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It’s That Time Of The Year Again

Posted in Food, Holiday, Nonsense, TV/Movies with tags , , , , , , , , on November 14, 2011 by Bob

You have seen it. You have heard it. You have lived it. It is the time for retailers to hit the airwaves with the holiday commercials. I know, it isn’t Thanksgiving yet and I have, and probably will, rant on and on about that ad nauseam. Right now though I am going to forgive my neighbors for having their light up AND on right now because I have to vilify the advertisers. Christmas music 24/7 is bad enough but awkward or just plain wrong commercials advertising Christmas have GOT to go.

There are 2 right now that really bother me the most. One is new, the other a few years old and is actually a re-make. Yes, they do it to commercials as well.

The first is a commercial that I wasn’t even watching that closely a couple weeks ago. I was sitting here, probably writing a blog and I heard something that made me stop and look up. I had to ask Mrs. Voices if I heard what I thought I heard. Of course I didn’t. I thought I heard “walking through an orgy wonderland”. If you have seen the commercial then you know what I am talking about. I will let you form your own opinion if you haven’t seen it yet.

The next commercial has creeped me out ever since the first time I saw it. Anyone I mention it to, is creeped out by it as well. When you do a Google search for “inappropriate Christmas commercial” it comes up first, maybe second. Still, it is just wrong. It is the Folgers coffee commercial where the brother comes home from somewhere far away, no one picks him up at the airport, his sister is the only one awake. He gives her a gift and she puts the bow from the gift on him and with a really creepy incestuous look says “you’re my gift”.  Just wrong. See for yourself.

Now after watching that, tell me that the brother and sister aren’t doing something that they really shouldn’t be doing!

Remember I said this was a remake? Well, the original was nowhere as creepy. It was in the 80s though so it was pretty corny and had all the bad acting we have come to expect from a Christmas coffee ad.

I am sure there are some other scary, creepy or just plain wrong ads out there for Christmas. Anyone have any? I know that I will think of some right after I click publish so let me know!

Until next time, remember … “The best part of waking up is your brother …” I can’t go there. Ick.

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