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I would like to congratulate all my friends in the band Modern Day Romeos on their awesome win in the 2014 WGN Radio Cubs Song contest. The obliterated the competition and won in a landslide. My deepest thanks to any of you that voted for them and my deepest condolences to any of you that voted for the other guys. Although, they were all very worthy entries. Yeah, I am biased. Again, if you would like to hear the winning song, go ahead and click below. And be sure to catch them perform it LIVE on opening day at Wrigley Field. CONGRATS AGAIN GUYS!

Modern Day Romeos – Hey Hey!

Listen to the announcement (and Jimmy) here. It is about 35 minutes in.


Hey Hey! Holy Mackerel! VOTE!

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For those of you that don’t know, I live in northern Illinois. That means that I am a fan of the Chicago Cubs. I am also a fan of a local band named Modern Day Romeos. One of my best friends is the lead singer for the band. He is also my daughter’s Godfather. The last few years, the Chicago Cubs, in conjunction with WGN Radio, (they are the station that broadcasts the Cubs games) have had a contest for bands to submit entries to be the theme song for the team that year. It gets played on the radio, they get to perform it at opening day, it is a pretty big deal. MDR has submitted a song. It is a good song. Out of hundreds of songs submitted, they made the top three. Now, people need to vote for their song.


You can vote every day (voting is open until March 14th). You can vote from multiple devices the same day. Just vote! Please. It would be pretty cool to get some national and international votes as well. I know there are people reading this from exotic places … like New Jersey. Remember, they are Modern Day Romeos and their song is “Hey Hey!”

Here is the link to vote:

WGN Cubs Song Contest Voting

If you actually want to hear the song, that link is right here:

Hey Hey – Modern Day Romeos

Thank you from me, the Romeos and all of their friends that want to ride their coat tails to fame and fortune. If you vote, and they win, I will see if I can get you some sort of special thing. Maybe an autograph that you can sell on eBay one day. Leave a comment when you vote so I know who to get stuff to!

P.S. I wouldn’t be opposed to anyone re-blogging or talking about this in their own blogs. I know, cheap begging but I am not above that to help out my friends.

Are You A Fan?

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It is Stanley Cup time. We are deep in the middle of a hot series that could go either way. Of course, I am hoping the Hawks destroy the Bruins. I think they will. I hope they will. We need another championship here to hold us over until the Cubs win the World Series. Ok, so, maybe we need 9 or 10 championships to hold us over THAT long.

With the recent Blackhawks frenzy, there have been a LOT of sweaters (jerseys) being worn around work. They all look very expensive and have the name of one of the main stars on the back of them. I have one myself. I bought it years ago and I bought it blank because I couldn’t find one at the time with the person on it that I wanted. I was going to have it added at a later date but … that never happened. I am kind of glad that it didn’t.

I am not against getting a player’s name and number on the back, especially if you can find one of the more underappreciated players and then you got yourself a rarity. The thing is, I have been thinking about this a little bit lately and have come up with a few reasons why getting a player’s name on the back is a bad idea. This is for any sport.


1)      The player gets traded because he is so good. This happens more often than you think. The great player you have the jersey for because they were your team’s go to guy is now somewhere else. You spent a couple hundred dollars on the clothing item and have no problem wearing it during the season even though he isn’t on the team anymore. Until those teams play each other. Then you are rooting for the other team by default. (I know not really but go with me on this one. I need topics)

2)      The player turns out to be a total douche bag. A few years after you get him on your back, you find out he evicts the elderly, ignores children asking for autographs or is an ass toward the fans. Now, along with him, you are reviled all because you wear his name in support.

3)      The player turns out to be a cheater. I don’t know that anyone actually had clothing with Bonds’ name on it but I have a few Sammy Sosa things I am embarrassed to admit to. I even stopped putting up my Sammy Christmas Tree ornament every year.

4)      The player turns out to be a criminal. Don’t even have to go through this list.

5)      The jersey is a hell of a lot cheaper without a name on it. The price will also depend on who’s name as well. Just in case you are of the economical mindset.


For these reasons, in addition to the laziness, I think it is a good idea to not have a star player’s name on the back of your jersey unless you are related to said player in some way. The exception of course is if you got the jersey directly FROM that player (I don’t want to know how) and if that is the case, sell that sweaty, game worn atrocity on eBay BEFORE it loses value for any of the above reasons.


go hawks


Celebrity Death Watch 2013 – Will This Be The Year?

