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Día De Los Muertos Famosos: Day Of Dead Celebrities

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Preface: I wrote this the other night before I got sick. Just realized now I never posted it. Still not feeling great so this is the best update I got.


Another twofer this time around. I make no apologies. I make no promises to get better at this time. I just hope you keep reading because I need to renew my domain in January and I would hate to waste it. Because if there is one thing you can count on is death and taxes … and me writing about death … eventually. Anyway, let’s bury this thing. The Hawks are on and this is hard enough without the distractions of a game.



Zeus – 5 – Great Dane; world’s tallest dog – Sept. 3

Roy Leonard – 83 – Radio Personality – Sept. 4

Joan Rivers – 81 – Comedienne & actress – Sept. 4

Richard Kiel – 10 – Actor; Jaws from James Bond – Sept. 10

Bob Crewe – 82 – Songwriter Big Girls Don’t Cry, Rag Doll – Sept. 11

Zelda – 11ish – Wild turkey, yes a turkey – Sept 26



Paul Revere – 76 – Paul Revere & the Raiders – Oct. 4

Jan Hooks – 57 – Actress Saturday Night Live – Oct. 9

Elizabeth Norment – 61 – Actress House of Cards – Oct. 13

Elizabeth Peña – 55 – Actress Incredibles, Rush Hour – Oct. 14

Oscar de la Renta – 82 – Fashion designer – Oct. 20

Ox Baker – 80 – Wrestler and Actor Escape From New York – Oct. 20

Ben Bradlee – 93 – Journalist – Oct. 21

Marcia Strassman – 66 – Mrs. Kotter – Oct. 24

Celebrity Death Watch – They Come In Threes

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Three months that is. Sorry I have slacked off for so long. Been crazy this summer. Not going to get into all kinds of discussion, let’s just get right to it. Going to be a long read with 3 months to catch up on. Forgive me if I miss anyone, 3 months is a lot of dead celebs to remember. There was one that comes off the perennials list … Eli Wallach passed on. I am getting better at this prediction thing. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.



Ann B. Davis – 88 – Alice on The Brady Bunch – June 1

Don Zimmer – 83 – Baseball player, & manager of the CUBS – June 4

James McNair – 63 – writer & comedian – June 7

Rick Mayall – 56 – Comedian/Actor The Young Ones – June 9

Ruby Dee – 91 – Actress – June 11

Casey Kasem – 82 – Voice of Shaggy – June 15

Daniel Keyes – 86 – Author Flowers for Algernon June 15

Eli Wallach – 98 – Actor The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – June 24

Mary Rodgers – 83 – Author Freaky Friday June 26

Meshach Taylor – 67 – Actor Designing Women, Mannequin – June 28



Eileen Ford – 92 – co-founder of Ford Models – July 9

Curt Gentry – 83 – Author Helter Skelter – July 10

Tommy Ramone – 65 – The Ramones – July 11

Thomas Berger – 89 Author Little Big Man – July 13

Johnny Winter – 70 – Blues guitarist – July 16

Elaine Stritch – 89 – Actress – July 17

James Garner – 86 – Actor The Rockford Files, Maverick – July 19

Thor-Eirik Gulbrandsen Mykland – 74 – Don’t know who he is but his name is Thor – July 25

James Shigeta – 85 – Actor Die Hard – July 28

Dick Smith – 92 – Makeup artist Godfather, Exocist, Amedeus – July 30



James Brady – 73 – Press Secretary, shot during Regan assasination attempt – August 4

Marilyn Burns – 65 – Actress The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) – August 5

Charles Keating – 72 – Actor All My Children, Another World – August 8

Robin Williams – 63 – Actor/Comedian – August 11

Lauren Bacall – 90 – Actress – August 12

Stephen Lee – 58 – Actor – WarGames, La Bamba – August 14

Don Pardo – 96 – Announcer Saturday Night Live – August 18

James Foley – 40 – Photojournalist – August 19

John Sperling – 93 – Founder, University of Phoenix – August 22

Richard Attenborough – 90 – Actor/Director/Producer – August 24

Jimi Jamison – 63 – Singer Survivor – August 31

I Heartily Endorse This Product

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Is what I would probably say if I was famous. Even if I don’t endorse the product. I would then rake in the tons of money they would offer me to make the general public think that I was a fan of whatever it is I am hocking. I wish I were famous for this reason because it seems that celeb endorsements have taken a jump recently. Either that or for some reason I am just noticing them more.

