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The Day After

Posted in Food, Herman IQ 074, Nonsense, Wacky News with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on August 21, 2011 by Bob

I AM ALIVE! I fared pretty well after last night. I am happy to report that I am NOT hung over. I am a little tired but I was able to clean up some of the stuff left from last night. The half full drink cups didn’t affect me. Jackie is out picking up Tori so I cleaned a little, vacuumed, and decided to get the blog out of the way for today since I think I will be going to bed VERY early tonight.

It was a successful party and I am so glad that so many were able to make it out and have fun. Too bad is was still humid and mosquito filled so we couldn’t hang outside but that’s ok. Next year we will have it earlier in the summer again when it is nicer out.

I still have some cleaning to do today but I think that … wow … whoa … why am I feeling dizz … everything is blurry …

Hello earth dwellers. Herman here. It seems my hairless Wampa engaged in a ritual celebration last night called a “fiesta”. Based on the video communications device I am forced to watch all day, I thought a fiesta was a mode of transportation for the females of this planet. (which by the way, there are far too many females in this galaxy. Before I was abandoned here I had only known of 2 others.)

I will have to admit that it seemed that it was a good time. I did partake a little myself and had what is I believe called, an upsidedown margarita.


Until the next time I deem you worthy of my communicae … Don’t step in Bantha fodder.

Herman IQ 074 signing off


Take It All Bitch

Posted in Food, Nonsense with tags , , , , on August 20, 2011 by Bob

Stardate … what? it is late and the party is actaully winding down. The titel is the als thinkg I heard before I started to type. I had to plug the computer in forst. I drank 5 or 6 maybe more 32 – 40 ounce magaritas, some skeleton on a rooster shots … IN BATTLE! and some rum chibata. I ate food so I am not sick. Thre was wii dancing. I didn’t. tiki bar tiki bar tiki bar.

I also found out that sticking something to clean the toilet under the rim is a …never mind. IT IS STO AND GO SEATING. not stow away.

Yes, I am pretty much typing everything that I am hearing around me right now. drunk people talk about clean ing toilets.

I thik one of our frined is getting sick right now. My wife is great. She cleaned after the party and put food away because she wasn’t dringing. She cant; this year for the sencond time.

my hat had balls. right now I can be blind folded with dental floss and I am not trying to correct spelling or typing bevuase it is hard to see the ketys. I was trying to waiting until after midnight, because then this could be tomoroes blog but i didn’t. I am goign to post again toorrow.

Thre will be no sobriety tsts. it is very tiring to type becasue I have to move my fingers all over the keyboaerd. Otherwise it would look like this. thsdiuh id wesh it eoufld look lilkdr if i didt move may figrs.

ok. tomorrow i will come back and type with th ebrightness turned way down.

bye for now.


p.s. I hope people find this bwcase I dont know how well i wil tag this.

The Party Rolls On

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Hi all,

4.5 hours into the party. I am on my 4th margarita. Granted, the glass I am drinking out of is a 40 oz mug … maybe bigger. I have already seen a skeleton riding a cock … INTO BATTLE!

My hat has balls

I said some other good things but I can’t remember. I was told they would be said later.

The food was good.

I am too tired to type about sally’s rubber sea shells and there is no way in hell I am typing a strait line.

The alphabet has too many keys to type.

I will go drink some more and come back a little later…if I can find my computer. It is still early after all and I still have 2.5 gallons of margarita somewhere. typing “a half” seems like too much right now.

FYI, this has taken me about 20 min to type because of typos. Next post … typos be damned.

Do You Like My Boob Job?

Posted in Holiday, Nonsense with tags , , , , , , on August 20, 2011 by Bob

Curious ain’t ya? Well, I am not really here to talk about my boob job. Although I do have a pretty good rack of man boob, I got the idea from a comment on my blog last night. Today is our Mexican Fiesta party. It has been suggested that I try to blog before, during and after to see how well I do throughout the party. I like that idea. I am going to try it. I am not sure if I will do three separate posts, or if I will update this one, or if I will get to it at all. No, I WILL get to it. So, check back later today. Here is the first test to see how sober/awake I am for the pre-party …

Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore

Rubber baby buggy bumpers

You can’t see it right now but I am touching my nose while standing on one foot.

Now, I am walking a straight line heel to toe.


After the party starts later today, we will do this again and see how well I do.

Until then, mantenga los pies en el suelo y mantenga alcanzar para las estrellas … or something like that.

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