Death, Dying & Celebrity

Not surprising that I had a lot of visits today from the search of “Celebrity Death”. I am a little surprised that I had as many hits as I did since I have been rather lax updating the death watch. I know why the search was made though.

I want to make clear that I do a celebrity death watch, in part to poke a little fun at the ridiculous amount of attention that we pay to celebrities of all levels. I also do it to pay respect to those who do deserve a shout out.

While today the world is talking about Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, lets remember that while millions of people are mourning their passing, there are other who pass on that are not famous to the world at large. They are however just as famous to the people they touched. They will not get news coverage for a week after they die. They will not trend on Twitter or Facebook. They WILL be missed.


Let’s just remember not to get too crazy. Idol mourning is just as insane as idol worship.


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