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I wore a tie to work today. I normally do not dress anywhere close to that nice. I usually wear jeans and a collared shirt of some sort. Even on client days I wear khakis. Today it was slacks, dress shoes, tie … the whole nine yards. Why? Why not. It was Valentine’s day and I decided I would look nice for my wife who would see me for 30 seconds as I left for work and wouldn’t see me since I would be changed into different clothes by the time she got home. That and me and another guy at work wanted to see how many people would ask us if we had job interviews. I told people I was going on a mob hit later in the day. It actually felt nice to dress nice. It gives a certain respect the client meetings we had today as well. That is something that I can honestly say I think is lacking from today’s yutes.

A few years ago, I was between career assignments and was going on numerous interviews. I always wore a suit. It was in the middle of the summer and in was 90 plus degrees. I always wore a suit. I am wondering if I maybe didn’t get some of the jobs I interviewed for because I was over dressed. A lot of the people I interviewed with, wore jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts … I very often times felt uncomfortable. I have seen a few interviewees coming into our office for job interviews and they aren’t even wearing a polo shirt. The dress like they just came from a head shop and decided to apply for a job. I feel that is a lack of respect. That and the whole “business casual” has just gone to “casual crap”. I just don’t think that ripped jeans and t-shirts should be worn when you hold a certain position or if you are giving a presentation. Shorts should never be worn at work unless you are a lifeguard or a mail man/woman. Enough of that.

While I am ranting about respect, how about respect for the flag. I am NOT some conservative or liberal whack job. I just don’t think that the flag should be lowered to half staff for a celebrities funeral. Yeah, New Jersey is doing that Saturday. Along those lines of respect, her fans are all ticked off that there isn’t going to be a public memorial. Now, I don’t care one way or the other but, I have always felt that a wake/funeral should always be for friends and families unless maybe you are a head of state or someone ultra super important to the world. Not if you are a drug addict. Yeah, I said it. I can’t respect someone who does that to their life especially when they more than have the means to get help. I understand it is a disease. That doesn’t mean it isn’t controllable. Even with that feeling, I think that is any family, wants to grieve, they should be allowed to do it in private if they want.

Well, that became a downer really quick and way went off the rails.

On a lighter note, I finally got Tori’s new bedroom painted. With any luck, this weekend will have everything moved in to the new room and I can start getting the rest of the house clean and ready. The new little guy is due 4 weeks from Friday! FOUR WEEKS!!! St. Patrick’s Day! That is not far off at all. I am feeling the stress but of course I know it is all worth it. I mean, I will get a few days off work after all.




Why Am I All Dressed Up?

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I think I heard that 5 or 6 times at work today. I wasn’t all that dressed up. I was wearing a pair of slacks, a dress shirt, and a pair of loafers. I normally wear jeans and gym shoes. I still usually wear a dress shirt. I just like them. Basically what I was wearing is referred to as “business casual”. It wasn’t like I was dressed in a suit or anything. I understand why people would ask, usually everyone at work dresses in jeans, unless they have a client meeting, which is what I had. I work at an interactive ad agency. It isn’t Mad Men. No one wears suits or hats. Still, I don’t think that normal business casual should be questioned as fancy clothes. It just goes to show that nobody cares about fashion anymore. Apparently the clothes no longer make the man.

The funniest part about this is me talking about fashion at all for any reason.


We gave Tori her first taste of solid food tonight. A little bit of cereal. She went after that stuff like she hadn’t eaten in months. She was messy, but cute. We recorded it. I will post it tomorrow.




That’s all for now, until next time, remember … “oh, Here go hell come.”

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