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They Didn’t Just Do That!

Posted in Nonsense, TV/Movies with tags , , , , , on April 6, 2010 by Bob

I need to vent, complain, bitch about and otherwise condemn Fox News Chicago. Last night I was watching “24”. I know some people think his season isn’t worth watching, I still enjoy it. It was raining pretty hard and I was getting weatherbug alerts on my phone. There were no warnings going across the screen and no beeping from the national weather service. SO WHY DID FOX NEWS HAVE TO INTERUPT MY PROGRAM!!!

Amy Freeze (if that is her real name) had no reason to interrupt in the middle of the show. Had they waited about 3 minutes, they could have done their fair and balanced weather report on the commercial. Oh wait, then they wouldn’t be able to get paid for the advertising. Instead, they would rather piss off their viewers by telling them something they could have scrolled on the bottom of the screen. Oh wait, if they scrolled across the bottom of the screen that might cause them to not be able to have a moving advertisement for another show.

It really ticks me off that Fox has so many shows I like to watch. Maybe it is just Fox Chicago that has a bunch of morons. How about having some ask THEM the hard questions. Will Larry Yellen and his porn mustache answer or will they send the Jeff Goldblatt and his oddly shaped face and head after me.

I also should say their lead stories and teasers during the commercials are laughable. A “major” network news cast should not lead with the same stories as TMZ does. They can have them but, it should not be the teaser.

Ok, I am a little bitter and I obviously have issues with Fox Chicago news. Granted, my life will not end because I missed 2-3 minutes of 24. But come on, we can look out the window and see it is raining hard. I wonder how happy they would be if I interrupted their newscast with my video of me singing the Rainbow Connection.

At least they did one thing right by canceling “Sons of Tucson”. Then again, that is the network not the local. Speaking of which, NBC actually renewed “The Marriage Ref”???? Oh wait, they renewed Leno too didn’t they.

Until next time remember … “We’ve just got to accept the fact that Fox has to make room for terrific shows like “Dark Angel,” “Titus,” “Undeclared,” “Action,” “That 80’s Show,” “Wonderfalls,” “Fastlane,” “Andy Richter Controls the Universe,” “Skin,” “Girls Club,” “Cracking Up,” “The Pits,” “Firefly,” “Get Real,” “Freaky Links,” “Wanda at Large,” “Costello,” “The Lone Gunmen,” “A Minute With Stan Hooper,” “Normal, Ohio,” “Pasadena,” “Harsh Realm,” “Keen Eddie,” “The Street,” “American Embassy,” “Cedric the Entertainer,” “The Tick,” “Louie,” and “Greg the Bunny.” “

24 Leaves iPhones On Verizon

Posted in Nonsense, Tech Stuff, TV/Movies with tags , , , on March 30, 2010 by Bob

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Techtainment Tuesday. Maybe only sort of exciting. I am still fighting a lot of the sympathetic tiredness. Today, we are in mourning. We found out this weekend that we officially have lost one of the best shows on television. In just a few mere hours we will see the end of 24. Jack Bauer will leave our televisions for the big screen. I am saddened. I love 24. Jack Bauer is one bad ass mo fo. For days he has led us through many an adventure. Granted, it has pretty much been the same story line. I never knew that the US was attacked that many times by nuclear weapons. I do think however that a few of the other characters have been underrated.

Take Chloe for example. She deserves far more credit than she gets. She is smart. Smarter than most of the people around her. Mary Lynn Rajskub on her own is pretty darn funny. I have seen her in a few other things and she was HYSTERICAL when she stopped by The Soup. Other underrated characters, most that got killed off way too soon: Edgar, Morris, Milo, George … the list goes on. 24 will be missed by me. Mainly because now they will try to put American Idol on 4 nights a week.

On the technology side of things, it looks like I would be able to get an iPhone soon even if I don’t want to leave Verizon. I am not sure I want one. I don’t like the touch screen with no click. That is why I like my BB Storm. Plus, I don’t need all the apps. I know I have hashed this over before but, as I said, I am dog tired lately and it is a struggle to get my mind to work past the hours I am at work.

