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He’s Not Just Hiding In The Bathroom

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While I have been lax in producing a Celebrity Death prediction list this year, I have still been following the trend this month. Today, I am extremely distraught. I am heartbroken as the one constant, the one name I began my list writing with every year … has passed. Abe … who has died many times over the years … has died.

fish 1

I am truly devastated by this. Not because I knew him. Not because he was taken far too early. I am heartbroken because, now that he is gone, some jack wad TV executive will get a hair up his ass to “reboot” Fish or Barney Miller as a movie and will destroy the fond memories of Abe.

Rest In Peace Mr. Abe Vigoda. May you always be remembered for anything besides Look Who’s Talking.


“We are the children of children and we live as we are shown.” – Chief of the Waponis


Celebrity Deaths – They’re Still Dyin’ Even If I Forgot To Mention It

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This year is already getting away from me. I forgot to do January deaths and now I plum near forgot to get the list for Feb. So, to get back on track, I have no clever witticisms, smart alec remarks or anything else. Let’s just view the best in memoriam list this side of the Oscars with this 2 fer.



Mario Cuomo – 82 – Governor of NY – Jan. 1

Donna Douglas – 82 – Ellie Mae Clampett – Jan 1

Stuart Scott – 49 – Sports journalist – Jan 4

Rod Taylor – 84 – Actor Time Machine, Inglourious Basterds – Jan 7

Curtis Lee – 75 – Singer Pretty Little Angel Eyes – Jan 8

Taylor Negron – 57 – Actor Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Jan 10

Melvin Gordon – 95 – CEO of Tootsie Roll – Jan 20

Ernie Banks – 83 – Mr. Cub – Jan 23

Danny McCulloch – 69 – Bassist The Animals – Jan 29



Stewart Stern – 92 – Screenwriter Rebel Without a Cause, Sybil – Feb 2

Richard Bonehill – 67 – Lando’s co-pilot in Return of the Jedi – Feb 4

Dave Corriveau – 63 – Co-founder of Dave & Buster’s – Feb 7

Jerry Tarkanian – 84 – HOF Basketball coach – Feb 11

Bob Simon – 73 – Journalist 60 Minutes – Feb 11

Gary Owens – 80 – TV Announcer – Feb 12

Louis Jourdan – 93 – Actor Swamp Thing – Feb 14

Lesley Gore – 68 – Singer It’s my Party, Judy’s Turn to Cry – Feb 16

Harris Wittels – 30 – Writer Parks & Rec – Feb 19

Leonard Nimoy – 83 – Spock – Feb 27


And Abe Vigoda is still alive.

Bring Out Your Dead … 2015 Celebrity Death Predictions

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They’re not dead yet! But they will be soon, if the predictions I make here today have any merit that is. While others are celebrating the new year and making positive steps toward changing their lives, I am taking macabre pleasure in trying to figure out who will make the biggest changes this year.

As in previous years, I am going to divide this up into a few categories. The perennials, the standard predictions and instead of the “fantasy picks” I am going to go with “out on the ledge” since I realized just how sick calling it fantasy was. We did have a few come off the list this past year as “successful” predictions. Eli Wallach & Shirley Temple left us this year so they won’t be back … literally. Also at the suggestion of my friend David Mazzie, I am renaming the “they just keep hanging on category” the “Vigodas”. If you don’t know why, then shame on you. Well, shall we get to it?

We will start with:

The Vigodas – Named after the most speculated death in the history of celebrity deaths, these are the celebs that are on someone’s list every year.

Abe Vigoda – His category, he needs to be on the list. I don’t want to take him off because as soon as I do, he will die. And I don’t want him to die.

Zsa Zsa Gabor – Really? How can she still be alive?!?!

Billy Graham – Keeping him in the mix.

Kirk Douglas – If the prediction is good enough for People, it is good enough for me to keep him on the list.

Al Molinaro – Yup, still kicking and eating Encore.

Christopher Lee – Moving into the Abes as this is his 2nd year in a row.

Ian McKellan – Staying on the list. The Hobbits are done, the lord got his ring and Michael Fassbender fits into his helmet.Oh yeah, he’s old.


This Year’s Top Picks – These are the slam dunks.

Herman Wouk – He is an author and he is old. 100 I believe. For you young’uns out there, he wrote books on paper. They were pretty good too. Look him up.

