Celebrity Deaths … This Ain’t The Oscars

I thought the Oscars would be a good time to catch up on my list for a couple of reasons. 1) I am talking about dead celebrities and there are a lot of them in the audience. 2) I don’t really get into the Oscars, at least not enough to have to pay attention. Also, I call out more dead celebs in a month than the awards shows usually do in 10 years. Regardless, I know I have neglected for a couple of months so I feel this is a good time to do it. I do need to call out that I got 1 prediction correct so far. Shirley Temple. I don’t think I have ever gotten one right this early in the year. Yeah, I’m proud of that. Don’t judge. So, here we go with dead celebs for January and February.


Bernard Glasser – 89 – Producer Day of the Triffids – Jan 2

Jay Traynor – 70 – Singer Jay and the Americans – Jan 2

Phil Everly – 74 – The Everly Brothers – Jan 3

Ariel Sharon – Ex-Israeli Prime minister – Jan 11

Mae Young – 90 – Wrestler – Jan 14

Ruth Duccini – 95 – Last surviving female munchkin from Wizard of Oz – Jan 16

Russell Johnson – 89 – The Professor on Gilligan’s Island – Jan 16

Dave Madden – 82 – Rueben Kincaid Partridge Family – Jan 16

Hal Sutherland – 84 – Animator/Co-Founder of Filmation – Jan 16

Arthur Rankin Jr. – 89 – Co-Founder of Rankin/Bass – Jan 30


I know I was going to put Feb also but … I am tired and too distracted by this silly show.

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