I think I am going to start buying things that have no celebrity endorsements. I figure they will be cheaper than the ones the famous folk like because they don’t have to roll the price of that celebrity into the price of the item. I also won’t have to listen to Samuel L. Jackson singing opera.

See, bet you thought I was really that stupid. I am not sure if I have bought anything, ever because a certain celebrity claims they buy, use, eat it. I am a huge cooking show fan and I don’t buy any of the famous chef cookware or anything. I take it back. I think there was one point in my life when I was buying things based on the below endorsement from a celebrity.

It was because of Godzilla … not the dog. Which means I hope the current Godzilla doesn’t start selling too many things other than Snickers. I like Snickers. I can do that.

On a side note

How flippin cute are my minions?!?


I don’t count this as an endorsement because they are cartoons and my kids love them. So do I.

Celebrity Deaths In April – I Don’t Have A Catchy Title

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Well, February, I mean April has finally passed, as well as a number of celebrities this month. The Blackhawks are on so I really can’t think of much else to say. Sorry … but it is playoff hockey.


Lucy Hood – 56 – President of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – April 2

Arthur Smith – 93 – Songwriter of Dueling Banjos – April 3

John Pinette – 50 – Comedian – April 5

Mickey Rooney – 93 – His 5th wife Barbara was murrrrrrdered – April 6

Peaches Geldof – 25 – Daughter of Bob Geldof – April 7

The Ultimate Warrior – 54 – Professional wrestler – April 8

Shane Gibson – 35 – Guitarist Korn – April 15


Lee Marshall – 60ish – Voice of Tony the Tiger – April 26

DJ E-Z Rock – 46 – Musician – April 27

Bob Hoskins – 71 – Actor Who Framed Roger Rabbit; Hook – April 29


Like I said, Blackhawks are on. I am a little distracted but they are winning 1 – 0 at the end of the first. Sorry if I missed anyone.



March Celebrity Deaths, They Didn’t Fool Anyone

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Now that it is April 2nd, I can tell you that I was oh so clever and said no one famous died in March as an April Fools joke. HAHAHA!

Right. Now let’s get on to what we are really here for … dead folks who were famous when they weren’t dead. I am getting more and more straightforward on these. Just seems like something I need to do lately. Here we go with those who went.


David Brenner – 78 – Comedian – March 15

Fred Phelps – 84 – Hat monger – March 19

Ken Forsse – 77 – Inventor of Teddy Ruxpin – March 19

James Rebhorn – 65 – Actor Independence Day, Homeland – March 21

Kate O’Mara – 74 – Actress Doctor Who, Dynasty – March 30

H. Richard Black – 92 – Artist , created Smokey Bear and Mr. Clean – March 30

Frankie Knuckles – 59 – Godfather of house music – March 31

Charles Keating – 90 – Bad guy in savings & loan crisis – March 31


Ok, so there weren’t a lot of deaths but there were at least some. Until next time.

Almost There

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Soon I will be on vacation. 9 days. 7 of those are actual work days. A week from Wednesday, we will be dropping off the kids, dropping off the dog and heading to the airport. I need this vacation. Vegas. I am hoping that we will win big and retire. That is what I am hoping. What I am expecting, is to come home, do my taxes and hope that we get enough money back to cover said vacation.

Not exciting tonight but I am being forced to watch the Golden Globes and I needed a distraction. Not being forced but, I feel bad leaving my wife alone while I go upstairs and watch COPS. If I did, I would have missed her just commenting on Gravity winning something with “I really wanted to see that but is seems so heavy.” Gravity … heavy … it took me a minute as well. I’m going to be in trouble for sharing that won’t I?