Olivia de Havilland – Not sure the last time I had her on the list but she is going back on.

George Bush Senior – Coming back into the fray given his recent health issues.

Valerie Harper – While she has beat all the odds so far, I am not sure it will last.

Vera Lynn – Does anybody here remember her? Extra points if you do.

Carl Reiner – I didn’t know he was 92! Comedy legend.

Carol Channing – Her voice has already cause thousands of deadly strokes.

Joseph Wapner – Yup, the man that started it all in the people court. He will bang his gavel for the last time this year.

Christopher Lloyd – This is the year of all the BTTF 2 stuff. Unfortunately, the rejuvenation isn’t real.

Maggie Smith – Hogwarts has closed and Downton Abbey is boring.


Out On A Ledge – These probably won’t happen but that is what is so unpredictable obout predictions.

Justin Bieber – I have to have him on here. One of these days the stupid things he does will bite him in the ass.

Steve Buscemi – I have to have a real shocker in here. No other reason.

Richard Grieco – Did you know he was still alive? While they didn’t let him in the 21 Jump Street movie, they DID let him in the sequel He has been vindicated and can die a happy “actor”.

Morgan Freeman – He will somehow deliver his own eulogy … from the grave oooooooooooo.

Tara Reid – Killed in a mishap on the set of Sharknado 4

Sears/Kmart – I mean … come on.


Of course I could go on and on but I think I will leave it here. I now have a record of 2 correct predictions to beat. As always, if you feel like adding any, please add them in the comments. Remember to tune in each month (mostly) for the ongoing recap.



Celebrity Death Watch 2014 – It’s A Dead Man’s Party

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It’s a new year, and it is time to make a new list. I have to go back and see if any of my predictions for last year were correct. I have not been as diligent with the dead as I would have liked. However, I REALLY think that this year is going to be a year of surprises in the world of death. There will be no free passes, no monkey’s taking over bodies and no new Brendan Fraser movies. This has nothing to do with anything other than I watched Monkeybone recently. There are a LOT of people that I think SHOULD be on this list. Let’s not mince words here … there are some celebs that should just die already. Once again, I have my obvious choices and fantasy league. I am also going to take some of the perennials off of the “obvious” list and place them in their own category of “They Just Keep Hanging On”. I think I will keep that one short for the inaugural run. Ok, here we go!

We will start with:

They Just Keep Hanging OnThose who are always on the list

Zsa Zsa Gabor – I don’t know what to say. She is pushing 100 by some accounts and she is still alive … as far as we know. I do think she is about to be named “Bob” if you throw her in a lake but, as far as any government can figure out, she is still alive. 5 years on the list.

Abe Vigoda – By no means do I want him gone, he is my inspiration, however, I have to add him into this section because he has been on EVERY celebrity death watch list since before he was born.

Eli Wallach – Yup, he is still around. 98 years. He may not be good or bad anymore but I am pretty sure he is ugly.

Kirk Douglas – His chin cleft has been around longer than the Grand Canyon.

Billy Graham – Maybe there is something to this church stuff?

Due to dieNew predictions or not perennial favorites

Gene Wilder – New to the list this year is Mel Brooks’ buddy and long time star of many of Mel’s movies. The comic genius that he is, is looking not all that great. He may be joining Gilda this year at some point.

Mel Brooks – He is not quite the 2000 year old man yet, and the Schwartz is with him, he is slowing down and hasn’t done much in the last few years. The way back machine won’t be saving him this year.

Hal Holbrook – Making a return appearance … and what an appearance he is. Just look at him. That explains why HE is on the list.

Christopher Lee – He may not actually die, he may just turn into a vampire … or move to the Shire.

Betty White – While we haven’t had to be inundated by her lately, she might still just be famous enough that it would be a shocker.

Martin Landau – He drools when he talks. Although, he is still making movies.

Shirley Temple – Her good ship Lollipop is going to sink.

Ian McKellan – Super busy gay old man is going to over exert himself … somehow … and his future days will past before his eyes.

Peter Fonda – Why not?

Al Pacino – I just have a weird feeling about this one. Can’t explain it.

Robert Loggia – I have wanted him dead ever since I got stuck behind him, Robert Loggia, at the airport I have wanted him gone. Oh wait, that wasn’t me. Ok, so maybe I don’t want him dead but someone else must. That is a harbinger.

