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Voices I DON’T Want In My Brain

Posted in Music, Nonsense, TV/Movies with tags , , , , , , , , , on April 19, 2012 by Bob

A lot of things that I have on tap to write about in the next few days. I haven’t been regular in a long time, for my blog writing I mean. Many reasons for this but regardless, I am going to try to get back to it. Before I digress to much on the topic, most of you know I have been home for the last month due to poor employment choices by others than myself. This has been great because the day after I was fired, my wife had our baby boy Alex. (I know, boring back story but once in a while there is a new reader or two)

It has been nice being home with the wife and family as it hasn’t made me stir crazy not working. The bad part is that during the day, I have to watch all the shows that Mrs. Voices DVRs that she doesn’t normally make me watch at night. Right now, I am suffering through Smash. I am allowing this because I am sitting here writing this post instead of watching it. Anywho, that isn’t what I am here for.

The show before Smash that I had to watch was, The Voice. Now, I have never been a fan of any of these reality singing, so called “talent” shows. I think the majority of them are fake, bloated, advertising whores that have no interest in the competitors well being at all. I also have a lot of other feelings about them too. On this one in particular though, I feel that most of the competitors are hacks. The “judges” seem to pick singers to “save” that are the worst. Of course, I don’t see how the judges have any room to talk or judge talent. Adam Levine … I just don’t even know what to say about him. I just don’t like him. He rubs me the wrong way and he should just admit that he likes those that aren’t women. CeeLo … he his a Weeble with arms who thinks that he is Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Christina Arugala … apparently was so upset about being the same size as CeeLo that she starved herself between seasons, got a boob job and bought a new ass from the Kardashian collection at Kmart. She doesn’t wear anything that doesn’t show off her grand Tetons. Blake Shelton … what can I say about him. He is the biggest problem with this show.

I am way getting away from my original intent. There was one singer on this show that annoyed the hell out of me. She didn’t just sing with a southern accent, she missed pronounced words. “River” became “Roiver”, “time” became “toim” etc. etc. I HATE that. I would rather hear “aks” than here one of these redneck, ex-toddler in tiara, one name, no talent, not even good enough to get on “The Soup” hick speak for 30 seconds. I just lost the 3 redneck readers I had but that is the way it goes.

That is my vent for the day. Hopefully I will find a job soon and I will be able to go back to watching the bliss of COPS on demand while the Mrs. is watching these abhorrences.


There Was An Award Show?

Posted in Celebrity Deaths, Music, TV/Movies with tags , , , , , on February 13, 2012 by Bob

While I like listening to music, I have to admit I am not a music-phile, or whatever it would be called. I will often times be accused of listening to music that went out of style with half the clothes I still keep in my closet. So, I really had no desire to watch the Grammy Awards last night. So, we didn’t, until the last hour and a half that is. I saw things I did NOT want to see, things I didn’t care about and quite frankly, things that scared the hell out of me. While I didn’t see the whole show, I can say the following based on what I did see.

– I am glad that Taylor Swift finally ran out of eyeliner. Not because I like her and think she looks better, but because I hope it causes her great pain.

– Carrie Underwood still has no personality when she sings.

– Speaking of no personality, Blake Shelton should just remove himself from everything. When he sings without a guitar, he looks like Kathryn Hepburn the later years. Other times, he just looks blank and lost. Plus, he sounds horrible. My opinion.

– Tony Bennett … Well, he’s Tony Bennett. As I heard today “He is like 1116 years old and he still gets more tail than a waiter at Red Lobster.”

– Glen Campbell sounded the same as he has as far as I can remember. Yeah, I used to listen to him when he could remember I did.

– Adele … when she speaks she reminds me of Eliza Doolittle. When she was accepting last night, all I could think of was …

– The head of the Grammys gives a big speech about pirating music and then they have Steve Jobs in the dead people tribute as an innovator in digital music. Yeah, he gave everyone an iPod so they would want to go online and download all kinds of illegal music. They however didn’t recognize other people that died.

– I forgot, they gave a tribute to Whitney Houston. Don’t make me go there. Hate me if you will but … no. Never mind.

– I really don’t get the mouse head that lights up. Why?

– L.L. Cool Whip gave a 3 second tribute to Don Cornelius. At least it was more than Etta James got.

– Chris Brown channeled the wardrobe of Run-DMC. That was all he channeled.

– Foo fought well.

– Dave, Bruce and Joe did pretty well with Sir Paul.

– Nicki Minaj was horrible. Do people actually like her? And why does she have to have an alter ego?

What does any of this have to do with anything that you, the reader cares about? Not much. My opinions. I am realizing I am getting grumpier and crankier as the days go on. Probably work related. Plus, every day I put a tag for Whitney Houston in my blog, I get tons of hits. Yeah, it is cheap to use this as a ratings booster but, too late.

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