Celebrity Death Watch 2014 – It’s A Dead Man’s Party

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It’s a new year, and it is time to make a new list. I have to go back and see if any of my predictions for last year were correct. I have not been as diligent with the dead as I would have liked. However, I REALLY think that this year is going to be a year of surprises in the world of death. There will be no free passes, no monkey’s taking over bodies and no new Brendan Fraser movies. This has nothing to do with anything other than I watched Monkeybone recently. There are a LOT of people that I think SHOULD be on this list. Let’s not mince words here … there are some celebs that should just die already. Once again, I have my obvious choices and fantasy league. I am also going to take some of the perennials off of the “obvious” list and place them in their own category of “They Just Keep Hanging On”. I think I will keep that one short for the inaugural run. Ok, here we go!

We will start with:

They Just Keep Hanging OnThose who are always on the list

Zsa Zsa Gabor – I don’t know what to say. She is pushing 100 by some accounts and she is still alive … as far as we know. I do think she is about to be named “Bob” if you throw her in a lake but, as far as any government can figure out, she is still alive. 5 years on the list.

Abe Vigoda – By no means do I want him gone, he is my inspiration, however, I have to add him into this section because he has been on EVERY celebrity death watch list since before he was born.

Eli Wallach – Yup, he is still around. 98 years. He may not be good or bad anymore but I am pretty sure he is ugly.

Kirk Douglas – His chin cleft has been around longer than the Grand Canyon.

Billy Graham – Maybe there is something to this church stuff?

Due to dieNew predictions or not perennial favorites

Gene Wilder – New to the list this year is Mel Brooks’ buddy and long time star of many of Mel’s movies. The comic genius that he is, is looking not all that great. He may be joining Gilda this year at some point.

Mel Brooks – He is not quite the 2000 year old man yet, and the Schwartz is with him, he is slowing down and hasn’t done much in the last few years. The way back machine won’t be saving him this year.

Hal Holbrook – Making a return appearance … and what an appearance he is. Just look at him. That explains why HE is on the list.

Christopher Lee – He may not actually die, he may just turn into a vampire … or move to the Shire.

Betty White – While we haven’t had to be inundated by her lately, she might still just be famous enough that it would be a shocker.

Martin Landau – He drools when he talks. Although, he is still making movies.

Shirley Temple – Her good ship Lollipop is going to sink.

Ian McKellan – Super busy gay old man is going to over exert himself … somehow … and his future days will past before his eyes.

Peter Fonda – Why not?

Al Pacino – I just have a weird feeling about this one. Can’t explain it.

Robert Loggia – I have wanted him dead ever since I got stuck behind him, Robert Loggia, at the airport I have wanted him gone. Oh wait, that wasn’t me. Ok, so maybe I don’t want him dead but someone else must. That is a harbinger.

Fantasy Picks – I kinda hate these because they are so unlikely that one day one of these will come true and I will feel bad.

Miley Cyrus – She is going to twerk herself to death. Yeah, I went for the cheap and easy one.

Justin Bieber – I have to keep him on here just because he needs to be. Might be the one exception to my opening statement about this list.

Homer Simpson – Hot on the heels of Brian getting killed off on Family Guy, they are going to try the same thing on The Simpsons. Homer will die and come back to life … as Peter Griffin.

John Travolta – He will leave Scientology and never be heard from again.

Jennifer Lawrence – She is far too good to be true. She is going to die during an autoerotic asphyxiation thing.

Danny Elfman – No reason other than I had to tie the title into the list somehow.

I am going to stop right there because I am realizing how macabre this thing is. That and I have a real bad headache. You know the kind that are at the base of the back of your skull and every time you try to look up or down it feels like your spine is being yanked out by the Predator … yeah, one of those. That is what 13 inches gets ya these days.