Exactly 2 people who have read my blog and have not ever commented, have asked me about my quotes. Actually, I think they have just proof read my blog maybe once. Or maybe I just told them I write one. In any case, they asked me “what’s the deal with your quotes? They don’t make any sense half the time.” I told them they were just not paying attention. I didn’t want to tell them the meaning behind my quotes because I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good side note. So what do they mean? Nothing other than every quote I put at the end of my post is from a TV show, movie or song and has something to do, even in the most bizarre of ways, with what I posted that day.

So, until next time, remember … “There are things in this world which are out of our control. Sometimes we like to blame ourselves for them so we can try to make sense out of them.” Other times, we just drink every time Jack says “copy that”.

Barbra Walters Drag Racing Halting 24

Posted in Celebrity Deaths, Nonsense, Tech Stuff, TV/Movies with tags , , , , , , , , , on February 16, 2010 by Bob

Welcome to Techtainment Tuesday. I know I missed last week because of my Lego Star Wars obsession but I am almost at 45% complete now. Thank god for walkthroughs. Don’t yell at me for using them. I am far to impatient to figure things out myself on video games today. When I was big into video games … never mind, that will be a blog for another day. Back to today’s topics most of which I hope you have already heard about unless, of course, you live under a rock. In which case I am providing a valuable service.

I will admit that there probably should have been a few commas in my title today, but then it wouldn’t have seemed as interesting. It will all come together as you read. I hope.

On the entertainment front … where to begin? I will start with the obvious, Kevin Smith getting thrown off an airplane for being too fat. I used to revel in the fact that I was a near dead ringer for Silent Bob. I even looked like Kevin Smith when he wasn’t in Silent Bob mode. Showed my mother a picture of Kevin with his wife once and my mom asked “Who is that girl you’re with?”. Now, after breaking a toilet and getting kicked off a plane, I am kind of glad I have not been trying to keep up with looking like him. In fact, I have lost 40 lbs since I most resembled the tubby bitch. One thing I have to say though, it happened, it’s over with, get it out of the news. I am sure this has happened to hundreds, if not thousands, of other “fat” people, but it is never heard of in the news. If it is going to be news, then let’s do it for all overweight people and not just center on one individual.

Barbara Walters (BaBa WaWa for those of you old enough to remember, here is a video if you don’t) has announced she will do only one more Oscar special. I don’t think I have ever watched any of these so I personally won’t miss them. Never been a fan of her to begin with. According to the stories I was reading, her View co-hosts were asking all sorts of inane questions like “why not 30 years”, and other such things. Whoopi was wondering how she could take over that show, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck was overheard saying “You had an Oscar show?” and then she started crying.

24 production has been halted because Kiefer is having surgery on a cyst on/near his kidney. Personally, I think they could have saved time and money having the Russian mob guy remove it when he had his finger dug into Jack’s side in last night’s episode. I am still convinced the cyst formed when he got that other Russian guy’s sweet, sweet eye juice jammed in there when it was still on the knife. I am getting real life and pretend mixed up again aren’t I?

In celebrity death news, we lost the writer of My Sharona and lead singer of the Knack. Doug Fieger succumbed to cancer.

On to some tech.

I LOVE MY DVR!!!!!!! I used to say “Why do I need a dvr? I have a vcr and a DVD recorder. If I need to record more than one show I can use two different TVs. I don’t need to rewind or pause live TV” WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?! DVR I think is the greatest invention since the Commadore Vic 20! Ok, there have been plenty of great inventions since then but still. The fact that I can DVR two shows and watch a DVD or something else is fantastic. And the amount of time I can record and the fact I can record in HD and … and … ohhhh yeahhhhhhh. Pardon me while I get a towel. What, I got excited and spilled my drink! Perverts.

The problem with DVR is that it is much easier to record one thing and watch another. Some may see this as a good thing. It is, don’t get me wrong. I love that … except when the wife, for some unknown reason, wants to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race. If you don’t know who RuPaul is then you are lucky. Now, before anyone asks why I was watching the Logo Network, I was doing some things on the computer and Jackie was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which they play on that network. I think because of the whole Willow lesbian thing. Buffy ended and while I was getting the food from the delivery guy RuPaul started. A few minutes into the show, I looked at Jackie who had control of the remote at the time. I asked her if she was going to turn the Olympics on. She told me it was recording. I asked her why she wasn’t putting something else on. She told me she was intrigued. So, we watched a show about a bunch of gay men that would make Jack from Will and Grace look straight, dressing up as women so they can dance on a stripper pole in front of a crowd of men that I am not entirely sure knew they were drag queens. The show was disturbing. It was like an accident. You don’t want to look for fear of what you might see, but you just can’t look away. How does this fall under Tech? It is here because I am going to use the technology of parental controls to block this show so I never have to watch it again. Normally, I would have gone to the bedroom to watch something else but, I didn’t want to get rib sauce on the blankets.