Fantasy Picks – I kinda hate these because they are so unlikely that one day one of these will come true and I will feel bad.

Miley Cyrus – She is going to twerk herself to death. Yeah, I went for the cheap and easy one.

Justin Bieber – I have to keep him on here just because he needs to be. Might be the one exception to my opening statement about this list.

Homer Simpson – Hot on the heels of Brian getting killed off on Family Guy, they are going to try the same thing on The Simpsons. Homer will die and come back to life … as Peter Griffin.

John Travolta – He will leave Scientology and never be heard from again.

Jennifer Lawrence – She is far too good to be true. She is going to die during an autoerotic asphyxiation thing.

Danny Elfman – No reason other than I had to tie the title into the list somehow.

I am going to stop right there because I am realizing how macabre this thing is. That and I have a real bad headache. You know the kind that are at the base of the back of your skull and every time you try to look up or down it feels like your spine is being yanked out by the Predator … yeah, one of those. That is what 13 inches gets ya these days.

I may add to the list, or, feel free to add some yourself. I know there are many other sick individuals like myself out there.

My Soapbox Is Slippery When Wet

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Probably because I use liquid detergent. I heard on the radio this morning a couple of things that I usually wouldn’t post about. They both involve politics of one sort or the other. I will admit that I don’t follow the full details of some of these things so I will say right now … I know I am NOT an expert and I am NOT speaking with knowledge of all the facts … probably not even most of the facts

First thing is about the pensions “reform” in my home state of Illinois. A new boll was signed into law today that will do something with the pension system that unions in particular are not fond of. That is all well and good. Like I said, I don’t know the facts so I am not sure what is being decreased, increased, taken away etc. The argument I keep hearing though is that the law is unconstitutional.  I am unclear exactly what is unconstitutional, and how pensions are part of the constitution in the first place for any changes to be un.


Sorry, the Hawks are on while I am typing this.

As I was saying, is it a constitutional right that we get pensions or is it something about the changes themselves that are violating a constitutional law? I don’t think pensions are an inalienable right.

The second thing I heard was a discussion about the minimum wage protests. I am not against a minimum wage increase. I don’t think the people talking on the radio were either … in principle. The gist of it was this. Yes, there should be a minimum wage increase however, it can’t just be “hey, you used to make $7 now you make $15.  Here is why.

1)   The money will have to come from somewhere. That will mean price increases and no more dollar menu.

2)   If the lowest paid worker gets a 100% increase in wage. (I am just using round numbers because I suck at math) then the more skilled worker will think, “wait a minute, if they get more money, and I am more important to the operation of this company, then I want a doubling of salary.

3)   It isn’t a guarantee, it is called “earnings”. I hate to say this and I know that there are people that have these jobs because they can’t help it or circumstances are whatever they are but … if you are doing something that pays that low and you don’t like it, then there are plenty of other people that would gladly take that job. Better yourself to get a better job.

Hate on me all you want for that last part but I am playing devil’s advocate here. Like I said, I agree the minimum wage is too low. You can’t live on what it is. But, like everything else in this country, no matter who wants it, people just want it to happen but nobody wants to pay for it. It would be real nice to just say “BAM! The minimum wage is higher!” Then the employers can say “BAM! Our prices are higher!!” Then the same people will again say “We can’t afford anything we need the minimum wage higher!” It will be an endless cycle.

I don’t have a solution. I don’t have all the facts. I am not a politician. I don’t have a raccoon in my bedroom. I’m just sayin’ is all.

Oh yeah, Abe Vigoda is still alive. God bless him.

Dead Fish … Smells Fishy

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That is a headline that I would have had to put yesterday if I posted. I thought it would have been way to confusing to put up the celebrity death update on April Fool’s Day. Have you figured out the headline yet? It will be the headline again one day, without the smelling part. Anyhoo, other than LiLo’s fake pregnancy scare (I say scare because Snookie will be a better mother than Linds), it was a relatively quiet April 1st. I mention it because the following are all true stories. Any similarity to fake individuals, living or zombie, is purely coincidental.


