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I Have Lost My Mind

Posted in Uncategorized on December 31, 2017 by Bob

A few years ago, my sister invited my little voices over to her house to spend NY Eve at her house with her little voices. This year I thought it would be a fine idea to reciprocate since we haven’t been home for a NY with the kids for a while.

The last few days, the way my little voices have been rolling around in my head, I am wondering what I have signed up for. I am scared. We will see if we make it. I would say I could solve everything by drinking but … that might not be good to take care of the kids. Wish us luck!

On a side note

Hopefully you can read this all in one thing without being just a sample in your feed. Trying to adjust things … slowly but surely.


Testing … Testing … Is this thing still on?

Posted in Uncategorized on December 28, 2017 by Bob

It has come to my attention recently … by that I mean today … that I haven’t posted in damn near 2 years. Why is this? I really have no idea other than I got lazy, was working, was spending time with the little voices … was lazy. However, I have decided that I want to start writing again. Annoying the few people that might still be following this bit of craziness. I bet it surprised you when this showed up in your email or however you get this, didn’t it?

Well, today is NOT the day for anything exciting or Earth shattering. It is mainly making sure that my login still works and that I still exist.

I can promise some new and exciting things coming in 2018! Not necessarily on my blog but SOMETHING exciting has to happen in 2018 somewhere, right?

So, unblock me, re-block me, get excited or dread the future because I”M BACK BABY! Soon.

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