And So It Begins … Again

When our first little voice started kindergarten, we were thrust into the wonderful world of fundraising. Twice a year wasn’t so bad. It was cookie dough in the fall and Lou Malnati’s personal pizzas in the spring. Our second voice started school this year and we had to figure out how to split the cookie dough orders between the two. Won’t be as worried for the pizzas (if they do that again) because I really like those pizzas. I will buy a bunch just myself. Not a big deal on the school fundraising front. Something else changed this year however, that no doubt will solidify taking me down the road of avoidance and contempt from my friends and coworkers for years. Girl Scouts.

Our oldest little voice joined Girl Scouts this year. More accurately Daisies. While I personally haven’t gone to any of the meetings (that is Mrs. Voice’s realm), from what I gather it is a relatively new troop(?) and still finding it’s place. They are very easy going, and not even really getting any full uniforms. I think they are getting a sash for patches. The one thing they ARE doing that is classic Girl Scouts is selling … yup … Cookies.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been a fan of cookies, Girl Scout or otherwise, probably since birth. My favorite of the GS have always been the Do-Si-Dos … the peanut butter sandwich cookies. There have been other well liked varieties over the years based on the bakery supplying the various groups. I have bought them from my niece, from neighbors, friends and the occasional freezing child outside of a grocery store. This is the first time however that we … I mean “my child” … has to sell them.

Here are my issues: 1) We are selling late. Seems everyone has been selling for weeks already. Mrs. Voices says this is good as people will get their cookies from us after they run out of their previous cookie order. Um … ok. 2) I JUST got done talking the three people I work closely enough with into buying the cookie dough. 3) They aren’t ALLOWED to sell door to door. (same issue I have with the school fundraisers). As I recall, this used to be one of the main tenets of selling cookies and whatever else. It helped with communication skills and self-confidence and salesmanship … or something. When it is parents doing all the selling to friends and family who buy because they feel guilty … what does that teach the kids?

Despite the above, I can’t disappoint my little girl. I will end up buying enough cookies to make sure she gets a patch. I will freeze them, bring them to work to hand out or slowly eat them, one cookie at a time over the course of a wee … year. I AM thankful that it doesn’t appear that we will need to sit outside of Walgreen’s and push cookies on Dell Webb residents picking up their diabetes prescriptions.


Anyone want to buy some cookies? Anyone?


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