Bonnie Franklin – 69 – Mom on One Day at a Time – March 1

Lilian Cahn – 89 – Co-founder of Coach, Inc – March 4

Dawn Clark Netsch – 86 – Illinois Politician – March 5

William Moody – 58 – Paul Bearer – March 5

Hugo Chavez – 58 – Venezuelan president – March 5

Alvin Lee – 68 – Guitarist Ten Years After – March 6

Clive Burr – 65 – Drummer Iron Maiden – March 12

Frank Thornton – 92 – Actor Are You Being Served? – March 16

Robert Zildjian – 89 – Cymbals guy – March 28

Richard Griffiths – 65 – Uncle Vernon Dursley in Harry Potter – March 28

Reid Flair – 25 – Wrestler and son of Ric Flair – March 29


Small list this month. I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the “less popular” deaths. Although, know this … Abe Vigoda lives. LONG LIVE SALVATORE FISH, KING OF THE WAPONIS!


Celebrity Death Watch 2013 – Will This Be The Year?

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Sounds like what Chicago Cubs fans (of which I am one) say every year. I would like to say that I think that the Cubs actually will win it all this year because this past year, I FINALLY made some accurate predictions in my Celeb death watch. The one though that is still eluding my predictions, and that the second half of the title is for, is for our lovely, legless Zsa Zsa. I still can’t believe that she is hanging in there. There were a lot of others though not expected despite my predictions of Robin Gibb & Ray Bradbury. Of course, there were those that passed who I had on my lists PREVIOUS years. So, those of you that made it through my list for 2012, look out in 2013. I really wish that some of my “Fun Guesses” came through for me as well, but oh well. We will try again this year. I have to leave a few on this year just because I have to. So, here we go!

2013 Obvious Choices

Zsa Zsa Gabor – 4 years running and she STILL hangs in there. I HAVE to leave her at the top of the list for another year.

Hugo Chaves – If he makes it until the posting of this list, I will be surprised.

George Bush Sr. – Second year in a row for him as well, since they won’t say WHY he is in the hospital really, I think it is his time. Plus, same reason as last year, a past president hasn’t died in a while.

Eli Wallach – Coffin? Coffin? He don’t need no stinkin’ coffin!

Kirk Douglas – Speaking of old. His chin dimple has been around so long the Grand Canyon looks like a creek.

Nancy Reagan – She is missing Ronny a little bit and will soon follow him.

Stan Lee – The scene where Spiderman covers Chewbacca with webbing will explode his brain.

Abe Vigoda – I hate to, but I have to. It is going to happen one of these days and I do NOT want to be left out. I love the old geezer!

Al Molinaro – I think I may have had him on in the past and I am adding him back for an Encore appearance. Get it … Encore. Yeah, we’ll be over at 6.

June Foray – The voice of Rocky the Squirrel is getting on in years. The only reason I have her is because she is still working! That means we will lose her too soon.

Mickey Rooney – Normally I stop at 10 but I had to throw him in here. His crazy is just getting crazy.


I will work on getting my “fun guesses” together in the next day or so. As always, feel free to let me know who you think will buy a farm this year. Remember, this is the realistic list. Wish list to come soon.

Celebrity Death Watch 2011: The Dead Pool

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What a cheerful way to start 2011 isn’t it? No fancy title needed for this post. It is what it is. Following up to last years wildly successful “Celebrity Death Watch 2010” we here at VIMB bring you “Celebrity Death Watch 2011: The Dead Pool”. I think that I might be stealing that name from somewhere because I don’t think that I can come up with something that simple that easily. ANYHOO … I am expecting some good guesses this year. I want some outlandish guesses this year. I want SOMEONE on this year’s list to actually die this year…well, not that I WANT people to die but I think we need some better guesses. Last year I had to do 2 lists because I was called out that I was not creative enough. This year, I am going to start off with the “obvious” choices, consisting of a list of celebs that if they DON’T shuffle off this mortal coil this year, then miracles truly do exist. Then I will list my guesses for this year. I am not going to list Abe Vigoda because he is just a perennial now and will be on my list until he actually does die. Sort of like me predicting the Cubs to win the World Series every year…someday it will happen.

And away we go!

Obvious choices for 2011

1.    Zsa Zsa Gabor – 2nd year in a row on the list but I think this may be the year. With today’s news of losing part of her leg, and just all the other health probs, she won’t be long for this world.

2.     Fidel Castro – He has GOT to be pushing the limit of what is reasonable for life. Plus, he just needs to go.

3.     Jack Klugman – Yup, digging into the “they are still alive?” files, I am placing Quincy/Oscar Madison on the list of those to leave us.

