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Hot Enough For Ya?

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , , , , on July 19, 2011 by Bob

Yeah, I purposely led with that because I, like thousands of others around me are sick of hearing people say that. I don’t think I am being original here, but I can’t remember where I heard someone else complaining about people saying that. I have narrowed it down to two people. It was either my friend Danielle, or it was Sybil. I think it was one of them because I remember a certain amount of eloquent swearing and fervent bluntness. In either case …noooooo, it isn’t hot enough for me. I want it to be so hot that I spontaneously combust walking down the street.

Now that I am thinking about it, maybe I am the one that complained about this before …

But I digress, I think that anyone who asks a stupid question that obviously does not need to be asked should get a fine, ticket, community service or even jail time. Don’t ever ask me if I was outside in 99 degree heat when I walk in, my regular clothes drenched in sweat. Do you think I was running a marathon in my street clothes?

If I walk in soaked to the bone right after a rain storm passed through, no I wasn’t “caught in the storm” … I was stuck in the boiler room when the water heater exploded.

I did not “get a little sun this weekend?” I was making Crème brûlée and the torch slipped.

I did not get beat up in a bar fight … I bumped my eye on the stick shift … while bending over … to get the phone I dropped when I slammed on the brakes.

Ok, I think I will stop there.


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