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I Will Not Eat Spam I Am

Posted in Food, Nonsense, Tori with tags , , , , , on August 30, 2011 by Bob

The last two days, I have had more spam comments to my posts than I think I have in the last 3 months. It has made my spam folder rather full. I don’t really care that my folder is full, it is easy to empty. (aaaaaaand begin rambling NOW!) My stomach, on the other hand, does not like to be empty. I am also watching “Chopped” right now. As I have said before, I think, I have to cut back on watching the food shows because I really wish I was better at cooking and I sometimes get a little depressed (not REALLY depressed just that “bummer” feeling) when I watch them because that is what I want to do. The other night I wrote about Julie & Julia. I think Ia m going to do something like that.

I have a TON of cookbooks that I don’t cook out of nearly enough. I am goign to choose a cookbook, and just start cooking things from it. I will do this as many nights as I can. I may have to be a little selective since Jackie is a tad food sensitive at the moment, but I am sure I will be able to find enough things. Not only will this fill my stomach, but it will keep me from having to decide what is for dinner and I won’t have to eat spam. Plus, since Tori is starting to eat “real” food, it will give her some good exposure to different tastes as we give her little nibbles.

I KNOW! I will blog about my experience!!! Just kidding, I won’t do that. As I said before I am not organized enough to write about the food I make. There are MUCH better writers out there that can do that. I may write about the particularly stellar achievement or failure because the epic fails may be funny. If it is something real good maybe I will have Jackie write about how good a cook I am.

So, yeah … what? Ok, hitting the sheets now since Tori was up crying a lot last night. I have to get up early too because Piper, the dog, didn’t move from her bed all day. She doesn’t appear to be sick, but I am going to have to lure her with a walk in the morning. That, or she will wake me up at 3 am to go outside. Damn kids.


Am I Famous Yet?

Posted in Food, Nonsense, TV/Movies with tags , , , , , , , , , on August 28, 2011 by Bob

This weekend I have been able to relax finally … a little. Still had some yard work to do and some laundry and what not. What I AM doing is relaxing watching a little tv. We have been trying to finally finish Heroes. Of course, we get about 2 episodes while Tori is taking a nap and then all bets are off. Right now, she just went up for a nap, but while she was down here, the wife and I have been watching Julie & Julia. I like this movie because I love cooking. I haven’t put a whole lot of that in my blog because it is hard enough to get just my random bits of fun-ness as it is without trying to get recipes and what not. Anyhoo, the other thing about this movie is NOW I can relate to her blogging every day throughout the cookbook.

I am so sympathetic with that now. Blogging every day is not easy when I can make up whatever I want. I can’t even imagine trying to do it while learning how to cook and doing every recipe in a cookbook like that.

I do think that one day I might blog about cooking. Maybe I will finally win the lottery, quit my job, and go to cooking school. I would love to do that.

How ’bout I get to the point of the title. As I am watching this movie, I wish that my blog was so popular that someone would call me for an interview and bring a famous somebody to dinner. I think it would also be cool for people to send me hot sauce and stuff. Then again, to have a blog that popular, I would actually have to put a little bit of work into it. I am far to lazy I think these days for that. Most of my non-lazy energy goes toward work and trying to keep up with Tori. Over the next few months, I am also going to have to spend those energy reserves getting another bedroom set up for Tori to move into when her brister gets here.

I guess I will just have to wait for fame and fortune to find me in some other way. That’s ok, I wouldn’t trade most of my life for anything. I know I was a little rambly today. My knees really hurt and I did some yard work so I am on allergy meds making me a little loopy today. Yeah, that’s all I got today. And …. scene.

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