I may add to the list, or, feel free to add some yourself. I know there are many other sick individuals like myself out there.

Celebrity Deaths – December’s Dirt Naps

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The year has ended and so have the lives of some more famous folks. I would do a year in review but that is really too much work. I also admit that because of the holidays, I didn’t really pas as close of attention this month as I should have … again. I am sure that this list is far from complete. Tomorrow, I will be posting my 2014 predictions so be sure to come back or sign up to get it! Here we go with December’s dead folks.


Nelson Mandela – 95 – South African President – Dec 5

Peter O’Toole – 81 – Actor Lawrence of Arabia – Dec 14

Joan Fontaine – 96 – Actress – Dec 15

George Jacobs – 87 – Frank Sinatra’s butler – Dec 28

James Avery – 68 – Uncle Phil – Dec 31


See you all tomorrow for the future of celebrity death!


The Worst Of The Best Of The Worst Lists Of … Oh Whatever

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Once again the geniuses at VIMB have decided to be totally innovative and do absolutely nothing different from anyone else. In fact, we may even be duplicating things we have done in the past. We are really just too lazy to go back and look. (and we wonder why we won’t get hired by

While I was at work watching Christmas Vacation today, I began to think of all of the Christmas specials that have been made. I also thought about the ones that should not have been made in that list. I then thought that perhaps I should be working instead of all this thinking. In any case, I thought it would be fun to go back and do some more tribute to Letterman and some top 10 listage for the holidays. So, from the home office in Shitterton, Dorset, England:

The top 10 worst ideas I could think of for Christmas specials at 10 o’clock at night

10. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas: Starring Megyn Kelly and George Zimmerman

9. The Tea Party Saves Santa

8. Justin Bieber and the Brazilian National Choir Sing Mannheim Steamroller’s Greatest Hits

7. Kanye’s Holiday Salute To The Troops

6. Santa’s Celebrity Sober House: Starring Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Charlie Sheen and Lamar Odom. With special guest Chris Brown as “the enforcer”.

5. Thamsanqa Jantjie: A Sign Language Holiday Sing-A-Long

4. My Favorite Holiday Cakes With David Mazzie

3. 101 Ways To Kill A Shelf Elf

2. Reindeer Dynasty

And the #1 worst idea I could think of for a Christmas special at 10 o’clock at night …

1. Star Wars Holiday Special

The Prodigal Blogger Returns … But These Celebs Won’t

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I am back. I have neglected even the most basic part of my blog. The pointless and sometimes creepy obsession with dead celebrities. As it has been MANY months since I have done my updates, (and I lost the list I was keeping of deadies) I will do the best I can to remember who died since September. YES! SEPTEMBER! I am such a “dead” beat.  While the reports of my death have not even surfaced, I will report on the deaths that I am sure everyone already knows about. I need to catch up so I can do my new year predictions soon with the death of this year.



Frederik Pohl – 93 – Sci-Fi writer – Sept. 2

Ariel Castro – 53 – Scum – Sept. 3

Cal Worthington – 92 – Crazy car dealer – Sept. 8

Ray Dolby – 80 – Yeah, THAT Dolby – Sept. 12

Jerry G. Bishop – 77 – Original Svengoolie – Sept. 15



Tom Clancy – 66 – Author; Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games – Oct. 1

Andy Pafko – 92 – Baseball Player Chicago Cubs – Oct. 8

Ed Lauter – 74 – Actor – Oct. 16

Jon Locke – 86 – Sleestack leader on original Land of the Lost – Oct. 19

Marcia Wallace – 70 – Mrs. Krabappel – Oct. 25

Lou Reed – 71 – Singer/songwriter –Oct. 27

Pete Haycock – 62 – Guitarist; Climax Blues Band – Oct. 30



Charlie Trotter – 54 – Chef – Nov. 5

Brian Griffin – 8 – Dog – Nov. 24

Paul Walker – 40 – Actor – Nov. 30


That pretty much wraps it up. It won’t be long before new deaths and new predictions bring us all together once again.


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