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How To: Enjoy A Festival

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That’s right, it’s another VIMB “How To” moment.

Today, we bring you “How to enjoy a festival”.

1. Find a festival

2. Make sure that your daughter’s godfather is in the band that is playing.

3. Wrap your baby up in a bunch of clothes if it is cold

4. Eat plenty of what I like to call “carny food”

5. have a beer

6. Give the baby to your wife.

7. Have a beer.

8. Have a Beer.

9. Have a funnel cake.

10. Have a beer.

11. Have the wife drive home.

12. When you get home, blog a “how to” list and promote your daughter’s godfather’s band … The Modern Day Romeos!

There HAS To Be More To Life

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Mr. Pierogi

Image by anneh632 via Flickr

Today on the radio I heard a commercial that I thought was a joke at first. It started by hyping a parade, carnival or some such thing and saying that it was Northwest Indiana’s most anticipated event. I was intrigued. I thought it was going to be something really spectacular. It was for Pierogi Fest.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Pierogi as much as the next Ukrainian Pollock, however, I don’t think that they need a parade and their own fest. I especially think it is a little sad if that is what your town looks forward too all year. I mean, most fairs and festivals have a “Miss <insert festival name>”, they have a big sign on their web page that says meet Mr. Pierogi.

Now that I am looking more at the website, I may have to go to the Polka contest. It is being hosted by¬† Polkahontas and judged my Mr. Pierogi himself and Mrs. Paczki. I bet the food is really good … but still … REALLY?!

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