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It’s Already Starting

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , on June 29, 2011 by Bob

Actually, it isn’t starting, it has started. The back and forth, the accusations, the lies, the ugly truths. The politics. I don’t want to get too into this, I would much rather talk about songs I hate, but that is being done on at least 2 other posts at the moment. But I digress. Here are a few things about politics lately:

– She DID not confuse John Wayne and John Wayne Gacy.

– Does anyone really even care about what songs politicians are using? Their “theme song” isn’t going to make me vote for them or not vote for them.

– He was NOT vindicated.

– No one cares about Sarah Palin

– Gay marriage should NOT be left up to the states but SHOULD be allowed.

– Glenn Beck should not be surprised when people hate him.

so … yeah. Enough of the politics for now. Let’s see how I feel in another 2 months.

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