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The Reviews Are In!

Posted in Nonsense, Tech Stuff with tags , , , , , , on April 24, 2013 by Bob

And they are starting to get annoying. Just like the many memes over the past few months that have now disappeared because they got old, (what others think I do, ehrmagerd, most interesting man in the world, Psy) I think it is time to start getting back to writing real reviews for products on the interwebs.

I don’t buy a lot of things online. I like to touch, feel and see what it is I am buying. I do use the web and retailer sites for comparison shopping and to see if there are any reviews or ratings on the item. If it is a large enough item I can usually find something reliable on Consumer Reports. For smaller things though, or newer items, I find I need to rely on the site that sells it.

Lately though, the reviews online are of absolutely no use. More and more the reviews are being filled up with creative writing essays that while humorous, don’t help me one bit. I understand when it is for something ridiculous like a banana slicer that looks like a banana, but I am starting to see it more and more on real items that actually need good reviews. I don’t care If the lawnmower gets you a lot of women … with it cut my damn grass?

I guess doing that is a meme in and of itself if you go by the definition of a meme. Although I don’t think that Richard Dawkins quite had this in mind when he coined the word.  (look at me sounding all educated).

Not much else to say on this other than please, for the love of god someone PLEASE write some real reviews. Unless it is of this blog … and it is a bad review … then feel free to make something up and write a review that reading this blog made you a god with the women … or goddess with the men … or whatever.


On a side noteI just want to tell everyone that my hedge fund is coming along nicely. I thought I had mentioned this in a previous post but now that I am looking back for the link to it so you know what I am talking about, I can’t find it. Oh well, I decided to start my own hedge fund so I could buy companies left and right. I have $14.38. A rip roaring start. I am always welcome to the idea of accepting investors. Hint Hint.


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