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How To Moment Once Again

Posted in How To, Nonsense, Tori with tags , , , , , , , on October 16, 2011 by Bob

For those of you that are friends of mine, or subscribe to me on Facebook, you can guess what today’s How To moment will pertain to. Here at Voicesinmybrain we like to think we can handle anything. Today, we found out that we can handle “almost” anything. Those with delicate constitutions may want to protect themselves from this post or have a reliable partner sensor before you read.

How To Change A Baby With A Blowout

1. Walk to baby in the high chair and find out why she is crying so loud.

2. As you are walking up to baby, notice that “it” has come out everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE).

3. Start cursing loudly with incredulous disbelief.

4. Grab baby and lift her out of chair … carefully.

5. Run upstairs with baby and put her in the tub.

6. Turn on shower and hose her off while still in her clothes.

7. Continue running water until water runs clear.

8. Take clothes off of baby, keep rinsing baby off.

9. Call for wife to finish washing baby.

10. Wash your own clothes that got dirty.

11. Throw the high chair away.

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