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It’s Amateur Night

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Happy St. Patty’s day to all. And welcome to amateur night. That’s right, tonight thousands of inexperienced drinkers will be hitting the pubs and taverns all over the country because it is St. Patrick’s day. Today is the day where the Irish stereotype of drunken mess is portrayed by every nationality just because they think they should. What better reason to go out drinking and get sloppy drunk than a religious holiday? Granted, it isn’t as big a religious holiday as Easter or Christmas, but I don’t go getting blasted on those days either. I personally wait to get my serious drinking on until the Ascension. I just don’t see getting rid of a bunch of snakes a good reason to drink. But enough of that.

I remember when I worked in bars, this was one of the days I hated to work. Most of the people who came out were there for the sole purpose to get drunk. Most of them wouldn’t even remember the night or how much they drank or what they ate. I will have to admit though, that it was one of the most amusing nights to work. Other holidays spark mass drinking but this day really brings out the idiots.

Bad Irish brogues are just one of the horrible parts of this day. Mine included. Yes, I occasionally annoy others by speaking like that. But not ALL night. Well, not any more at least. The other amusing things are the names that guys come up with to use as pick-up lines:

“Nice to meet you,  Pat McGroin … feel free”

“Me name’s Everest McKinley, that way lass, you can mount Everest or McKinley, whichever you prefer.”

Ok, so maybe I used those or stole them from someone else and used them … that isn’t the point. The point is, that people are just fun to laugh at on St. Patty’s day as they get fall down drunk and turn the color of the clothes they are wearing.

Myself, I am not going out to a bar tonight. Too many people. I am going to go home, have the corned beef I am crock potting today, maybe watch Darby O’Gill and the Little People followed by Leprechaun. I need to stay home with my little girl and teach her the true meaning of St. Patrick’s day and make sure she knows how to pronounce the 2 most important words on St. Pat’s … “Jay-mu-son” and “Bush-mill”.

Gotta go, need to hit up the Irish Pub across the parking lot for some Shepard’s Pie and maybe a wee bit of Irish cheer.

Erin Go Braugh!

Until next time, remember … “You’re looking at Brian of Knocknasheega, king of all the Leprechauns!”

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