4.     Olivia De Havilland – Would be sad to lose her but, she is 95. She may be a safe bet.

5.     Al Molinaro – Who? Al from Happy Days and the “Encore Dinner my family will be over at 6” guy. Yeah, he is still alive too but pushing 93.

6.     Pierre Cardin – Haven’t had a designer die in a while. Need to shake up the industry.

7.     Michael Douglas – I know, I really want to put him on the “stretch” list, but with the cancer and all…I’m just sayin’.

Sherman T. Potter

8.     Harry Morgan– Good ole Sherman Potter is still puttering around but he is 96! He is definitely making the list!

9.     Eli Wallach – Another recycle from last year but COME ON!

10.  Patty Andrews – This would be a sad one, at 93 I am going to put the last surviving

Andrews Sister on here.

The fun guesses (can fun really be applied to a death list?)

1.     Dick Cheney – It will be a “hunting accident”. Yeah, I brought that up again.

2.     Bindi the Jungle Girl – I am going to get hate mail but, I think she is going to follow a little too closely in daddy’s footsteps and make a major mistake with a deadly animal.

3.     Kathy Lee Gifford – A drunken rampage by Hoda Kotb in the middle of the 4th hour will end with Kathie Lee being thrown through the window and a large shard of glass will sever a major artery on air live. Joel McHale will be vindicated.

4.     Justin Bieber – He will be in a car accident with Taylor Swift and both will parish. Why? Because I am sick of both of them so there.

5.     Randy Quaid – The “Star Whackers” finally get him. Or he freezes to death while living in a cardboard box under an overpass, essentially the same thing.

6.     Macauly Culkin – He tried to re-enact his “glory” days now that he is single again and needs money and falls victim to his own household traps.

7.     Snooki – Really? Do you have to ask why?

8.     Charlie Sheen – Gets rolled by a hooker.

9.     Jeremy London – While in rehab, he is forced to do botox by Janice Dickinson. Unfortunately, the only botulism available is from an old can of tuna.

10.  Grant Goodeve – I have no basis for this, I just needed a number 10. Props to the first one who knows who this even is without looking.

That are my guesses for this year. Get those predictions in boys and girls and leave a comment with your guesses. Once again, if anyone actually predicts a celeb death, I will come up with some kind of prize.

Until next time, remember … “I’m not sure what lobsters eat, but I think they eat like insects or something… so I was gonna feed them worms.”

More Dead Folks

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I know, the title of this month’s Celebrity Death Watch is not too original, but I also know that you are all just dying to know who died…yeah, I went there. I am realizing it isn’t easy to come up with 12 original titles. Add to that, the fact that I really kind of slacked off this past month with keeping track of who died … and we are left with a very short list. I was really waiting for Zsa Zsa to bite it this month but she pulled a Vigoda and decided to stick it out.

Bobby Hebb – 72 – Songwriter Sunny – Aug. 3rd

Alex Johns – 43 – Film & TV Producer The Ant Bully and Futurama – Aug.7th

Patricia Neal – 84 – Actress Hud and Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Aug. 8th

Ted Stevens – 86 – Alaskan Senator – Aug. 9th

David L. Wolper – Film & TV Producer Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory – Aug. 10th

Dan Rostenkowski – 82 – Illinois Representative – Aug. 11th

Richie Hayward – 64 – Drummer for Little Feat – Aug. 12th

Lance Cade – 29 – Wrestler – Aug. 13

Robert Wilson – 53 – The Gap Band – Aug. 15th

Bobby Thomson – 86- Baseball Player “Shot Heard Round the World – Aug. 16th

Frank Ryan – 50 – Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgeon – Aug. 16th

With all of this death talk, I thought I would brighten things up with a little life news. Countdown is on to little Tori’s arrival. Due date is Oct. 1st so around 29 days and I am a daddy for the first time. If you look back on a number of my posts, you will see that I quite frequently bitch about feeling old. Imagine the hilarity that will soon ensue!!! I also need to mention that I soooooo can not wait for the new series Raising Hope to start. It just looks high-larious. A cross between Dumb & Dumber, My Name is Earl, Married With Children, Malcolm in the Middle and maybe a dash of Raising Arizona … but I have not seen enough in the previews to justify that guess. Just going on the name which of course means I will be wrong.

