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I Really Didn’t Think It Through

Posted in Holiday, Nonsense, Tori with tags , , , , , on May 28, 2012 by Bob

I had big plans for this 3 day weekend. Was going to do a lot of cleaning, a ton of yard work and a mess load of laundry. Then Tori was up all night Friday and Saturday night with what we found out to be ear infections in both ears. Needless to say, the days were spent catching up on the sleep we didn’t get at night. Saturday we got a good amount of shopping done that needed to get done. Sunday saw SOME of the cleaning accomplished. Jackie also took Tori to the Dr. so that we could confirm the ear infection and got some drugs. Today, I didn’t think things through.

I woke up and gave Tori her medicine. Then I decided that I should mow the lawn. I got dressed and went and got some gas for the mower. I got all settled and started mowing. It was already 85 degrees. I got about 2/3 of the mowing done. Maybe only half. The heat was bearable for the most part. The humidity was bad but I have done yard work in worse and survived. What I didn’t take into account was all of the factors combined: Heat, humidity, being awake for 3 days and being far more out of shape than I should be to try to do this. Yard 1 – me 0.

Well, off to do some food at gramma and grampa’s.


Bob’s Camping Odyssey – The Post Mortem

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , , , , on July 18, 2011 by Bob

90 degree heat. 100% humidity. A tent. What happens when you put these things together? I go camping. You have all heard about how I was dreading this past weekend. The only time that I went camping in the past, was in Cub Scouts, who knows how many years ago. I THINK we were in tents. All I remember is that there was a bon fire that we were throwing EVERYTHING into, including aluminum cans. The other thing I remember is slipping on a twig and falling into the bon fire, my hand landing on a can that had been burning for 2 days. Yes, I rode all the way home from wherever we were, with my hand bandaged and holding it up in the air so it wouldn’t hurt.

This time was much better. I didn’t burn myself, except maybe a little sunburn. I did hurt my back somehow. I think it was from sitting on the picnic benches for too long since I am used to sitting on my butt all day in a comfy chair. Then again, it could also be because I have no ass muscle to speak of. I have mentioned before my lack of padding.

That was the worst part.

Jackie put her comments up yesterday because yes, I was still recuperating a little. The heat did get to me a little on Sunday. I have always been closer to Mr. Freeze than anything. I just do not do well in the humidity. I survived though. I did not go in the pool, not sure why other than I just didn’t feel like being in the super cold water. Probably sunburn paranoia. I am getting wimpier and wimpier as I get older.  Maybe I watched too much Monk when it was on.

I have to admit, I think I did as well as I did because we were so close to home and I went home every morning and evening to let the dog out and feed her. This means I got to shower in my own shower and not in the campsite shower.

Other than all of that, it was good to hang out with everyone. I didn’t party as hard as I had thought I would eventually, but I am kind of glad I didn’t because Sunday would have been real rough. It was overall a good “first time” I think. I think I would like to try it maybe with just Jackie and I, or just a few people. I was kind of digging the ability to just sit and relax, look at the sky, no tv kind of thing going on. Then again, when I am there in that situation I may think I am going out of my mind.

I would like to think that I would be able to move along enough that I could actually go camping with no cell phone, no ipod (other than maybe playing music) and go somewhere were there is just quiet. I don’t think I have ever had a weekend like that. It might be nice. I would have to get past the not being able to shower in a real shower part though. We will see.

The main point is, yes, I will go again. I may tweak the packing of what we bring and all that, but I think we did pretty well. Just need to have a little better prep, but yes, I will go again.

Bob’s Camping Odyssey – Night 1

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , , , , on July 15, 2011 by Bob

Well, I am here. I am camping. Jackie and her girl friends did a hell of a job setting up the tent. Yeah, you heard me. I got out of the way. I did pound in the stakes. I also hauled everything from the van to the tent. Here is a picture of our tent. Notice the celebs hangin’ out with us.



I told you, I was going to have to camp is style.

I now have a beer, I am going to sit by a fire, have another beer, and maybe another. Then I am going to try to sleep in this humidity and heat. Then, I am going to get up at the butt crack of dawn and go feed the dog. No, that isn’t code.

Based on tonight, maybe Jackie will provide a commentary on how much I complain.

Until next time, remember … “when you go to bed tonight, and you hear a noise, whatever you do, don’t look out the window because there might be a bear!”

Be Happy With What You Have

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , on April 10, 2011 by Bob

I am sitting on my couch, watching the tornado watch warnings on tv, waiting for the storms to roll in. I have turned off my main computer and am writing this on the laptop. This weekend was pretty great weather wise. There was only one thing I could have done without … humidity. I now remember why I prefer winter over summer. I guess I like spring and fall ok since the humidity levels aren’t all that high. I know it wasn’t a lot of humidity, but it was enough to be noticeable for someone who thinks that he is related to Mr. Freeze. Kind of odd though, all winter we try to add humidity to our homes and in the summer we get rid of it. I do anyway. To give you a little insight on how much I like cold, at work, in the winter, I had a fan blowing on me. Others around me would have sweaters and coats on … I would have the fan going. I like the cold more than the warm. Especially when humidity is involved. I am glad that the cooler weather is coming back tomorrow. Personally, I would like the cooler weather all summer.


While I am complaining about things, it was bill paying day. Actually, one of 2 during the month. I am getting closer and closer to doing automatic payments for everything. Only problem with that is I like to have too much control of my money. I am only 41, should I be that cantankerous and cranky old man like already?


Until next time, remember … “you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which gets filled first.”

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