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Today Is Another Day

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , , on January 31, 2012 by Bob

I missed blogging yesterday. I have been doing pretty well posting every day but it has been a rough week and a half and I was just tired. Still am pretty tired.  Mrs. Voices has been under the weather, Piper (our American Bulldog) has some medical issues we weren’t quite expecting, Tori has been Tori, wonderful and awesome … but she is 16 months old so … With Mrs. Voices being pregnant AND sick AND due the middle of next month, we are all tired. So, if anyone was worried that I got hit by a car or something, I am fine. I may miss a few days here and there for the next few months as various things unfold but I am not going anywhere for long.

With that out of the way, a few random thoughts have popped into my head as of late. Nothing of major importance or anything, just things.

–       Why do so many homeless people wear camouflage? The would be better seen and get more attention if they worse something snappy and bright like old 80s neon. It would be safer wouldn’t it?

–       No matter what your political leanings are … do we really want our country led by someone named Mitt or Newt? If these are nick names, you men are adults, use your real names. If these ARE their real names …

–       Why, during a review at your job, oh wait … have to have a review first. I will revisit this one next week … maybe.

–       There are more news articles about the fashions at awards shows than anything. HOW do the fashions affect my life?

–       Painting is the most expensive thing to hire someone to do and they don’t even supply the paint. I have nothing else on that except that it sucks.

–       Why is picking out a baby name so damn hard?

–       Why am I listing off a bunch of things that more and more make less and less sense the more I babble?

–       Why do people always say “in case I get hit bay a car”? There can be some better reasons not to be somewhere right? Like “in case my bungee cord breaks” or “in case I’m kidnapped by rabid Emus” or “In case I get so fed up with this place I have a total psychotic break and you find me curled up in the fetal position between the copy machines.”

Will Bob ever finish the new baby room before the new baby comes? Will Tori ever learn the meaning of “no” when it applies to HER? Will the major ever realize that the war is over? For the answers to these and other questions tune into the next episode … of Soap. If you can find it in syndication that is, and even then good luck trying to follow along and relate any of this to whatever episode you can find. Unless it is the one with the devil baby and then you might figure it out.

What A Day

Posted in Nonsense, Tori with tags , , , on January 21, 2012 by Bob

Some days are great! Some days just suck. Some days are today. It wasn’t a bad day and it wasn’t a great day. I let Piper sleep by herself last night while I went back upstairs and slept in our bed. Piper is doing ok with the cone so I figured I could trust her downstairs. Plus, I really needed to sleep. I still had to wake up early to give Piper her meds and walk her. After that, I got up and snow blowed the driveway and a big patch on the front lawn for Piper to potty without walking through a foot of snow. Yes, I used the snow blower on the lawn.

After that, we went to get a 3D ultrasound of the newest little voice that will be coming in March. We confirmed that yes, he is indeed a he. We were pointed out the “scrotal sack and penis”. Very professional, no euphemisms, which made it even a little funnier. We did get pictures and a CD and DVD so as soon as I have a chance to pull a pic or 2 off the cd, I will get one on here.

While we were out, Tori was fussy as all heck. She didn’t eat a lot this morning and she has a slight fever. She wasn’t feeling very well. We got home but couldn’t get her to sleep because we had to have Piper’s bandages changed and a follow visit that got cancelled last night. I know, this isn’t sounding so much like a bad day yet but, I am getting there.

Piper did fine, Tori finally got a nap. So did Jackie and I, for about 30 min anyway. It came time to get up and get Tori and Piper dinner. Tori still wasn’t eating much but Piper’s appetite is back to normal. She scarfed down her food and water and then went by the front door for our little yard walk. Tori was in the living room with Jackie cuddling and being cute.

I need to put baggies on Piper’s feet so that the snow doesn’t get her bandages wet. (I know, I know … I am getting there) so I was kind of busy when Jackie called from the living room that Tori just got sick on her. I was in the middle of taping myself to Piper’s feet when I heard this so I called that I couldn’t get there at the moment. Jackie was fine with this at the time. As this was happening, Piper decided that as I had my head under her so I could cover the leg that she wasn’t turning to me to get, to let one loose in my face. Oh yeah, did I mention that she was having a little issue with leakage from the anesthetic? So yeah, not really sure how to put this delicately … I got a nice juicy dog fart on my forehead … with a little splatter. I told you it couldn’t be delicate. I asked Jackie if it made her feel better that that happened to me. She laughed hysterically. I think it made her feel better.

Things got better after I washed, sanitized, boiled my face …we ordered a pizza, gave Tori a bath and then this. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Who Is The Master?

Posted in Nonsense, Tech Stuff with tags , , , , , , , on January 19, 2012 by Bob

As some of you know, our American Bulldog Piper, had a tumor on each of her back paws. Yesterday she had them removed. She has her feet bandaged and has to be very careful because the stitches are tight due to the size of the tumors, not a lot of skin to close with, etc. etc. Last night we coddled Piper as much as we could. We have to keep her downstairs so we helped her up on the couch and she slept most of the evening. Not sure if it was the drugs or she just had a long day, but poor piper looked stoned.

When it came time to go to bed for us, we determined that we were nervous about leaving Piper alone to chew her bandages off. So, I stayed downstairs and the plan was to sleep on the floor with the dog. The dog had other ideas.

After about 5 min., Piper decided she had enough of this floor nonsense and hobbled up over me and onto the couch. She somehow grabbed a pillow and put it on top of her paws and rested her chin on it. This is how she stayed the rest of the night. I stayed on the floor, sleeping more or less at HER feet, like a good master should.