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Sounds like what Chicago Cubs fans (of which I am one) say every year. I would like to say that I think that the Cubs actually will win it all this year because this past year, I FINALLY made some accurate predictions in my Celeb death watch. The one though that is still eluding my predictions, and that the second half of the title is for, is for our lovely, legless Zsa Zsa. I still can’t believe that she is hanging in there. There were a lot of others though not expected despite my predictions of Robin Gibb & Ray Bradbury. Of course, there were those that passed who I had on my lists PREVIOUS years. So, those of you that made it through my list for 2012, look out in 2013. I really wish that some of my “Fun Guesses” came through for me as well, but oh well. We will try again this year. I have to leave a few on this year just because I have to. So, here we go!

2013 Obvious Choices

Zsa Zsa Gabor – 4 years running and she STILL hangs in there. I HAVE to leave her at the top of the list for another year.

Hugo Chaves – If he makes it until the posting of this list, I will be surprised.

George Bush Sr. – Second year in a row for him as well, since they won’t say WHY he is in the hospital really, I think it is his time. Plus, same reason as last year, a past president hasn’t died in a while.

Eli Wallach – Coffin? Coffin? He don’t need no stinkin’ coffin!

Kirk Douglas – Speaking of old. His chin dimple has been around so long the Grand Canyon looks like a creek.

Nancy Reagan – She is missing Ronny a little bit and will soon follow him.

Stan Lee – The scene where Spiderman covers Chewbacca with webbing will explode his brain.

Abe Vigoda – I hate to, but I have to. It is going to happen one of these days and I do NOT want to be left out. I love the old geezer!

Al Molinaro – I think I may have had him on in the past and I am adding him back for an Encore appearance. Get it … Encore. Yeah, we’ll be over at 6.

June Foray – The voice of Rocky the Squirrel is getting on in years. The only reason I have her is because she is still working! That means we will lose her too soon.

Mickey Rooney – Normally I stop at 10 but I had to throw him in here. His crazy is just getting crazy.


I will work on getting my “fun guesses” together in the next day or so. As always, feel free to let me know who you think will buy a farm this year. Remember, this is the realistic list. Wish list to come soon.

Better Luck Next Time

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I read today that the rapture has been rescheduled. It has been moved to Oct 21.

The World Series this year begins on Oct. 19th.

If the new rapture date is accurate, that means only one thing…

This IS the year that the Chicago CUBS will go to the World Series and will only be able to play 2 games.

Go figure, everyone says that if the CUBS are in the World Series that means the world is ending. At least they should be able to play the whole thing.

Hey Hey Holy Mackeral

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Chicago Cubs Cap Insignia

THIS is the year!


The Cubs play their first spring training game tomorrow. That is a sure sign of spring. That means the weather will be getting warmer, the snow will be melting, and the dog will be coming in a whole lot muddier than she has all winter. I really need to get that back yard fixed up a little better.

Anyhoo, the other thing that baseball spring training coincides with is spring cleaning. That dreaded time of year when you tell yourself that THIS is the year that you are going to get rid of all that crap that is in your basement, attic and spare rooms that you have been holding onto for years and you don’t know why. I have told myself this for the last 3 years.

This year WILL be different however. Now that Tori is here, we need to free up some of that “extra space” we used to have and get rid of a lot of stuff that we just don’t need anymore. I don’t even know what is in most of the boxes and should really just toss things a box at a time without looking inside. If I haven’t missed it for the last 4 years, then I doubt that I will miss it the next 40.

I have toyed with the idea of having a garage sale but decide it wasn’t worth it. By the time you take off of work, spend time marking everything, sitting around waiting for people and then you count up the money … it is just as worth it to drop everything thing off at good will. All you have to do is put the box in your trunk, drop it off at good will and they will even take it out of your trunk. It really isn’t about the money … it is about getting rid of everything. You can even deduct it from your taxes the following year.

Tomorrow, I will drop the dog off at the groomers, come home and turn on the Cubs game and head down to the basement to get rid of some junk.

Until next time, remember … “We could have a little pork and beans now and a little zucchini later. Or a little zucchini now and a little pork and beans later. Or if you like the pork and beans, you can have them and I’ll take the zucchini or I can take the pork and beans and you the zucchini so what will it be? Zucchini or pork and beans?”

A Legend Lost

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Cubs retired flag for Ron Santo

RIP Ronnie

Ron Santo died today. For those of you who don’t know who Ron Santo was … he was an athlete, a humanitarian, and the biggest Cub fan in the world. I am not going to say much. I just wanted to get it out there and give my condolences to his family and all the fans and friends of Ronnie. He will be missed and always loved. Good bye Ron and rest in peace.

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