at least owns a home and doesn’t live in a tree making cookies and crackers in his spare time. It is true that Ryan has gotten a lot of jobs because of this and that is the bad thing. I hated it when I saw him on my box of Lucky Charms. (I know I am probably stealing these jokes from somewhere … but they are all so true and SO funny!)

I think I got a little off topic there. Now that the 13 year olds of America have voted the final three into history, we are faced with the next Idol issue. The home town visits of the finalists. Idol makes a big deal out of “the contestants get to go home!” What they fail to mention is that it is at the tax payer’s expense. I was reading in the paper all week about the plans for Lee Dewyze’s homecoming. I also read about how they had to figure out how to pay for it. Maybe I missed something. I don’t think Idol pays the villages of Mt. Prospect and Arlington Heights for the services that are going to be used. I am pretty sure that Arlington Park Race Track doesn’t come cheap to rent out for an afternoon especially when they are changing the racing schedule to accommodate. Does anyone really think that the gamblers who sit at Trackside everyday give a rat’s ass about American Idol or even know who Lee Dewyze is? All they know is that they have to crawl into the bar a few hours earlier to lose their money that day.

Fortunately for me, I don’t have to go anywhere near Rt. 14 through that part of Chicagoland on Friday. When the president comes to town there isn’t this much traffic disruption. Yes the roads get closed but the streets aren’t lines by thousands of non-tax paying, screaming 13 year olds.

You may think that I am bitter. I am not. I really don’t care one way or another. If I missed every episode of Idol I would be fine. My world wouldn’t end. I have never cried watching any of the performances … except maybe from the pain I felt when Sihoban screeched those high notes. Some of the performances have been good. Most have been bad. I have heard better karaoke. I have seen better performances from people who have never been on Idol. (Wojdyla and MDR). But I am digressing again. American Idol is coming to town. We all have to pay for it, even if we don’t know who’s socks the mama is wearing or we don’t care why Casey has a constant smile as if he is hiding something. Maybe he and Kara are having an affair like Paula allegedly did seasons ago.

Jackie has always thought it would be cool to be on American Idol. I have thought … why? I don’t think I would want to be on there. For one, the rumors of the B.S. they put the contestants through. For another reason, I am not really sure I trust their stylists. I think I would end up with a Sanjaya hairdo and then end up in the Costa Rican jungle screaming “I had 15 minutes of fame … get me away from Speidi!!!” I also don’t think I could stomach being on that show because of the Ford commerc … I mean “music videos” that they are forced to make. With all of the problems that Detroit is facing, they honestly think that having an effeminate, elfin, reality host who stole his teeth from Martha Rae, push a Ford Fiesta is the way to save sales? I mean come on … a Fiesta?!?!?! Get people to watch and give away a Mustang or something. And what the hell is “Idol Inspired”? Does that mean that slowly over a number of weeks parts will fall off and at least once a week it will scream in blood curdling tones. I had some funnier things about the Ford Fiesta last night but forgot them due to lack of sleep from the storms that rolled through.

I am pretty sure that by this point I have totally forgotten the main topic I wanted to write about. I think I have changed the title of this post 4 times while I have been writing as my focus has changed. Anyway, there is good news and bad news. Good news, Idol is only on for 2 more weeks. Bad news, So You Think You Can Dance starts right after that. Thank god for Gordon Ramsey and Hell’s Kitchen coming back to keep things in perspective.

That’s it for now, until next time remember … “The end of the animal trade would leave more time to trap or beat to death pop star wannabes.”

Too Crazy NOT To Be True

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , , , on January 23, 2010 by Bob

Occasionally I go to some websites and wonder if the information is real. A prime example is Texts From Last Night. While often times humorous, I look at some of the conversations and think, “there is no way someone actually said that”. There are other times and other places where I have questioned the validity of statements that are just so out there that no sane person could have possibly said them. Until the other day that is.

I was checking the status updates of my friends on Facebook and came across I think the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I would just type what it was, but then it wouldn’t be as good. I will however paste a screen shot of it below with names and faces blurred to protect the innocent, and to protect me from them lol. Once I read this, I now will think again when I say that the things people post are made up.

Just a quick bit of humor for tonight. On our way to dinner and to see a great band, the Modern Day Romeos in Elgin tonight. If you haven’t seen them before, you should. I will write more about them lat

Until next time remember, I would have been here right after you called, but I had to shake the weasels.

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