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Posted in Nonsense with tags , , , on August 22, 2014 by Bob

I was called out and challenged, so I did it. I thought I would do a version of my Muppet song, but with different lyrics. I figured I could be all calm and collected. There is no preparation on the face of the planet that can prepare you for dumping ice over your head. I think I may be entered into the “fail” category. In any case, here is my attempt at trying to be cool.

The full lyrics of what I was SUPPOSED to sing, are below the video.


(to the tune of Rainbow Connection)

Why are there so many, vids with ice water
that gets poured on people’s heads?
Ice water’s very cold, it makes you breath funny
And ice water gets you all wet
We have been challenged, and so we should do it
I know we’re late in the game
So now we shall do it, the ice bucket challenge,
The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

Yeah who said that fund raising could be so entertaining

Like, when someone drops the thing on their head?
Someone made a film of that, and then someone shared it.

Look what it’s done so far
<Swedish chef singing something here>
And how much, do we think we’ll raise?
We already did it, but we are still singing,

The voice of the Muppets and me.

I am so cold and so wet
I hope that this songs almost ooooooveerrrrrrr

My brain is freezing, I think I hear voices?
my testes are shrinking up tight
The others that did this, were actually puppets
The people, were well out of sight.
Please no more buckets I’ll send in some money
It’s something I’ll be glad to do
Oh god another, is coming right at me
I don’t think I thought this thing through.

La-da-da, de-da-da-do


Death, Dying & Celebrity

Posted in Celebrity Deaths, Nonsense with tags , on August 12, 2014 by Bob

Not surprising that I had a lot of visits today from the search of “Celebrity Death”. I am a little surprised that I had as many hits as I did since I have been rather lax updating the death watch. I know why the search was made though.

I want to make clear that I do a celebrity death watch, in part to poke a little fun at the ridiculous amount of attention that we pay to celebrities of all levels. I also do it to pay respect to those who do deserve a shout out.

While today the world is talking about Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, lets remember that while millions of people are mourning their passing, there are other who pass on that are not famous to the world at large. They are however just as famous to the people they touched. They will not get news coverage for a week after they die. They will not trend on Twitter or Facebook. They WILL be missed.


Let’s just remember not to get too crazy. Idol mourning is just as insane as idol worship.

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