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Let’s Go, Let’s Go … Down To Junior’s Content Farm Where Google Don’t Want To Go

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Long title I know but, as this is Techtainment Tuesday, which I haven’t written for in a while, I figured what the hell. Google said this week that they adjusted their search algorithms to start weeding out results for “inferior” sites. Specifically, they were talking about sites like who will post just about anything that says “how to” in the title, just to garner search rankings. Or something like that, I am not all that geeky on the technology of that part. What the revamp would do is put so called “content farm” sites was way down in the search so they are not as prevalent. I will admit that some of the things I have seen on eHow have been pretty lame, but others have been ok I guess. Either way, is it really up to Google to tell us what is a “good site” and what is not?

In honor of this blacklisting of sites, I have decided to start my own how to posts, just to see if they can someday rank higher than eHow. Mine will by no means be a content farm, more of a small ant farm size of content. Google says that the “how to” topics are some of the most mundane and pointless out there. I disagree. I think I can come up with far more mundane and pointless “how to” posts. I will even put it out there to do what eHow does and will solicit anyone that wants to guest write a “how to” post. It can be whatever you want it to be. It just has to be relatively free of foul language. (Sorry Sybil)

All you have to do is email me your How To and I will post them on Tuesdays. They can be serious, they can be ridiculous, they can be in depth, they can be super simple. Who wants to play? Just email them to me at

To get things started, here is my first, pointless “How To”


Voicesinmybrain presents: How to turn on a light switch

Step 1 – Walk up to light switch

Step 2 – Lift arm and reach toward light switch

Step 3 – Extend index finder and place under light switch toggle

Step 4 – Raise finger upward, moving light switch to “on” position

Step 5 – Smile


Disclaimer: Directions provided will only operate “toggle” style light switches. claims no responsibility for injuries incurred while performing these steps. The views expressed and expertise inferred are in no way a reflection on actual views or actual expertise or lack thereof and do not constitute anything that is legal or binding unless provided for within the above declaration referring to the afore mentioned notice. Offer not valid in Guam or where prohibited by law.
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