Not sure what was accomplished here today. Some tears were shed, some nightmares have been spawned, and maybe, just maybe some lives were saved. So, until next time, I ask you this … “Did you ever suck the jelly out of a jelly doughnut and then fill it with chocolate swirl ice cream?”

A New Day Starts In The Afternoon With A Case Of Vertigo

Posted in Nonsense, TV/Movies with tags , , , , , , , on January 18, 2010 by Bob

According to a number of Facebook posts that I saw last night, it seems that people have started to give up on Jack Bauer and the start of his new day. I saw a number of status updates from people who decided to watch the Golden Globes instead. I was not one of those people. I tuned in for my yearly dose of mystery, action and middle east terrorists once again. According to Jackie’s 30 plus comments on her status, there are still some people out there who are following Jack through another harrowing day.

I like “24”. I will admit that it is pretty much the same story line every year however, that lets me just enjoy the show and not have to think very much. I have enjoyed the show since the first season. I have enjoyed a number of the twists and turns, although some predictable, that the show throws at me. Yes, I enjoy mindless entertainment sometimes. This season I think started off ok. If you like “24” and haven’t watched last night’s episode(s) yet … POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

Jack is finally relaxing with his granddaughter. We found out Kim had a daughter and named her after Jack’s wife last season. What we didn’t know is that Kim snagged her baby daddy away from “The Vampire Diaries”. Will this be another unrealistic Kim plot about her having a half vampire baby? Will there be a “24” crossover with a reunion episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”? Probably not, and if you ask me, I really don’t are what happens to Kim Bauer – whatever her last name is now. I have never thought that anything that her character does on the show is anything but distracting to the rest of the plot. Her insipid stupidity makes me embarrassed for her lack of acting ability. In other words, I don’t like her.

A few characters are back this season. Happy to see Chloe back. Some have said her constant scowl is annoying. Maybe. I do like her character though. She knows she is smarter than everyone else and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. At times I think she is the most ‘real’ character on the show personality wise.

Another character back this season (I think she comes into play tonight) is the FBI agent from last season. I could do without her. She is the token ‘dear in the headlights’ character on the show. I just don’t like her and find her annoying. Not as annoying though as the newest member to join the fray … Freddy Jo…sorry I mean Freddie Prinze Jr. Sorry to any women who think he is hot or whatever but … HE SUCKS!!!!! In 2 hours last night his facial expression didn’t change once. In 2 Scooby Doo Movies, 2 “I know how badly you acted last summer” movies, 3 episodes of “Boston Legal”, and now this … he always looks as if he is on day 45 of constipation.

Moving on, although I did not watch the Golden Globes last night, yesterday afternoon Jackie and I finally took in the winner of Best Picture, Avatar. LOVED IT! I definitely think that the only way to see it is in 3D. I can’t imagine watching it any other way. I only had one problem. I am deathly afraid of heights. I am not going to go with the spoiler alert as I think we were some of the last people to see it. There were times, quite a few actually, that I actually had to close my eyes, grab onto Jackie’s arm and hope I didn’t pass out. The spx were outstanding to the point that I had vertigo for a bout a third of the movie. I wasn’t as bad in the fast paced battle scenes as I was when someone would look over the edge from the floating mountains or some of the other slower high altitude experiences. I again say though … LOVED IT!

Although I generally detest re-makes (based on the originality factor mostly) I will say that I am looking forward to seeing the movie for the trailer they played. Clash of the Titans. I loved that movie when it first came out. The animation was fantastic. And who doesn’t love Burgess Meredith??? I just hope the spirit of the movie stays intact with what I am sure will be a CGI laden experience.

That is all for today. Until next time … Release the Kracken!

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