She stirred a few times during the night making me think she might be licking or chewing so I kept waking up to check. She wasn’t. She was only shifting and went right back to snoring. My phone alarm went off this morning and I woke up. She was still sleeping peacefully. I once again dutifully got up, got her food, water and saran wrapped her bandaged feet so she could go outside so I could pick up after her.

It’s true. If aliens are looking down on us, they really will be confused as to who actually runs this planet.

So, with all of the SOPA, PIPA and whatever else is going on, I took a look at some of my posts and realize that I plagiarize a LOT. Mostly myself but, I do lift a lot of stuff from places. Not maliciously or anything like that. I don’t make money off of it. My question is though, if any of this passes, do I have to shut myself down if I complain to myself without due process of my own complaints? I thought of this this morning on my way into work. Then I heard Jon Stewart kind of did the same thing last night. Before I can get shut down … enjoy the clip of copyrighted material at the link below. If you don’t hear from me in the next few days, then we know SOPA passed. (sorry for it being a link, I don’t have time today to figure out how to embed in free WordPress again! One of these days I need to switch to self hosting … but anyhoo…)



A New Day A New Name

Posted in Tori with tags , , , on December 7, 2011 by Bob

Today, I finally heard Tori say her own name! At least I think it was her name. She says “Piper” (our snoring American Bulldog) pretty clearly. Tonight I distinctly heard her say ‘gbsjldori”. I am assuming it was her name because Jackie pointed at her and said “who are you?” She also started giving me kisses all the time. She didn’t used to because of my beard. She does now. Maybe it was because we were playing “more tickle” for about 20 min. I would tickle her, stop, she would say “moe” and I would tickle her some more. She loved it. I loved it too. I love being a daddy and I can’t wait for the next one 🙂

Is It Thanksgiving Yet?

Posted in Holiday, Nonsense with tags , , , , , , , on November 12, 2011 by Bob

There are a few reason I am looking forward to the thanksgiving weekend getting here and then being over and done with.

1. I want the 4 day weekend

2. I basically work retail. Black Friday is a huge deal and I want it to be here and gone.

3. Cyber Monday is just as big in my industry and I want that to be here and gone as well.

4. The week after Thanksgiving is when I am going to Vegas and BOY do I need it.

5. When I get back from Vegas, it is only 3 weeks until I have the week between Christmas and New Years off.

6. After that, I don’t have to blog every day anymore.

Ok, so number 6 isn’t really as whiny as it sounds. I really do enjoy blogging, I am just in a slump lately I think. It is getting harder and harder to do every night. Ok, enough of that and on to Vegas … in 2 weeks.

I mowed the lawn for the last time today. I also tried to run the mower and sow blower out of gas so I can change oil and lube and all that good stuff to get ready for the season. There are so many things I need to start getting done so that I can get other stuff done in prep for Tori’s little brother. Oh yeah, did I mention we found out we are having a boy? O can’t remember if I did or not … but we are.

We also took Piper to the vet today. SHe has been licking at some sores on her feet and they keep getting bigger and bigger. They are like big cysts. They aspirated them and took some cell samples to send out to be checked. Piper did great. She screamed a little but me helping hold her I think helped. The only bad part of that is that Piper also has a yeasty ear infection and when I was holding her, my nose was buried in her smelly ear. Blech. Anyway, we find out like Wednesday if the cells are just inflamed or if it is something more serious we have to deal with. Hopefully not.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day so have a great night all.

Bulldog 1 – Bob 0: Resolution update

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , , , on January 11, 2010 by Bob

Happy Monday everyone! With Jackie out of town this weekend, I thought I would start down the long road to success for one of my resolutions, reclaiming my side of the bed back from the dog. For those of you not familiar with my dog, she is a 3 year old, 113 lb American Bulldog. If you haven’t seen one before, this is what they look like. (yes, same dog as at the top of my blog)

I am sure most of you are familiar with English Bulldogs and have heard the stories of stubbornness among Bulldogs. Well, 113 pounds of muscle and stubborn are sometimes a little difficult to deal with. I figured I would use this weekend to lay down the law and say “hey, this is MY side of the bed!” thinking with Jackie gone she would move and get the hint. I was wrong.

I used to think that Piper kicked me out of bed because she wanted more room, since a queen size bed is apparently not large enough for 2 adults and our dog. I was wrong about that too. It seems she just likes having the bed to herself being the princess that she is. 4 in the morning Sunday, I actually fell out of bed after being pushed to the side. I got up, and scolded Piper. Did she move? No. She looked at me with sad eyes, wagging her tail with a look of “what? What did I do?” I finally got her to move over and then she laid her chin on my shins and went back to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love our dog. Jackie tells me I have been spoiled with this being my first dog. She is a little spoiled though. If she even thinks she is going to slip on the floor, she won’t come in from outside until we move her food dish to the side so she can get right to the floor matt.

For those of you with smaller dogs, or no dogs at all, I am not sure if you can truly understand a dog physically kicking you out of bed. You want to yell at them but then they look at you. Oh well. I have a few more days to try again before Jackie comes home.

As far as updates on my other resolutions. So far so good. Once I have something exciting on those fronts I shall post.

Not that exciting of a post today but I am rather sleepy. Maybe something will rile me today and I will havesomething more interesting to post tonight. One can only hope.

Until next time … hmmm…nothing clever comes to mind today.

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