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A New Day Starts In The Afternoon With A Case Of Vertigo

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According to a number of Facebook posts that I saw last night, it seems that people have started to give up on Jack Bauer and the start of his new day. I saw a number of status updates from people who decided to watch the Golden Globes instead. I was not one of those people. I tuned in for my yearly dose of mystery, action and middle east terrorists once again. According to Jackie’s 30 plus comments on her status, there are still some people out there who are following Jack through another harrowing day.

I like “24”. I will admit that it is pretty much the same story line every year however, that lets me just enjoy the show and not have to think very much. I have enjoyed the show since the first season. I have enjoyed a number of the twists and turns, although some predictable, that the show throws at me. Yes, I enjoy mindless entertainment sometimes. This season I think started off ok. If you like “24” and haven’t watched last night’s episode(s) yet … POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

Jack is finally relaxing with his granddaughter. We found out Kim had a daughter and named her after Jack’s wife last season. What we didn’t know is that Kim snagged her baby daddy away from “The Vampire Diaries”. Will this be another unrealistic Kim plot about her having a half vampire baby? Will there be a “24” crossover with a reunion episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”? Probably not, and if you ask me, I really don’t are what happens to Kim Bauer – whatever her last name is now. I have never thought that anything that her character does on the show is anything but distracting to the rest of the plot. Her insipid stupidity makes me embarrassed for her lack of acting ability. In other words, I don’t like her.

A few characters are back this season. Happy to see Chloe back. Some have said her constant scowl is annoying. Maybe. I do like her character though. She knows she is smarter than everyone else and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. At times I think she is the most ‘real’ character on the show personality wise.

Another character back this season (I think she comes into play tonight) is the FBI agent from last season. I could do without her. She is the token ‘dear in the headlights’ character on the show. I just don’t like her and find her annoying. Not as annoying though as the newest member to join the fray … Freddy Jo…sorry I mean Freddie Prinze Jr. Sorry to any women who think he is hot or whatever but … HE SUCKS!!!!! In 2 hours last night his facial expression didn’t change once. In 2 Scooby Doo Movies, 2 “I know how badly you acted last summer” movies, 3 episodes of “Boston Legal”, and now this … he always looks as if he is on day 45 of constipation.

Moving on, although I did not watch the Golden Globes last night, yesterday afternoon Jackie and I finally took in the winner of Best Picture, Avatar. LOVED IT! I definitely think that the only way to see it is in 3D. I can’t imagine watching it any other way. I only had one problem. I am deathly afraid of heights. I am not going to go with the spoiler alert as I think we were some of the last people to see it. There were times, quite a few actually, that I actually had to close my eyes, grab onto Jackie’s arm and hope I didn’t pass out. The spx were outstanding to the point that I had vertigo for a bout a third of the movie. I wasn’t as bad in the fast paced battle scenes as I was when someone would look over the edge from the floating mountains or some of the other slower high altitude experiences. I again say though … LOVED IT!

Although I generally detest re-makes (based on the originality factor mostly) I will say that I am looking forward to seeing the movie for the trailer they played. Clash of the Titans. I loved that movie when it first came out. The animation was fantastic. And who doesn’t love Burgess Meredith??? I just hope the spirit of the movie stays intact with what I am sure will be a CGI laden experience.

That is all for today. Until next time … Release the Kracken!

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