Who am I?

I’ve been around for a while, on and off, so here is a little update.

My name is still Bob. I am still just an average person who’s crazy side is getting larger as time goes on. I still work in the web/e-commerce/marketing space but I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery and becoming a man of leisure.  I don’t get karaoke as often anymore but I do sing with a couple of my buddies, still doing Muppet voices but now it is a Muppet Roulette. I still do sing “The Rainbow Connection” with multiple Muppet voices … my greatest claim to fame … when I do get to karaoke. I like short walks on the beach but not close to the water so I don’t smell like fish. I have had 2 kids since I started this craziness and still have not regained my pre-baby figure. I eat watermelon with a knife sometimes.

I gave up trying to make sense a few years ago, so if I really ramble … go with it. It ends eventually.

Hopefully I will throw some gems out there once in a while that will amuse and entertain.

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