That’s about it. Until next time, remember … “We figured there was too much happiness here for just the two of us, so we figured the next logical step was to have us a critter.”

Geriatrics And Milk-A-Holics

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Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone. It was a great game. The Saints won. Lots of my friends lost money because of it. The halftime show was interesting (more on that after my rant on the commercials) The commercials were back to being humorous … sort of. I was expecting a lot more from them this year. A lot of hype was put out pre-game talking about how the commercials would be back to fun this year. There were some, but others fell flat for me.

I have to admit I did not watch the entire game. I had no stake in the teams playing so we turned it off around the end of the first quarter and DVRed the rest of it. I am LOVING DVR but more about that in a future Techtainment Tuesday. One thing I will say however, and this can really be noticed when you watch the game at a later date, is that it seems that the game is more centered around the commercials instead of the other way around. I remember watching football and you would actually see them on the sidelines talking, watch some of the injuries being taken off the field, see the crowd reactions that aren’t placed advertising. Now, anytime there is the slightest break in action, the squeeze in a commercial. Granted this is the Super Bowl and they want the money … but still.

On to the commercials. I may have missed a few, or just don’t remember them if they weren’t that good, but a few did stand out. They are in no particular order of showing during the game, just as I remember to talk about them as I am writing. (You can see all of them here. I linked to the ones I liked individually below.)

First we have the much hyped and highly controversial Tim Tebow/Focus on the Family ad. I was expecting a much harder pro-life message that I saw. Despite my personal beliefs, I was a little disappointed. If you are going to throw a controversial message out there, go for it. Don’t wuss out. After all the talk about it, I think the soft message hurt their cause. But that is just me.

Next we have the commercial I was really excited about when I heard about it. The Snickers ad with Betty White and my main man, the defyer of the death pool, Abe Vigoda. Now I know they are both too old to actually play football, but I would have loved to see a little more Abe in there. I also would have liked to see a little bit more of Betty’s sassiness.  Overall, wanted more but still a good one.

Simpson’s And Coke. Since I love all things Simpson, and I am a Coke addict, this was a knock out in my opinion. Not much more for me to say on that one other than “Exxxxcccelent”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was a little uncomfortable for the 10 seconds of the Leno/Oprah/Letterman ad. I understand that they have all had their feuds, but I just didn’t get it.

Doritos made me COL (chuckle out loud) with 2 of their spots. The “No Bark Collar” I thought was pretty good and I really liked the “Boy Slaps Man” spot.

Is Google trying to maneuver itself into being a dating site next? I don’t want to think that they will be the next great matchmaker. Too much creepiness when it is really thought about.

I almost forgot that I did like the Kiss Dr. Pepper commercial. Although I can’t stand Dr. Pepper. I would die of thirst first. But I liked the commercial.

That leads me to my favorite commercials every year, the Talking babies of E*TRADE. I am not sure why I like these so much but I do. They are hilarious to me. This year was no exception. My favorite of them was the “milkaholic”, That one was funny wolf style aaahhhoooooooooo. We talked about the Milkaholics, now is time for the geriatrics.

Moving on to the halftime show. I have to mention it briefly because I have learned something. I have to stop watching the Super Bowl Half Time Show whenever they have “classic” music acts. I was excited to see The Who. I have been a Who fan for years. I even watched Roger Daltrey as an immortal on Highlander. What I can say about their performance last night is … they had a cool light show. I hate to say it but they are showing their ages. (It looked like they even brought in Dr. Kevorkian on keyboards). I had the opportunity to see The Who in concert at Alpine Valley back in 1988 or ’89. I went with a couple of my buddies John and Mike. (Mike actually is the author of the Olive Oil & Garlic blog) Of course this was many years ago when they were probably around my age now. They were still good. Roger’s voice could still get up there. Watching the aging rockers, no matter who they are, make me cringe a little bit. They had a cool light show though.

Well, that is about it for today. Nothing profound, just wanted to get a few things off my chest. I am sure I forgot plenty of commercials and like some others didn’t and I KNOW I hated some that others liked. Let me know if you agree with me or not on anything. Especially The Who. I would love to hear from my more musically aware friends on that um … experience.

I will see you all at Denny’s tomorrow for the free Grand Slam Breakfast. Until then remember … Metamucil: It helps you go to the toilet so you won’t get cancer and die.

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