Welcome to 2018 … Now Help Me Please

Yes, it is 2018. While I popped back on a few days ago, I made a conscious decision NOT to look back at 2017. IT was rough and I didn’t keep up on it the way I have in years past. I am still trying to figure out how I want to go about the year. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings on the coming year, but I haven’t sorted them all out yet. I know, the new year is here so I better get with it.

I would like your guidance on something though. My header image is a picture of our American Bulldog Piper. Sadly, she passed away right before Thanksgiving. It was pretty rough and we are still getting used to her not being around. When I started back up, Mrs. Voices said I needed to change my image. I thought I would leave it as a tribute/remembrance.

I bring it to you, the voices OUTSIDE my brain, for your thoughts on the matter. I promise that as we move into the year, I won’t be so depressing. However, this is one of those housekeeping things that just needs to be done.

Please comment or vote below.





2 Responses to “Welcome to 2018 … Now Help Me Please”

  1. Nothing wrong with a tribute

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